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If you are an art student or an aspiring learner, such an assignment as an analysis or review of some artwork will definitely come up somewhere along the way. Of course, there are some ways out of these situations. You can always opt for essay writing help and have no worries.

Yet, some artworks are really worth your attention. Who knows, maybe you won't even have to turn to essay writing services with some!

One such work is, for sure, a great musical named "In the Heights". Below you will find the summary of this piece that was prepared by our essay writing service professionals.

In the Heights: A Comprehensive Summary

In The Heights is a story about the New York's heights neighborhood written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara Alegria Hudes in 2006. This work reveals the use of musical structures in its storyline. 

The intense use of musical aspects assists characters in forming their identities and establishing purpose in their actions. Intensive musical production has helped explore specific themes. One such theme is hope. 

The aspect of perseverance, especially in times of adversity and the importance of family ties, was brought up through music. Through music, the theme of family and the importance of communal relationships have been brought to light. 

For example, Daniela was a small saloon owner. Her case, to some extent, reveals the shortage and limitations of job opportunities in the minor social group. But it is not a barrier to a positive life perception. 

Even with the lack of better job opportunities and working resources, Daniela and other characters are, in one way or another, able to use music, dance and express their emotions and feelings. This is a way of creating a positive mood and morale for their neighborhood.

Even with the lack of better job opportunities and working resources, Daniela and other characters are, in one way or another, able to use music, dance and express their emotions and feelings. This is a way of creating a positive mood and morale for their neighborhood.

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Prominent Themes 

According to our write an essay for me service professionals, the theme of hope is central to the musical. It is carried out as a red line throughout the play by the implementation of songs and other musical means. The theme is initially observed in the opening act, with an expression of an optimistic attitude first seen in Usnavi.

This was easily read in his words: "Cuz, my parents come from nothing. They got a little more. And sure we were poor, but yo, at least we have got the store. And it's all about the legacy they left with me" (Miranda, Lin-Manuel, and Quiara Alegría Hudes 12). 

In this statement, Usnavi acknowledged the state in which they were currently living. Still, there is an honor and pure gratitude as a way of appreciating the store regardless of the enormous challenges and struggles they faced. 

Similarly, this is an authentic presentation of the hardships of immigrants' lives. They have to start fresh without any previous generation's help while trying to build their happiness in a new country.

The Songs Are Important

The songs performed throughout the play express an undoubted positivity. They negate the assumptions that immigrants suffer while building their way to success. Music is therefore presented from the perspective of appreciation theme. 

Music highlights the struggles of a minority community. It also plays as the perfect instrument of preference demonstration. This instrument ultimately lights a candle of hope for the future that is yet to be. 

The much-earned confidence of a bright future lies under their communal relations. It is closely tied to the importance of friendship and family ties. Good relations between members of the community are the primary areas of building confidence and trust.

In the Heights was created with the help of distinctive musical means. Multiple musical styles capture the flavor of Usnavi's world and that of the heights. In this manner, the story has incorporated Rap and Hip-Hop musical styles. Those are expressed in songs such as "In the Heights" and "96,000". They are used by Usnavi and other characters to narrate and move the plot. 

Lin-Manuel also added an aspect of Latin rhythms of samba, salsa, and merengue. In almost every scene of the musical, Latin rhythms and musical styles reflect a wide variety of cultures. Some of the songs that utilize Latin musical styles include "The Club" and "Paciencia y Fe." Soul and R&B can be heard in songs like "When You're Home". 

Through this means, Miranda achieves a perfect combination of Motown soul music with other styles. Additionally, traditional music is added to enhance musical flavor. It is present in songs such as "Breathe" and "Inutil".

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The Role of Language

The language used throughout In the Heights is developed in an elegant way to achieve a primary musical's purpose. The well-established interplay between English and Spanish is a critical part of the storytelling. Characters can masterfully merge different linguistics depending on the context.

It seems like writers take it as fun to write in other languages. The great working system of checks and balances was adopted here. They wanted a show where everyone in the neighborhood would feel as welcome as possible. Even the most eloquent custom essay writing service pros will definitely agree that the author's integration of words and music in this work was completed perfectly.

The outcomes of the writer's intentions underline that Lin Manuel Miranda is a genius in his style. The interconnection between the other languages and musical styles clearly shows the general connectivity of the neighborhood. 

Though the residents of this community come from different parts of Latin America, they are bonded and engaged. After all, they are bilingual and can understand each other perfectly. 

The language extensively bonds the neighborhoods because it brings a sense of commonness. The oneness brought by the Spanish language applies to everyone except Benny. He is the only person who doesn't know the language, but he tries to prove himself as a neighborhood resident throughout the show. 

The Spanish language's great importance is later expressed by the song "Sunrise". In it, Nina and Benny demonstrate their romantic relationship. She tries her best with the utmost interest to teach Benny Spanish after they spent a night together. 

Benny demonstrated his willingness to study the language because he wanted to be a part of the community and be closer to Nina. Similarly, this shows how love, as a universal thing, helps to cross borders and motivate people to change their lives. This way, through its musical nature, language has been used as an aspect of bonding. 

Different musical styles have been developed throughout the play. The songs express the need for change and the need to acquire a cultural identity. As a rule, not all the people love changes, but in this play, almost every person craves growth, stability, and wants something they can be proud of. 

Different musical styles have been developed throughout the play. The songs express the need for change and the need to acquire a cultural identity. As a rule, not all the people love changes, but in this play, almost every person craves growth, stability, and wants something they can be proud of. 

The Change and Its Importance

The hit Broadway musical developed by Lin-Manuel Miranda exemplifies the change as an important aspect of the neighborhood. This is one of the essential themes in the musical. Musicians are not only expected to create or critique music, but also they need to be writers since music is tightly connected to writing.

Together, music and textual pieces are more powerful. If you decide to buy an essay, you will see that almost every essay writer would claim that all the characters in In the Heights obtain positive insight. The authors of this play argue that writing also helps in creating music. It provides absolute entertainment to the audience serving the primary role of the play. It also contributes to the story's movement in order to achieve styles and tone.

Right from the beginning of the story, musical aspects give an unmistakable taste of the style. Songs such as "Breathe" and "Paciencia y Fe" continually help expand characters themselves. It was achieved both lyrically and musically. 

Nina's song is an excellent example as it contains traditional mariachi music. She clearly outlines her mood after losing her parents and dropping out of Stanford. The song hints at her Mexican heritage. At the same time, she becomes closer to the traditional Broadway-style. 

The theme of change and positive desire towards their lives can be seen occurring in Nina, Usnavi, and Abuela Claudia. These characters represent three different generations of the minor communities that migrated to the United States. They make an excellent example of those who moved from everything they knew and had to go to a foreign land to start over their lives again. 

The play ensures that the characters' plights remain strong. And it's regardless of the enormous challenges and difficulties that these generations face. 

Individuals are shown in their aspiration to adopt changes in their lives. They get exactly what they needed in the end. Beyond the characters, the play illustrates the theme of change in a familiar dynamic.

The authors develop a contemporary style, which combines rap and Latin-American music with different dance styles. The play presents the right message in contemporary fashion. Thus, it is in a relatable position to the modern audience. 

In the Heights, as a musical book, is developed with the ability to represent its story with enough room to breathe. The writers plan the show within a system of several scenes and dialogues. Those are integrated with several musical numbers. 

Therefore, their well-developed primary plan allows moments of silence. This enables the show to pace and glow appropriately. The play's adaptation with its characters to such kind of music was able to clarify a more complex issue that lay on the major themes of the story. 

Indeed, one has to be at least a professional essay writer to understand how to promote the adaptability and interconnection between the text and music. Such an approach gives the play a more flexible, dynamic nature. It supplements the artwork with a perfect representation making it easy to give personality through the characters' voices. 

This way, the play was not only able to illustrate the complex issues within a migrant community. It also showed a fluidity of representations for each of the characters. 

The play managed to use dance and culture as a primary platform in expressing the immigrants' community's bonds. These bonds underline family and community ties. Their music was catchy and had a lot more personal experience, desires, and positive determination. 

We can generally say that In the Height musical was such a huge success by the lots of meaningful songs with deep texts. For example, the opening song "Breathe" that Nina sang is just a simple illustration of her current life. 

It explains that while her parents and friends think she will come for the summer break, she had already dropped out and had not planned on returning home. The lyrics and the tone can clearly express how overwhelmed and upset she is for letting her parents and the neighborhood down by dropping out. 

She thinks she has downplayed their ambitions of expecting her to go beyond the borders of the heights. Generally, the stories that Miranda has given life In the Heights are an expression of modernism and well-developed musical production. The musical itself has allowed the writer to explore themes and ideas that many people can relate to in some situations. 

Final Words

Hopefully, after such an eloquent summary, you might not even require to order essay paper. However, the case may be that the task based on this artwork might prove overwhelming. If this is something you relate to, don't hesitate to turn to real masters of their craft with requests like "rewrite my paper". An amazing essay writer will do the job for you!

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