Guide on Psychology Paper: Topics and Tips
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Guide on Psychology Paper: Topics and Tips

Guide on Psychology Paper: Topics and Tips

Purpose of Writing about Psychology Research Paper Topics

Finding it hard to start writing your paper? First, jotting down just a few ideas could easily help you get going.

Psychology papers should be based on reliable and thoroughly researched sources. Providing a clear and insightful explanation of a given topic is a must. Your approach to psychology paper topics should be understandable for a broad audience, whether college students or elderly people with little or no competency in a subject matter.

For precise examples, check out the psychology topics to write a paper on below.

How to Write a Psychology Research Paper

We listed specific steps for constructing psychology papers ranging from mental health issues to anxiety disorders.

From selecting interesting research topics and doing extensive literature analysis to ensuring they meet the ethical standards and choosing the suitable evaluation method, we provide thorough details for acing your psychology assignment.

More about how to write a psychology research paper in the paragraphs below. Meanwhile, you can also use our philosophy essay writing service if you'd like to explore other disciplines for your research papers.

how to write a psychology paper

Brainstorm Psychology Paper Topics

Before writing a research paper, you must ensure the chosen topic draws you in. One way to make the best decision regarding psychology term paper topics is to list all of those you find appealing.

The prospective topics could be about myriads of different interesting issues. For instance, you can dig deeper into cognitive psychology research topics, explore the mental health effects of eating disorders or even solve a mystery by analyzing forensic psychology research topics. But the most important thing is to be precise and narrow in your choice. Research on specific subjects gives you a higher chance of receiving an excellent grade. Examples of particularly good psychology research topics for college students could range from child abuse and cognitive therapy to mental illnesses such as anxiety disorders.

For more inspiration, check some compare and contrast essay topics to help you make a list of preferable topics for psychology research paper.

Research Psychology Research Paper Topics

Once you write some of the most interesting psychology research topics, choose the one you feel most drawn to.

A good psychology research paper should combine the analysis of already existing information regarding the research topic and your unique perspective on it. It could vary from human development issues, mental disorders, multiple personality disorders, etc. Or, if you are feeling rebellious, try going with controversial topics in psychology for research paper. As you decide, try and come up with the core question to which your paper will provide a specific answer.

Once you proceed with the concrete topic, you should look for the relevant data online or in the academic library. The important thing to remember is that not everything can be trustworthy online; that's why you should evaluate the sources you come across. Typically, Google Scholar and JSTOR offer peer-reviewed articles, which means that they are tested to be factual by professionals.

For a concrete psychology essay outline, visit essay writing services where you may buy psychology essay without making any effort on your part.

Ensure Your Study on Psychology Paper Topics Has Ethical Approval

Getting approval for psychology paper topics for being ethical is obligatory. Historical records show that there was much experimental research done with bad intentions. To avoid inconvenience, you should adhere to ethical guidelines while conducting a literature review and developing the main hypothesis.

For instance, if you pick one of the developmental psychology research topics, such as 'consequences of child abuse in a developmental context,' you should ensure that the latter complies with Nuremberg Code. For more developmental psychology research paper topics, check the information below.

Nuremberg code is a compilation of ethical guidelines which should be met if the psychological research includes participants. The code was developed in the aftermath of WW2 due to atrocities committed by Nazi Germany on the prisoners in concentration camps.

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Choose the Evaluation Methods for your Psychology Paper Topics

As you conduct extensive research and select the main question for the paper, the next step is choosing variables that should be measured for your study. Variables could include age, weight, ethnicity, gender… Such measurements will help you develop a more accurate and factual research paper.

The main issue is - how to choose the best possible evaluation method for your research. You could consider these factors:

  • Which field of psychology do you intend to use your results for - clinical psychology, educational psychology, or child psychology?
  • Which variables do you evaluate, and which ones hold the greatest value?

These assessment tools will help you report accurate data regarding your psychology term paper topics.

Still struggling to choose the right topic? You are welcome to glance through the list of psychology topics to write a paper on in the sections below.

Gather and Examine Data for Psychology Paper Topics

At this point, you already wrote down psychology topics to write a paper on, chose one of them, and did appropriate research.

Before starting the paper writing process, it is essential to gather obtained data from measured variables and address the results to the main question of your paper.

Typically, data collection methods are determined by the assessment tools you use to communicate with participants. It could be questionnaires, interviews, experiments, etc. The evaluated result should be the primary evidence to answer your research question.

One of the most helpful platforms for analyzing gathered data is vLab. It is designed to help you conduct research online using multiple measurements.

  • Qualtrics
  • Inquisit
  • OpenSesame

You are free to choose one of them depending on your research type. For more information, check out all the aspects of psychology research paper topics.

Craft Your Psychology Paper Outline and Start Writing

After doing so much work, you might be willing to start writing a paper right away. However, constructing an appropriate psychology paper outline beforehand will save you much time and give you directions on which aspects to concentrate.

paper outline
  • First, you state the exact research topic: 'Impact of stress for critical thinking in undergraduate students.'
  • Then you start writing the introduction and review the required materials used to conduct research.
  • Afterward, you should concentrate on the main question of your research and explain why you chose to work on this specific issue.
  • The next step is stating the main hypotheses you developed based on gathered sources.
  • List down methods that you implemented throughout your research.
  • Show results in numbers and relative data.
  • Explain your findings and implications.

If you follow those steps, you'll be all set to create the perfect psychology research paper outline.

Include APA Referencing for Your Psychology Research Paper Topics

One of the essential parts of crafting a neat and organized research paper is to include relevant references throughout the thesis. Referencing will also guard your paper in case of external claims of plagiarism.

The American Psychological Association developed a specific APA psychology research paper outline style to guide undergraduate students. The APA referencing style requires citations to be included throughout the text and the list of used literature resources at the end.

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Psychology Paper Topics

We have compiled a list of various psychology research paper topics from different fields to look into. We hope the listed ideas will inspire you for upcoming academic assignments.

But if your paper concerns definition essay topics, check out the link for ideas.

Developmental Psychology Paper Topics

Take a look at developmental psychology research topics:

  1. Does social media harm a child's development?
  2. Does relocation aggravate the mental health of the children of immigrants?
  3. Does non-traditional family structure trigger mental illness in children?
  4. Effectiveness of Jean Piaget's study of cognitive-developmental theory.
  5. Psychological factors behind the aging process
  6. Challenges of cognitive development in the mental state of abused children.
  7. How to treat anxiety disorders in high school students. What are its main causes?
  8. Which factors impact language development in children?
  9. Mood disorders as the result of bullying in high school students.
  10. Role of environment in the construction of child psychology.
  11. Main causes of psychological disorder in early stages of child development.
  12. Does listening to classical music help children perform better academically?
  13. How can adults intervene to manage stress in children?
  14. Impacts of well-nutrition and healthy eating on the mental health of youngsters.
  15. Does the behavior of parents influence the behavior of children?

Once you select one of those developmental psychology paper topics, you can always use our expert writers for your benefit by asking them - write my essay for me.

Forensic Psychology Paper Topics

Forensic psychology paper topics are formed concerning law and the legal system. Check out those listed below:

  1. How do intense emotions affect the memory of a witness?
  2. How to find out whether the suspect is lying during interrogation?
  3. Does age matter for the objective perception of a witness of crime?
  4. Challenges of online learning of forensic psychology.
  5. Were forensic psychology methods used during the trial of Amber Heard?
  6. Role of cognitive psychologists in forensic psychology.
  7. Mental illnesses in those condemned to the death penalty.
  8. Factors that affect memory distortion in witnesses.
  9. Role of human rights advocacy in forensic psychology.
  10. How do different psychological theories define crime?
  11. Contributing factors in a person's development that result in a crime.
  12. The effect of mental health in the acts of deviation.
  13. Key differences between criminal and forensic psychology.
  14. Case of Stanford prison experiment from a forensic psychology perspective.
  15. Contribution of forensic psychology in solving crimes.

Cognitive Psychology Paper Topics

Some intriguing cognitive psychology paper topics are as follows:

  1. History of cognitive psychology.
  2. What kind of impact does music have on cognitive development?
  3. Cognitive state of polyglots.
  4. Triggering factors of reading difficulties in children.
  5. Mental health support in developing and developed countries.
  6. Influence of genetics in cognitive mental issues.
  7. How does a broken family affect cognitive development?
  8. Effects of cognitive therapy on children's development.
  9. Noam Chomsky's theories influence cognitive psychology.
  10. Factors that determine attention span in mental state.
  11. Effects of cognitive development through the learning process.
  12. Role of counseling in memory retrieval.
  13. Influence of video games on a child's cognitive skills.
  14. Fundamentals of cognitive psychology
  15. Understanding the human mind based on cognitive development studies

Abnormal Psychology Research Paper Topics

Glance through some thought-provoking abnormal psychology research paper topics:

  1. Evaluation of abnormal psychology in the past and present Assessment and Treatment
  2. Disorders related to stress
  3. Disorders Linked to Anxiety
  4. Depression and Death
  5. Somatoform disorders, psychological factors, and dissociative disorders Physical Wellness Impact
  6. Sleep and Eating Issues
  7. Addiction-related and substance-related disorders
  8. Sexual and gender-related disorders schizophrenia Variety of Diseases
  9. psychological disorders
  10. Children and adolescent disorders
  11. Diseases of Neurocognition and Others
  12. Current Problems in Psychopathology
  13. Causes of anorexia in children
  14. Influence of violent movies on mood disorders
  15. Causes of PTSD

Sports Psychology Topics for Research Paper

Last but not least, explore some sports psychology topics for research paper:

  1. What are the prospects for sports psychology in the future?
  2. What has recently changed about the dynamics of the locker area in team sports?
  3. How can physical activity and athletics be used to advance health?
  4. What are the Olympics' effects and function in promoting sports in countries that lack adequate funding?
  5. What psychological effects might a well-known leader have on the team?
  6. What issues do young and inexperienced trainers face?
  7. What strategies can athletes employ to successfully manage and control their emotions?
  8. How has athletic psychology changed over the years?
  9. What changes have occurred in athletic psychology over the past 20 years?
  10. Effects of steroids on athletes' cerebral performance.
  11. Relationship problems and an athlete's athletic performance.
  12. Are panic episodes typical in the life of a sportsman?
  13. How does sleeping pattern affect a sportsman's performance?
  14. Effects of constant physical pressure on a sportsman's mental state.
  15. The increasing rate of depression in footballers and its causes.

A Brief Afterword

If you find yourself at the end of this article, congrats! You've already got to know tips and tricks on how to choose psychology term paper topics wisely and write a flawless paper.

If you need further assistance with choosing experimental psychology research topics, check how to choose an essay topic for more tips and detailed guidance. For additional alternatives, you can visit cause and effect essay topics and find endless inspiration!

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