Guide How to Write a Cover Letter: Types, Tips, Samples
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Guide How to Write a Cover Letter: Types, Tips, Samples

What is a Cover Letter, and Why is It Important

Everyone has to follow some essential steps to becoming successful in their career. Whether you are a high school student on the verge of choosing a major or a college graduate looking for some practical experience, tips on how to construct a professional cover letter are what you need.

Maybe you are new to the job-hunting adventure and wondering - what is a cover letter. Remember that such a paper is a supplement to your resume, where you can broadly dig into the details of your experience and describe why you are a perfect candidate for the job.

Another important question is, 'how long should a cover letter be?' Some companies demand a specific format for it. However, typically it is constructed with three main parts: introduction, body, and conclusion.

So, what is a cover letter for a job exactly? Each position requires specific skills and knowledge, so you should pay major attention to the description of the employment position once you decide to apply. Hiring managers look for hard-working individuals who project a willingness to implement their accomplishments for the benefit of their company or organization. A cover letter is your chance to explain how you managed to take advantage of your past achievements and how they correspond to the role you are applying for. 

If you are willing to make the best out of your application and make sure that you are one of the most prominent candidates for the job, check out the provided tips and cover letter examples in the article below.

What's a Good Cover Letter Format

Formatting your cover letter right is crucial to making a good first impression on the hiring manager. General requirements for the cover letter format include the following:

  • defining the margins of the letter
  • font type and size
  • space between words and paragraphs

Once you have the specific content and information that should be included in your cover letter, you are ready to adjust it to the technical structure. The latter is important to make your cover letter as easily readable as possible so that the hiring manager can read it at one glance. By considering such technical details, you will make the task for the recruiter much easier.

Still, finding yourself anxious about what to include in a cover letter? Don't worry; we've got you! We are here to provide you with a useful cover letter template, which will give you a basic idea about constructing the best version of it and making your candidature fit for the desired role.

cover letter format

Contact Details in Cover Letter

Before you open the cover letter, you must provide the hiring manager with your contact information so further reach you in case of the selection of your candidacy. Here, you want to write down all the essential information, including:

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Date
  • Name of the hiring manager / their professional title
  • Name of the company you're applying to

Suppose you are willing to let the recruiters access further information about what you do and what you are interested in. You might consider adding links to your social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or other personal websites. It's less desirable to include your unprofessional email in the contact information. Try to make it as formal as possible.

Cover Letter Introduction

A great cover letter always starts with a strong opening. The introduction part of your cover letter should combine a brief description of your background. A reader always feels the energy behind written content, so you should try your best to showcase enthusiasm and passion in the opening.

Generally, there are several effective strategies for your cover letter introduction. After introducing yourself to the prospective recruiter, describe briefly how your aspirations lead you to this company. What is it about them that corresponds to your interests?

Our advice to you would be to answer those questions using bullet points and then try to combine them in a catchy way in your professional cover letter. The reader will enjoy your statement's flow and construction, and you will immediately deserve their sympathy.

Cover Letter Body

After reading your resume, the first thing hiring managers are looking for is knowing exactly how you used received knowledge in practice. That is the exact goal you should concentrate on in the body part of your cover letter.

The body should be saved to explain what you bring to the table. In other words, you should explain how past experiences enrich your career and why they would be useful in future roles.

Finding it hard to start writing about your experience? It's pretty simple.

  • Begin the opening paragraph of the body by stating the exact reasons why you find that specific position desirable. Then list the relatable academic or professional workshops or internships you have been participating in.
  • Summarize your responsibilities during those events and explain why they would be relevant to that position. That way, you will be able to effectively show off that you meet their job requirements and you would satisfy the company's needs.
  • Be clear and direct while writing, so the hiring manager will be left with no question marks while glancing through your cover letter.

If you consider these tips, know that you are on your way to crafting a successful and simple cover letter. Remember, 'simplicity is genius.'

Cover Letter Conclusion

You might wonder how to end a cover letter so you can briefly summarize all the information mentioned above in a few sentences. We know it's not easy, but we have been there. It is not impossible, though.

In the closing paragraph of your cover letter, focus more on restating what you offer with your relevant experience. Keep highlighting that you are inspired to implement your skills for the growth of the hiring company. That way, you will objectively assess your abilities, making you stand out from other applicants. Additionally, ending a final paragraph with a positive statement will show off your confidence and more willingness to grab this job opportunity with motivation.

Do not forget to write a formal closing at the end of the letter, such as 'sincerely, best regards, kind regards' followed by your name.

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How to Write a Cover Letter That Will Land You a Job

A general overview of different cover letter parts might not be enough. That is why we are willing to provide you with more detailed tips and guidelines about how to write a cover letter that will land you the dream job.

cover letter job

First, Do Research

Before sending a job application, try to get as much information as possible about the hiring company culture. Recruiters look for people who are genuinely interested in the tasks and workshops the company carries out.

That is why you should get familiar with the organization's mission statement. That way, you can show off that you are familiar with the company's goals and achievements, and you are not just randomly sending out applications to different places. Once they know you are informed, they take your candidacy more seriously.

Another useful advice would be to look for the people who have occupied the position you are applying for in the past. Try to reach out to them through social media and ask them questions about the company's demands. 

You can also check out the sample cover letter provided below for inspiration.

Greet the Hiring Manager

One thing that future employers look for in prospective candidates is their passion for working with the company's staff and a desire to become valuable team members.

Also, addressing the recruiter by their name and not by overused 'dear hiring manager' makes a successful cover letter beginning. 

In most cases, job seekers can easily identify the hiring manager's name from the company website. Otherwise, you can always look for the head of the department on the most popular job-seeking platforms, such as LinkedIn. Remember that an effective cover letter can distinguish you from many other applicants. So, doing extra research is never a waste of time!

You might have extra questions about how to make a cover letter. Know that our writers are always available if you need a cover letter builder through your job-hunting adventure. So, order it at our paper writing service today. Guaranteed success for your future!

Begin Your Cover With a Strong Opening

You might wonder why a strong opening in your cover letter is so important.

Recruiters get hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of applications. That is the case, especially if you are applying for a competitive position. There is a high chance that hiring managers will not read every cover letter end-to-end. It is the main reason you should be able to hook them by the very first sentence.

So, the question is, 'how to start a cover letter?'

If you have made it to this part of the article, you will most likely have a general idea about what to include in your paper. However, you might find it hard to find a perfect way to catch the reader's attention from the very first sentence. But the truth is that we have all been there at the same time or the other. Try to be original!

For example, instead of writing - 'Hello, I'm Sam, and I'm applying for X role at Y company,' try starting by - 'Hello, I'm Sam, and I'm willing to contribute to X company's growth on an international scale as a part of the Sales team.'

Describe Why You're the Ideal Candidate For the Position

You need to highlight your qualifications to write a cover letter that would differentiate you from all the other applicants.

Look for the keywords in the job description because this is where hiring managers emphasize what they need from a perfect applicant. Try to show off your professional skills and convince the recruiter that you are a better fit for the job than all the others. Even if you do not comply with each demand, your enthusiasm will supply them.

Never show insecurity just because you might not have all the required qualifications. Instead, show that you are open to learning new things and testing your abilities in a new workspace.

Once you describe your passion and motivation to apply for the job in the opening paragraph, you can dig deeper into why you are the best candidate.

You can do this by describing what makes this particular company unique and projecting a high commitment to its goal. You can align your interests and academic experience with the company's values.

  • 'Ever since I started to develop a keen interest in journalism, CNN has been the main source of receiving daily social, political, and economic updates for me. I find it exquisite how unbiased this source newspaper edition is, which allows me to analyze global events from the most objective perspective. I want to pay my contribution to spreading fact-checked information about important political events that take place around the world.'

In case you need additional assistance, our professional writers are experts at knowing how to write a cover letter for a job. You can order your upcoming assignment at the custom research paper writing service any time of the day.

Show Genuine Interest

To build a successful cover letter for resume, show that you are passionate about the company's objectives, appreciate the staff's teamwork, and aspire to become part of that network one day.

Make it clear that you have a vision for the future and that you see yourself doing an excellent job in that position. One should be able to catch a glimpse of enthusiasm in a professional cover letter; that's what makes a cover letter successful.

  • 'I would not have missed the chance to apply for the most interesting and enriching experience, such as being a Public Relations Officer at Heifer International. Ever since I became an undergraduate student, I've discovered that my genuine interests orbit around caring for my community and solving social problems they are concerned with. I believe that working for Hiefer international will give me more accessibility to achieve that goal.'

Our essay writers are always willing to customize the perfect cover letter based on your resume.

Use the Proper Formal Ending

You might as well be wondering how to end a cover letter. It's quite simple. You can summarize the main ideas that you have mentioned before in a few sentences. The main goal is to be firm in your statements and try to sound convincing.

After wrapping up the basic points you mentioned in the previous paragraphs, thank the hiring manager for their time. You can finish the final paragraph with a call to action. You must encourage the recruiter to consider your candidature for the job. You can also add that you will look for positive feedback and hope to hear from them soon.

  • 'I believe that my willingness to contribute to the development of my community and experience, which corresponds to the goals of Heifer International, makes me one of the most eligible candidates for the role. Thank you for considering my application. Looking forward to your positive response.'

Cover Letter Examples

We prepared helpful samples for you for more clarity on creating the cover letters. Take inspiration from them to make your candidacy successful.

College Student Cover Letter Example

Cover letter example for college students:

[Hiring Manager's Name]

123 Company Address

Company's City, State, Zip Code

(Xxx) xxx-xxxx


Dear (Mr./ Mrs./ Ms. name of the hiring manager),

I'm (name and surname), a senior in the field of Informational Technologies faculty at (university/college name), and as a driven and experienced IT student, I consider my interests in alignment with your company's goals and objectives. My skills and qualifications make me one of the most appropriate candidates to become a Software Intern at your company.

During the last three years, I have gained extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience in Computer Science, making my candidate a perfect fit for the role to contribute to the company's growth. Being on the President's list with a GPA of 4.0 makes me stand out from most of the students at my home university. The latter also shows my dedication to working tirelessly and achieving the best academic performance. Additionally, I always try to occupy myself with creative work in my leisure time and enrich my academic experience. That is why I'm currently leading the Astro-physics club of the university and actively participating in math championships organized throughout the state.

In the modern, fast-paced world where technology is developing even faster, I feel obliged to keep up with its growth. That is why I started participating in the internships provided by newly-based business companies ever since I became a student. Experience gained at NetSol and BPCE helped me develop critical-analytical skills and trained me to become a creative problem-solver. Main tasks I was responsible for included fixing technical bugs in specific mobile applications and providing engineering support to newcomers to the company. My tireless work and dedication to the company's goals and objectives were highly appreciated by my hiring managers, by awarding me the 'Youngest Employee of the Year prize.

I have also mastered multiple coding languages such as JavaScript, Python, and PHP with the help of courses offered by the Digital Marketing school. I believe that gaining experience and my abilities to be a cooperative teammate and dedicate my time and energy to the company's benefit would make me one of the best fits for the role.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


(Your name and surname)

High School Cover Letter Example

Here is a free cover letter template for high school students:

[Hiring Manager's Name]

123 Company Address

Company's City, State, Zip Code

(Xxx) xxx-xxxx


Dear (Mr./ Mrs./ Ms. name of the hiring manager),

I'm (your name and surname), a graduating senior at Whitney High School. I came across a job application on the LinkedIn platform for the position of junior assistant at McKesson Corporation. I would not have this wonderful opportunity pass me since I consider being part of your creative network essential for my academic growth. At the same time, I believe that my skills and knowledge will contribute to bringing more success to the corporation.

Ever since I started high school, I discovered that my genuine interest and passion were directly connected to working in the business sector, so I decided to take most of my business and entrepreneurship courses. I continue to excel in my courses, along with carrying out my responsibilities in extra-curricular activities. My diligence and goal-oriented spirit got me the role of President at the local Entrepreneurship club, which unites junior enthusiasts all over the state. I also try to cultivate my skills outside of a business to enrich my academic experience. I often participate as the delegate of different states at the model projects of different EU-related institutions. Therefore I am trying to enhance my diplomatic skills. I'm also actively volunteering for the Red Cross at a local hospital and trying my best to contribute to the local community.

I believe that becoming part of the business management team at McKesson would help me develop my understanding of the business world since it holds the role of one of the leading corporations in the international market. I do not doubt that my experience and enthusiasm to further harness my skills make me one of the most eligible candidates for the position.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


(Your name)

Cover Letter for Internship

Check out the cover letter for internship:

[Hiring Manager's Name]

123 Company Address

Company's City, State, Zip Code

(Xxx) xxx-xxxx


Dear (Mr./ Mrs./ Ms. name of the hiring manager),

I'm writing to you regarding the open job position for a marketing intern at (company name). I came across the job application on the Indeed platform and immediately decided to apply since my academic achievements and qualifications correspond to the company's requirements.

I'm a senior in the faculty of PR and Marketing at the University of Arkansas. Remaining at the top of my classes and keeping my name on the President's list for over two years indicates my dedication to in-depth study, my willingness to work hard, and my time management skills. I have a strategically focused area of my courses on Intern Marketing, General Survey Research, and Marketing Analytics. I'm motivated to implement gained knowledge into practice through this job opportunity.

From my perspective, the key to success for each company and organization in the modern world lies in its ability to customize its products based on the interests of the target audience. That is the reason why I find myself passionate about the marketing field. Throughout the workshops and projects I have participated in outside of college, I've always been highlighted for my communication skills and ability to promote products according to the client's interests.

I would be thrilled to become part of the company's network, enriching my practical experience in the marketing field. On the other hand, I'm willing to put the maximum effort into contributing to the company's growth.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


(Your name)

You are free to use this template cover letter for job that you are willing to apply for. Make the most of your candidacy by adapting it to the position of your interest.

More Academic Help

As we come to a finish, you should have learned some valuable advice and in-depth insights about writing an ideal cover letter. Our professional writers are always willing to provide you with many more good cover letter examples.

Once you are hired, you will probably have to deal with a bunch of emails, and you will need to perfect your professional skills. So, check out tips about how to start writing a formal email from our writers. And, if you are a college student finding ways to ace your research paper, you can always buy research paper online from us.

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