Harvard Referencing Style 2022

Harvard Referencing Style 2022

What is Referencing?

Every time you directly quote another person, paraphrase their texts, or use their conceptual ideas, you must cite the sources. Acknowledging the material you have utilized in your work is done by referencing. These might be journal articles, visual pieces, reports, or, obviously, a web page. Such resources provide you with concepts to expand on, which enhances your writing. So, giving original writers and ideas credit is always vital. Now your question might be - 'How do I give credit the right way?' Well, there are different reference styles, and as you might have already figured out from the article title, our business essay writing services will be discussing the Harvard referencing system.

Harvard Referencing Style

Harvard Style, which is one of the most common referencing styles, just after APA and MLA, entails various aspects that must be taken into consideration for a piece of custom writing presented to be considered as organized in Harvard Style. The core areas under consideration as the outline, the in-text citation, and the reference page. First, to avoid plagiarizing and to ensure that the content's original authors receive proper credit, it is crucial to cite your sources. Even if you turn to Harvard referencing generator for help, you should know that referencing in Harvard style involves two steps:

harvard referencing
  • In-text citations: This is a short reference to the resource that appears in your work immediately after it has been used, whether it has been cited or summarized. It primarily comprises the writer's last name, the year of publication, and a page number.
  • Reference list: This is a thorough record of all the sources you referenced in your writing, replete with detailed bibliographical information that will enable readers to follow these references and locate the original texts.

Harvard Style Outline

The importance of outlining cannot be overstated. It is a summary of your paper with all of the important details listed and cited. For a piece to be considered as organized in Harvard style, the following basic structure elements, according to the experts from our cheap paper writing service, must be in place:

Title Page

The title page should have the title of the paper (IN CAPITAL), positioned at about a third from the top of the page. Two lines beneath the title of the paper are the name of the author, after which several lines are skipped to about two-thirds from the top of the page, where the other details indicated are Course, Name of Professor, University, City (State), then Date.

Headers Formatting

The title of the paper should appear on all the pages at the header, next to the page number that is placed at the top right corner of the paper.

Heading and Seriation

The heading system in Harvard takes the form of various levels, just like in APA.

1. Level-1 headers are centered, bold and title case;
2. The level-2 headers are bold, flush left, and title case;
3. Level-3 headers are left aligned, indented half-inch from the margins, followed by a full-stop, and the sentences start immediately on the same line.

Also, while the entire text in the paper is flush left apart from the headers, the paragraphs in level one and two have an indentation, half-inch from the margin.

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In-text Citation

Where any information that is not original appears, like any other formatting style, the writer should give credit to the source by putting an in text reference. There are two ways to do in-text references: by setting the details in the bracket by having the details of the sentence in, either way, the details include the surname of the author (s), followed by the year of publication, and page numbers, if need be. The examples are as shown:

Citation at the end of the sentence. Obesity in children is mainly caused by too much intake of junk food (Green 2016).

Citation within the sentence. As Green (2016) asserts, obesity in children is mainly caused by too much intake of junk food.

Reference Page (Bibliography)

The reference page in Harvard is formatted on the type of material used as the source. In general, the details in the respective references include the names of the author (Surname, and initials of other names), the publication year (not in brackets like the case of APA), the title of the source, the publisher, and the city of publication. The reference list should be alphabetized using the last name of only the first author for each source. The variations that may arise include the source, number of authors, and no authors, among others.

Tips For Citing

Here are some tips from our annotated bibliography writing service:

  • The year will be included in round brackets behind the author(s) name if it exists in the text as part of the assignment's body, for example: According to Johnson (2019).
  • Ibid. and idem. should not be used as part of the Harvard referencing style.
  • If two writers have the same last name and their works were issued in the same year, use their first name to tell them apart, e.g. When examining typical income, it was discovered that.. (Johnson, B., 2007). Nevertheless, it was also shown that.. (Johnson, K., 2007)
  • Use the name in italics to replace the author if the creator is unknown or if there isn't one, for example (WEB, 2020).
  • Harvard additionally requires you to give a page number if you are paraphrasing another person's thoughts from a particular section of text or page, as opposed to directly quoting them. This is how your quotation would appear: The analysis found that studies have shown that office environments reduce employees' contentment, productivity, and attention span (Davis et al., 2011, p. 22).

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When producing, per se, a journal article, you usually use a variety of sources and information, so relying just on a bibliography might need to be clarified. To identify the precise position of each reference, you can adopt the Harvard referencing style. It also allows you to indicate how much of your work is original thought and how much is based on paraphrasing or quotation marks.

Essentially, the key areas to take into consideration in Harvard referencing are the outline of the pages, the heading system, in-text citation, formatting of the references in the reference page, and the title page.

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