Awesome 100+ Science Essay Topics
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Awesome 100+ Science Essay Topics

Science Essay Topics for All Tastes

Scientific development from the industrial revolution era led us to the contemporary world we live in today. The latter leads us to believe that scientific research is the core driving force behind our daily lives. We are technocentric humans living comfortably under the domination of computers and robots. At the same time, being familiar with the field of social sciences is equally essential since the political structure of each state depends on theories created in that field.

We created a list of compelling science essay topics from different branches for you to choose from and find the most inspiring one. The list includes topics for research papers varying from the study of the human brain to the study of the human body, as well as the topics of climate change as a consequence of global warming.

Proceed with the article to find out more about essay topics science to give you endless inspiration.

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Political Science Essay Topics

Myriads of changes have taken place in the geopolitical order throughout the past decade, which makes it more interesting to choose from political science topics for essay or research papers.

We suggest you select the topic that corresponds to your aspirations since writing a paper in the field of political science can be time-consuming and may require covering many reading materials.

  1. The Era of Post-Colonisation: Case of African Countries
  2. Benefits and Drawbacks of Withdrawing from Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty: Case of USA from 1972
  3. War in Iraq and Afghanistan: Gains and Losses from USA Perspective
  4. Comparison of Plato's and Aristotle's System of State and Governance
  5. The Issue of Race in Modern America: Comparison of Policies Ratified by Trump and Biden
  6. Preconditions of the Ratification of Human Rights Act in 1998
  7. The European Union after Brexit: Changes in the Foreign Policy of Britain
  8. The Importance of the Treaty of Westphalia for the Modern Structure of the Political World
  9. Election Ethics in China and Russia
  10. Political Culture in Modern USA

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Social Science Essay Topics

Social scientists base their research on different types of paradigms through which they analyze concrete societies and social institutions. The areas of social study can vary from culture to production and consumption, from governmental authority to technological domination, etc. You are welcome to choose any one of the following social science essay topics and craft a top-notch assignment.

  1. Gender-related Issues in Medieval Epoch in Asia
  2. Forms of Deviation in Modern Western Society
  3. How Does Social Taboos Affect Mental Health of Citizens
  4. The Concept of Free Speech as a Liberal Narrative
  5. Transformation of the Ideology of the Republican Party in the USA after the Civil War
  6. BLM Movement in the Past and Present
  7. Comparison of Electoral Systems in the UK and USA
  8. Lessons from Wall Street Crash and Its Comparison to Silicon Valley Bankruptcy
  9. Influence of Silk Road on the Modern Global Economy
  10. Family Values and Religion

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Environmental Science Essay Topics

Environmental issues are one of the major problems concerning the world today as a result of accelerated scientific progress. In order to construct a wholesome paper in the field of environmental science, you need to be familiar with the resources, such as documentaries, journals, and, most importantly, the latest news regarding the issue of your interest. Nowadays, most of the published works in the above-mentioned field are related to climate change and global warming since the future of humanity is entirely dependent upon them.

Familiarize yourself with the following environmental science essay topics and choose the one you're the most passionate about:

  1. A Complex Relationship between Agriculture and Climate Change
  2. Representation of Climate Change in Social Media
  3. List of Diseases Caused by Increased Number of CO2
  4. The Influence of Tourism on Ecology
  5. The History of the Discovery and Usage of Nuclear Energy and its Consequences
  6. The Effects of Ozone Layer on Human Health
  7. Disbalance of Ecology: Key Factors
  8. Climate Change from the Prysm of American Politics
  9. Volcano Eruptions in the Past Decade as a Sign of Global Warming
  10. How to Teach Middle School Students about Climate Change
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Science and Technology Topics for Essay

There are numerous probable science and technology topics for essay due to the popularity and importance of these fields in today's world. College students of science and technology often find topics of Mars colonization and advance in nanotechnology challenging. If you are one of them, feel free to select one of the relatable concepts from the following list:

  1. The advancement of medical technology as a result of Covid-19
  2. The Ethics of Human Cloning
  3. Risks and Benefits of Online Voting
  4. Improvement of Human Health as a result of Scientific Development
  5. The Scientific Contribution to Improved Digital Global Communications
  6. Development of the Clothing Industry as a Result of Technological Advancements
  7. How Does Using Technology in Daily Life Affect the Human Brain
  8. Life Examples of Newton's 2nd Law of Motion
  9. Newton's Law Explained by Using Household Objects
  10. Space Exploration During Cold War

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Health Science Essay Topics

If you are a Health Science major in the process of topic selection for your essay, we've got you covered! You can touch down on important issues such as obesity, diets, and eating disorders to create a professional compare and contrast essay. For more ideas on health science essay topics, follow the list below:

  1. Ways of medical treatment of Obesity in Children
  2. Symptoms of Heart Attack in Men and Women
  3. Influence of Advertisements on Healthy Food Choices
  4. Link Between Sugary Drinks and Oncological Disorders
  5. The Link Between Mood Swings and Exercising
  6. The Importance of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  7. Public Health and Human Rights Issues
  8. Developing Healthy Eating Habits
  9. Mental Disorders as a Consequence of Drug Misuse
  10. Differences Between Low-Fat and Low-Carb Diets

To help you craft one of the above health science topics for essay, count on our expert writers and delegate your task to them!

Science Argumentative Essay Topics

Writing an argumentative essay in the field of science can demand quite a lot of information. You need to state the thesis in relation to the chosen topic and try to defend your point with appropriate arguments based on trusted sources. Glimpse through science argumentative essay topics:

  1. How Ethical Is the Process of Clinical Trials Done on Animals
  2. What are the Chances of Artificial Intelligence Taking over Human Jobs?
  3. What Changes Will Further Experimentation in Nuclear Sciences Bring?
  4. How can we best prevent miscarriages?
  5. What are the Possibilities for Preventing Glaucoma?
  6. Does Technology Have Beneficial or Negative Effects on Mental Health?
  7. Is Private Schooling Better Than Public Schooling?
  8. Should Cryptocurrencies be Encouraged Around the World?
  9. Do Girls Feel More Pressured to have perfect bodies?
  10. Should College Athletes be Paid?
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Computer Science Essay Topics

Since modern humanity has become almost completely dependent on the daily usage of Artificial Intelligence, it would be fascinating to dig deeper into topics related to computer science. If you agree with us, feel free to check out the following computer science essay topics:

  1. Importance of computer literacy in low school students
  2. Methodology of human animation with computer graphics
  3. E-commerce in computer science
  4. Ethics of Implementation of AI in the educational process
  5. Video Games: Do they have a negative impact on mental health?
  6. Designing the interaction between humans and computer
  7. Cyber crimes between nation-states
  8. Computer Ethics: Data protection
  9. The transition from cash to cryptocurrency
  10. Prevention of computer crimes

Life Science Essay Topics

The field of life science includes a variety of thought-provoking issues, such as the essential existence of microorganisms, DNA replication, types of mutation, etc. Make your selection on one of those life science essay topics listed below if you are interested in biology, physics, or chemistry:

  1. Theory of evolution: arguments for and against it.
  2. Air quality improvement: reducing industrial emissions.
  3. Eutrophication: solving severe water pollution problems in Africa.
  4. Human activities as a threat to habitat loss.
  5. Abnormal meiosis and Down syndrome.
  6. Genetic variation: stages of meiosis and mutation
  7. Different responses to unilateral light from plants and humans
  8. Genetic disorders
  9. Thermoregulation and osmoregulation
  10. DNA replication during interphases

Forensic Science Essay Topics

  1. Importance of forensic psychology in the Judicial System
  2. Forensic psychology: Examining the evidence provided by eyewitness
  3. Identity Theft: computer-related technologies
  4. Control of computer forensic products
  5. Criminology and forensic science
  6. Recovering DNA from crime scenes
  7. Forensic human identification in Criminology
  8. Influence of technological Advancements on Forensics
  9. Effects of Opioids on forensic studies
  10. Mathematical principles used in forensic study

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Physical Science Essay Topics

Dive into the world of formulas reflecting the outer world, created by all-time geniuses like Isaac Newton, Einstein, and Stephen Hawking. Check out the following physical science essay topics from our MBA essay writing service:

  1. Environmental Pollution and the Role of Physics
  2. String Theory
  3. Newton's Laws of Motion
  4. Turbo Charging technology types
  5. The Art of Swimming and the Role of Physics
  6. Electrical field and the movement of charge
  7. Components of various different types of atoms
  8. Impact of quantum computing on Physics
  9. Lorentz force law and electromagnetism
  10. Calamity Physics

Earth Science Essay Topics

Last but not least, take a look at some of the inspiring earth science essay topics that you can discuss and pay your small contribution to the process of widening knowledge in relation to fossil fuels, other planets in the Milky Way, etc.

  1. Making groundwater more suitable for drinking
  2. Politics of reducing air and water pollution in international relations
  3. Ocean's Ecosystem: threats of deep-sea mining
  4. The effect of volcanic eruptions on earth
  5. Scientific prediction of natural disasters
  6. The process of continents shifting and reforming: causes and consequences
  7. The effect of pollution on the biodiversity of the earth
  8. The natural high temperature of lava and its importance
  9. The surface of the earth: minerals and non-minerals
  10. Development of rivers

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We hope that you found the provided information related to various science topics essay helpful and above-mentioned topics sparked some interest in you. And if you seek inspiration in other fields, you can always check out psychology paper topics.

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