Guide on How to Support Your Claim in Writing
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Guide on How to Support Your Claim in Writing

Guide on How to Support Your Claim in Writing

Understanding What is Claim in Writing

Making a strong claim statement in different types of research essays and academic papers is the key to creating a professional persuasive product. As you began reading the article, your primary question probably would be - what is claim in writing? A claim is a substantial part of the thesis statement of your essay. The core idea of your paper should be projected in the claim. Writing a claim requires doing extensive research on the related issue and formulating an assertive opinion with the support of specific evidence.

The next major question formulates as such - how to make a good claim? First of all, keep in mind that the claim statement holds major importance in the process of constructing a high-quality essay. Therefore, you need to develop it in a very precise and organized manner. The main claim of the essay can only be convincing with supported evidence. This requires students to present evidence in the form of quotes from authoritative figures and trusted resources such as books, journals, etc. Claims in writing should assert a focused argument in order for the writer's position to be shared by the readers.

So, what's a claim statement? Find out in detail in the rest of the article prepared by our book report writing service.

In constructing persuasive arguments to support your claim in writing, a strong foundation of evidence and clear articulation are paramount. This skill not only serves you well in academic discourse but is also a critical asset when applying for college scholarships. As a high school senior, mastering the art of substantiating your claims in essays is a precursor to successfully navigating scholarship applications. A well-argued scholarship essay can be your ticket to substantial financial aid, easing the transition to higher education. The journey towards obtaining financial support begins with identifying the right opportunities. Explore a curated list of the best college scholarships for high school seniors to find those that align with your academic and personal aspirations. As you delve into the intricacies of supporting your claims in writing, remember that each scholarship application is a platform to showcase your evolving skills and a stepping stone towards your academic future.

Claim Examples for Illustration

The theory is always best understood within its implementation through practice. So, let's take a look at some of the claim examples we have prepared for you, along with reliable shreds of evidence. A claim plays its unique role and should not be equated with a statement. Statements are based on facts, while writing a claim might be based on a unique opinion.

  1. Claim: Free ownership of guns should be banned in the United States of America.

Supporting Evidence: Loose gun control laws have resulted in more than 300,000 school children having experienced gun violence at school ever since 1999, according to The Washington Post.

  1. Claim: College athletes should be paid.

Supporting Evidence: Investing time and energy in academic performances and being a part of sports teams at college requires much effort and a firm mindset. Plus, college athletes officially represent the school around the country, which should be rewarded with some kind of stipend.

  1. Claim: Taking a gap year before going to college should be obligatory.

Supporting Evidence: Most high school students do not have sufficient information and experience to make a firm decision regarding their future profession at the age of 17, which is why they need some time off to reflect on their careers.

  1. Claim: Global warming should be taken seriously by both big and small countries worldwide.

Supporting Evidence: Active usage of electronics, as well as modern cars, result in increased greenhouse gas emissions from huge states around the world, such as the US and China, as well as smaller ones, like Croatia, Greece, etc. Released toxic chemicals add up to the ozone layer, resulting in aggravated climate change consequences.

  1. Claim: Standardized tests should not determine whether or not a student goes to the upper level at school.

Supporting Evidence: According to Finland's education system, the structure of the tests should not be universal for all students because not every one of them can project their knowledge with specific standardized examinations. Finland's education system is considered to be the best in the world.

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Tips on How to Make a Good Claim

Wondering how to write a claim? Writing a claim requires following specific tips and guidelines on how to turn your personal opinions into persuasive claim statements in writing:

good claim
  • Make your claim statement specific.

Example: China's rapid decline in population proves that governments should not have the freedom to restrict the number of children in each family since the UN's demographic modeling proves that its population will decrease by more than a billion in a few decades due to the past 'one child policy.'

  • Be affirmative and assertive.

Example: I believe that reducing speed limits on highways by at least 10 km/h can be a small but firm step taken towards reducing oil consumption and tackling the global energy crisis.

  • Use evidence effectively.

Example: Denmark's case shows that using at least 15% of the government's budget for investments in researching sustainable energy resources contributes to controlling air pollution.

  • Make sure to eliminate probable opposing views.

Example: Governments of developing countries should subsidize money from the government's budget to provide free meals to school children. Statistical analysis projects that children of primary and secondary school in third world countries show a lack of motivation and low academic performance due to insufficient amount of food consumed daily.

  • Make your claim relevant and timely.

Example: Rapid development of Artificial Intelligence is highly likely to result in a reduced number of jobs for people around the world.

Any further questions on how to make a claim in an essay? Proceed with the next paragraphs.

FAQs on Claims in Writing

Writing a claim in essay is your chance to form a personal opinion regarding a specific issue and provide evidence to support it. The same evidence should not be used to reinforce the opposing claim, so make it specific and avoid generalization.

Having additional questions regarding the right formation of the claim statement, providing relatable support, and addressing its essence correctly is completely natural. Our scholarship essay writing service experts have structured detailed answers to the abovementioned topics.

How Do I Support My Claim with Evidence?

Do you wish to create a claim the reader can hardly ever disagree with? One obvious way to establish a firm statement is to offer evidence. A piece of good evidence supports the claim statement with relative statistics, expert opinions, and other reliable sources.

Students are more than welcome to showcase statistical data to affirm their viewpoints. For instance, the latter can be implemented to highlight the importance of allocating the government's budget to create green space areas (just like in the example above). Statistics can depict the air pollution index before and after the allocation of funds.

Claims in writing can also be supported with corresponding opinions formed by experts in the fields related to the content of the claim. For example, you could interview an expert from the Ministry of Education if you want to assert the idea that children are much more motivated to learn when they are nourished properly.

How Do You Start a Claim in an Essay?

The magic formula to start writing a claim does not exist. However, keep in mind to nurture the reader's curiosity from the very first sentence. Grabbing their attention from the beginning is the core driving force that fosters their desire to continue reading academic work till the end.

That goal cannot be achieved by simply mentioning something casual and normal. You need to craft a startling fact supporting your opinion and formulate it in a clear and organized manner. Additionally, you can write a provocative statement that stands out from the opinion that most people share. After all, writing an essay claim is your chance to highlight your unique worldview toward a specific subject.

Don't forget you can simply ask to write essay for me and expect tons of claim examples from experts in academic writing.

How to Write a Claim in an Argumentative Essay?

How to write a claim in an argumentative essay? Primarily, form your viewpoint on either side of the provided topic. The next step is to make it debatable by actively inserting provocative statements. Lastly, present evidence to sound persuasive to the reader. Projecting supporting claims in addition to your opinion can be an asset.

However, keep in mind that not everyone will agree with the idea behind your claim of an essay. Chances are that most of your readers will, and that is what truly matters.

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Key Takeaways

At this point, you can freely use the provided information in practice by forming a unique claim for an essay. Do not shy away from stating what the majority of society does not find agreeable. Instead, reveal your individualism through it and provide enough evidence to prove your truth.

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