Tips on How to Write an International Relations Essay
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international relations essay

Tips on How to Write an International Relations Essay

Tips on How to Write an International Relations Essay

Crafting an essay for an international relations course requires a broad knowledge of various bordering disciplines, including but not restricted to political science, world politics, international security, human rights, etc.

So, how to write an international relations essay? There is no simple and distinct answer to that, but we propose a wide range of pragmatic tips and guidelines for you to follow to ace your upcoming assignment.

We will cover essential steps of the essay writing process in international relations, beginning with the interpretation of key terms, using evidence-based examples for theoretical approaches, analyzing main issues from various perspectives, and, most importantly, structuring an academic piece in an organized manner.

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Define Key Terms in Your International Relations Paper

The establishment of international relations as a specific field of study is related to the major global political changes that have taken place throughout the twentieth century. For instance, the cold war played a crucial role in forming the contemporary world order. For some, the term 'cold war' requires a definition.

To make your international relations paper comprehensive for people with sufficient or no background knowledge at all in political science, you need to provide definitions of key terms. The reader should familiarize themselves with the main terms in advance of reading the paper. Try to make a list of terms from a particular area that might be under question mark for some and define them.

For instance, if your essay on international relations concerns analysis of an economic aspect of the African Union, you are most likely to concentrate your research on the African Continent Free Trade Area. If so, explain that the latter is a free trade area amongst the member states of the AU.

Use Real-Life Examples in Your International Relations Paper

Writing an essay on international relations is your chance to project theoretical knowledge of various theories. Such types of international relations essay topics include theories of realism, liberalism, and constructivism. However, keep in mind that a sole theoretical narrative is useless without the illustration of corresponding examples from real-life case studies.

Let's say that you decided to base the entire essay on a realistic approach. Realism suggests that states around the world are obliged to protect their national interests and security at all costs. Since each country is concentrated on keeping itself secure, they do not possess the liberty of depending on actors outside of its borders. Likely structure of global politics has become a topic of discussion in the United States after World War II.

In this case, you are free to question why did world war ii bring about the topic of realism into the agenda of scholars and provide real-life examples of realistic approaches in your essay on international relations.

Engage with Multiple Perspectives in Your International Relations Paper

An analytic piece of academic work is much more valuable than a shallow summary of the events from world politics unless the professor directly asks you to provide a summary for the assignment.

International relations essay topic, most of the time, requires a comprehensive analysis of multiple perspectives on a particular issue. For instance, let's say that you want to discuss a complex issue from global politics, such as the foreign policy of the USA, ever since the act of 9/11. In that case, we would advise you to discuss the latter by providing arguments for America shifting its foreign policy towards the democratization of the states from the middle east. On the other hand, you are required to propose the counter-argument in your international relations paper by including the drawbacks of this decision from the perspective of middle eastern countries.

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Pay Attention to Your International Relations Paper Structure

Crafting the international relations essay in a logically structured and organized manner is the key to keeping the reader's attention from the beginning till the end of the academic paper. The entire essay should be based on the classical international relations essay format, including the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

To accomplish this goal, we would advise you to frequently use headings and subheadings and form main arguments about them. Implementing sentences known as logical transitions will help create a bond between adjacent paragraphs and maintain the ceaseless flow of words. This will make the content of the paper more explicit.

Use Evidence in Your International Relations Paper

Creating a top-notch international relations paper is impossible without having in-depth knowledge of history, economics, sociology, and all the interrelated disciplines. Information gathered from all these various fields of study helps you provide factual-based arguments in your academic work.

Therefore, if you decide to write an essay on the Civil War in America, you need to go further than the description of racial divisions among states and provide evidence on the origins of these divisions through economic analysis. Or, if you are interested in the opposition between the dominant powers of America and the USSR during the cold war, you may put down the facts of founding NATO versus the Warsaw Pact and the reasons behind those actions.

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Consider Policy Implications in Your International Relations Paper

Some students prefer analyzing issues that the world faces today through the lens of international relations. For our international essay to serve some kind of purpose, students are welcome to propose possible solutions for problems orbiting the world through current affairs in global politics.

For instance, discussing the consequences of climate change requires going back to its historical origins, such as the industrial revolution. Afterward, students need to come up with probable ideas that carry the potential to be transformed through policy implications. That way, students can provide some kind of benefit to resolving contemporary political problems through their essays on international relations.

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International Relations Essay Outline

The process of free writing is essential before jumping into structuring the essay directly. Choosing the topic of your academic paper requires careful consideration of all the issues of your interest. Try brainstorming all of them and then narrow the list down to the ones that you have the most knowledge and information on. Once you make a selection of the topic that nurtures your curiosity, it will simplify the writing process for you.

Afterward, make the bullet points of the core ideas you need to develop throughout the essay and follow the classical international relations essay outline, which consists of three main parts.


International Relations Essay Introduction

The international relations essay format requires students to commence writing with a general overview of the chosen topic. The thesis statement holds a major part of the introduction of your essay on international relations. That's where you provide broad historical background on the main objective of your paper. Start with the topic sentence explaining the importance of the chosen topic and try to make it relatable to contemporary global politics. Afterward, state your position regarding the complex issue and fixate on that through the rest of the essay with arguments.

International Relations Essay Body

The body part of the international relations paper can include a variable amount of paragraphs based on the number of arguments you are going to provide in support of your thesis statement. Primarily, you need to overview key issues concerning your international relations paper topics. For instance, if you decide to write about the Vietnam War, try highlighting ways in which South and North Vietnam continue to maintain peace with one another till today.

Connect analysis of the historical roots of the political event to the modern conditions regarding the issue. Be original with your approach toward the problem and try to propose possible solutions to it. Customize the probable solutions to real-life circumstances and remain realistic.

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International Relations Essay Conclusion

The conclusion is just as important as the rest of the international relations essay. In the final paragraph, you can reaffirm the main points and arguments covered above and highlight their importance. Additionally, you are free to present any recommendations for further research regarding the proposed topic in the concluding part of the essay on international relations.

International Relations Paper Topics

Take a look at some of the most thought-provoking international relations essay topics:

  1. Violation of human rights in the Philippines
  2. Can China replace the US in the Middle East?
  3. Spanish Civil War as the prelude to World War II
  4. American Hegemony and Cold War
  5. The foreign policy of China
  6. Effectiveness of the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty Then and Now
  7. The Comparative Approach of the Bush Administration and Obama Administration to the Middle East
  8. The opposition between NATO and Russia
  9. Lessons unlearned from West: 2014 Occupation of Crimea in Ukraine
  10. The foreign policy of the United Kingdom after Brexit
  11. The causes of opposition between Iraqi forces and American military
  12. Historical Origins and Attempts to uprooting Terrorism
  13. The impact of the Karabakh Conflict on the Euro integration of South Caucasian states
  14. The effects of American foreign policy and South Sudan destabilization
  15. Strategies of global governance through international organizations
  16. Changed global order through the Treaty of Westphalia
  17. International relations through Marxist and neo-constructivist approach
  18. Impact of Engagement between China and Japan on Asian Politics
  19. Maximizing national security in modern developing countries in Latin America
  20. Comparison between classical and structural Realism

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To Sum Up

At this point, you should have received quality information on how to craft a top-notch essay on international relations. We are always here to perfect your academic performance. Feel free to glance through some of the previous works we have prepared for students like you, such as What is gender equality essay and How to write a career goals essay

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