100+ Best War Essay Topics for College
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100+ Best War Essay Topics for College

War Essay Topics: Comprehensive List

What is the very first thing that comes to your mind when somebody asks you about the major political events that shaped contemporary geopolitics? Most people will identify the latter with the state of war. Throughout history, opposing interests of specific states have grown into direct armed conflict, which later brought about major changes globally. Some of these events include bloody world wars taking place throughout the twentieth century, as well as interstate confrontations in the Western hemisphere, such as the Civil War in America.

Follow the listed guidelines and choose from probable topics listed below to write a top-notch essay about war. You are also free to pay for research papers. Provide us with world war 2 essay topics of your choice, and expect a high-quality result in the fastest way possible. Here, price equals the value of the product.


World War 1 Topics for a Paper

Our experts advise you to glimpse through these world war 1 topics for a paper:

  1. World War I Propaganda and its Effect on Germany
  2. The Effect of the industrial revolution on world war I
  3. Versailles Treaty and its influence on the upcoming World war
  4. Involvement of South Caucasus states in world war I
  5. Inclusion of Native Americans in the world war I
  6. Usage of airplanes throughout world war I
  7. The aftermath of world war I for Entente
  8. International Relations in the Aftermath of world war I
  9. Major causes of Germany's isolation in European politics after WWI
  10. Analysis of wwi based on Immanuel Kant's philosophical sketch 'Perpetual Peace.'
  11. Putting Woodrow Wilson's '14 Points' into practice after WWI
  12. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand: Origins of WWI?
  13. Reasons for Italy's neutrality before 1915 (WWI context)
  14. Role of the airplanes throughout WWI
  15. Reasons for Intervention in WWI: Case of America

WW2 Research Topics

Let's jump from WWI research paper topics to the next major historical event that again took place on the continent of Europe. The breakout of the Second World War originated from unjust actions taken and reforms ratified by the member states of the Entente toward Germany. Take this chance to reflect on the thought-provoking ww2 research topics mentioned below and choose the one you find most insightful:

  1. Effect of world war ii propaganda Posters in the Soviet Union and its Influence on the Formation of public opinion
  2. The Intervention of united states military in Japan: Case of Pearl Harbor
  3. Military conflicts in Asia in the aftermath of World War II
  4. Soviet-Japanese border conflict: Probable cause of WWII
  5. Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and its impact on strengthening ties between the Soviet Union and Germany
  6. Major reasons for opening up Eastern Front in 1941 by Axis Powers
  7. Impact of Battles of Stalingrad and Midway on the Power of Germany throughout world war ii
  8. Economic relations between US and Japan in World War II
  9. Foreign Policy of the US after World War II
  10. Importance of Aviation in World War II
  11. Effect of world war ii on african americans and their immigration
  12. Cuban missile crisis in the aftermath of World War II
  13. Influence of the Nazi Regime on Eastern Europe during World War II
  14. Analysis of the Cold War Period in the post-WWII international order
  15. World war ii influenced the development of international organizations

Civil War Essay Topics

Wars provoked by interstate opposing forces often turn out to be the bloodiest, with a great number of innocent victims and casualties. Our team gathered some of the most controversial civil war topics for you to do extensive research and write a persuasive essay on:

  1. Advantages of Northern States in the American Civil War
  2. Policies of Abraham Lincoln as the foundation of the Democratic Party in the US
  3. Jim Crow laws and their influence on the partition between Northern and Southern states of America
  4. The legality of secession from the perspectives of the Union and Confederacy in the American Civil War
  5. Impacts of the separation of Southern states on altered power politics between Democrats and Republicans
  6. The Origins of the Abolition Movement in American civil war
  7. Comparison between the social conditions of enslaved and free African Americans in 19th-century America
  8. Abraham Lincoln's leadership
  9. Case study: Iraq War between 2014-17
  10. Involvement of American women in the civil war
  11. Importance of the Battle of Atlanta in the American civil war
  12. Main causes of civil war in England
  13. Growth of Corporations in the post-civil War America
  14. Civil rights movements in the aftermath of the civil war
  15. Key leaders and parties involved from Southern and Northern states during the American civil war
  16. Ways the civil war led the American Economy to Flourish
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Military Essay Topics

Military intervention is a core driving force behind warfare and not only. Establishing an organized military order is one of the essential contributing factors to maintaining international security. Let's take a look at some of the military essay topics:

  1. Importance of foreign deployments for American foreign policy
  2. The management of racism throughout the military sector in the USA
  3. Steps of eliminating fratricide throughout different national armed forces
  4. Analysis of acceptance rates of heterosexual individuals in the military
  5. The problem of substance abuse in the armed forces
  6. Advances in military technology throughout the last decade
  7. Guided process of joining the military in the USA
  8. The appropriate age spectrum to join the military forces
  9. Contemporary American and Chinese military technology
  10. The intervention of military forces in the politics of Iran
  11. Military Modernization: Cases of China and Israel
  12. Military Development in the Chinese Era after Mao Zedong
  13. Characteristics that make up a profound military leader
  14. Military strategy case study: Afghanistan war
  15. Military health care: a comparative analysis of the cases of America and China

Vietnam War Essay Topics

Have you ever visited countries on the continent of Asia? Contemporary world history projects the importance of Asian lands as strategic locations for waging chemical, aerial, and other types of war between dominant powers. Such was the case during the Vietnam War. Think about writing an essay on these Vietnam War essay topics:

  1. The strategic role of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident during the Vietnam War
  2. The Role of Women during the Vietnam War
  3. Establishing the 'Flower Power' movement in the USA as a response to the Vietnam war
  4. Causes and Consequences of the US Losing at Vietnam War
  5. Importance of Protests and Music in Relation to the Vietnam War
  6. Analysis of the Vietnam War timeline from 1961 to 1964
  7. Comparison of military operations in the Vietnam War and Korean War
  8. Major Causes of Breaking out Vietnam War
  9. Reasons for China Supporting North Vietnam in the War of Vietnam
  10. Polarizing American society due to Vietnam War
  11. Influence of Ho Chi Minh on the Vietnam War
  12. Case study: Perspectives of African American leaders towards Vietnam War
  13. The opposition between China and Vietnam during the Third Vietnam War
  14. Role of John Kerry during the Vietnam War
  15. The intervention of Media and its influence on shaping public perception of American society during the Vietnam War

American History Argumentative Essay Topics

The land of America counts a few centuries of existence as an independent state. Leaders and, most importantly, the people of the United States have succeeded in establishing world dominance in such a brief timeframe. So, crafting an essay on American history argumentative essay topics would not be such a bad idea.

  1. Did Christopher Columbus really discover America?
  2. What kind of role did British rule play in North America?
  3. Did Spanish Colonization lay the foundation for Latin American identity?
  4. Is there any evidence of the unjust treatment of Indian Americans from the 18th century?
  5. How important is the philosophical discipline of Transcendentalism for American culture?
  6. What changed in race relations from the progressive era till modernity?
  7. Did capitalism originate from the era of American colonization?
  8. Is it historically correct to direct pop culture in America to 'the roaring twenties'?
  9. Did the benefits of policies undertaken by the Trump administration surpass the ones under Biden?
  10. Did the Iraq war go against the interests of American leaders?
  11. Was Obama's healthcare reforms beneficial for American society?
  12. Did the civil action pioneered by Martin Luther King encourage Malcolm X to act?
  13. Are there any conflicting gender issues connected to the policies of Jim Crow?
  14. Did the War on Drugs target Black minorities in the US?
  15. How real is the Hollywood depiction of American culture?
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More Army Essay Topics

Ready to get extra inspired? Glance through some more war essay topics:

  1. The origins of the invention of the war concept
  2. Controlling the mental disorders in military personnel
  3. Military Analysis of the Korean War
  4. The appliance of the constitution to being a head office of the national military alliance
  5. Reformation of the military branch throughout Trump's presidency
  6. The political organization and military alliance in the ottoman empire and modern Turkey
  7. Military Analysis of the 1948 Arab-Israeli Conflict
  8. Military Analysis of the Fall of the Roman Empire
  9. Cases of Military Dictatorship: Brazil
  10. Cases of Military Dictatorship: Nigeria
  11. Afghan War: military strategies
  12. Differences between civilian and military tribunals
  13. American civil war: implemented military strategies
  14. French and American military involvement in Haiti
  15. The Intervention of Military Social Workers

Read the essay on the french revolution and other assignments relating to army essay topics crafted by our writers.

FAQs on a War Essay

Once you have made a decision regarding the selection of the topic of your interest, proceed to learn about the basic structure of the essays about war. We will answer your questions regarding the concept and the formation of a war essay in the following paragraphs.

What is War Essay?

What is war essay? It is the constructive and argumentative narrative concerning a specific historical event involving military or non-military conflict. The war essay should cover the main background, causes, effects, and consequences of specific events of the armed opposition.

What Should I Include in a War Essay?

Once you choose the topic of your interest, come up with a clear and distinct thesis statement. The rest of the essay should correspond to the latter. You should rather support or decline the idea of a statement and then provide well-researched supporting evidence in the form of arguments. Keep in mind that an in-depth analysis of a specific historical event will provide a reader with a clearer understanding of your topic war.

How Should I Structure My War Essay?


Structuring the war-related essay requires a classic formula. The primary task is crafting a detailed thesis statement. Elaborate on the latter with your individual perspective. Afterward, write a brief introduction in relation to the main points you are going to cover throughout the rest of the essay. Use body paragraphs as the space to highlight the supporting arguments and provide relevant examples or facts to make them more convincing. Finally, restate the core objectives of your essay in the concluding paragraphs to make your points firm and direct.

Final Thoughts

Our team hopes that you found the article above informative. We work day and night to make your academic experience stress-free, so use that chance for your benefit. A high score is a guarantee when you ask us to "write my college essay," especially on creative civil war writing topics or civil war topics.

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