Tips To Go From Intern To Full-Time Employee
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Tips To Go From Intern To Full-Time Employee

Tips To Go From Intern To Full-Time Employee

Students put a lot of effort into obtaining a coveted internship. But it gives them no guarantee that the company will invite them for a full time position. What should they do? Saying “I need a full time job now!” will hardly be a way out. The readers of this article, written by EssayService experts, will discover tips on how to ask for full time position after internship with high chances to succeed.

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Find a Mentor

This is probably the most important prerequisite for successful intern recruitment. Each newbie should establish rapport with a professional who can answer their questions. The intern should be able to reach their mentor not only in the office but also by phone in the evening.

They also should be able to prepare a decent resume or delegate this task to the best essay writing service instead of writing it independently. When an expert explains to a novice how to do things, it helps them to deliver better results from the onset.

Respect the Corporate Culture

Inexperienced graduates who wonder, “do internships lead to jobs?” tend to underestimate the importance of business culture. It does not boil down to the dress code and punctuality. One should also be polite and consistent. 

Interns who dream of full-time employment should control their emotions and always remain in a good mood. They should observe the others’ manners and imitate their behavior. Staff employees should feel comfortable in the company of a novice. They should not perceive them as outsiders.

To obtain a full-time position, one should follow the organization’s news and updates. Professionals from our paper writing service online recommend subscribing to the company’s mailing list and its accounts on social networks.

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Be Proactive

Active and positively-minded interns do the following:

  • Ask questions not only about full time opportunities but also about other aspects of work
  • Offer their assistance when they see that they can help someone
  • Take part in all corporate events
  • Volunteer outside hours
  • Use every chance to get to know people and show them their skills

Those who want their internship after graduation to be successful should always remain tactful. Proactivity should never transform into obtrusiveness.

Ask for Feedback

Feedback from the supervisor is essential for internship recruitment. Yet, the comments should not be only positive. The intern should strive to hear constructive criticism. They need to realize their weak points. Thanks to feedback, they can learn to improve.

Once the first half of the internship is over, the young specialist should ask their boss for feedback. They should emphasize that they are not too touchy. They need to specify that they want to apply this knowledge for their further progress. Depending on the internship length, young specialists can ask for several mid-term evaluations. 

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Try to Interact with Other Departments

There might be no full time positions in the department that accepted the intern. Yet other departments might want to hire an ambitious youngster. Corporate events open great opportunities to establish contacts with people from other subdivisions. The intern can order business cards and give them to staffers whom they see for the first time.

There is a meaningful difference between internship vs full time job. When working full-time, one should be versatile and ready for multi-tasking. If the young specialist showcases these qualities, the hiring manager might recommend them to other departments.

Add Value to the Company

This internship advice from our write my essay service might seem tough to follow. The supervisor will hardly assign crucially important tasks to an intern. Yet if the newbie copes well with small tasks, they contribute to the progress of the organization. It is important to show that they are team players and not isolated individuals.

Talk about One’s Goals

In their internship resume, candidates outline their goals very briefly. They mention that they would like to receive “experience”. When socializing with colleagues, it would be reasonable to mention other objectives as well. Interns can talk about the following things:

  • The knowledge they want to get
  • Prestigious business events they want to visit
  • The research they plan to carry out
  • Articles and books that they would live to publish 

Those who receive no full time offer after internship often fail to convince their employer of their dedication. By sharing their ambitions, interns prove that they know the industry well. They realize the perspectives of their sphere of activity and their own potential.

Express One’s Gratitude

The best answer to the question “What to do after an internship?”, according to our custom essay writing service experts, is: say goodbye to everyone. The candidates should find time to talk to every member of the staff with whom they interacted. The staffers should realize that the person quitting an internship would be glad to come back as a full-fledged employee. It would be wise to send a follow-up email internship. If people have good memories of the young talent, they will be more likely to hire them.


The above-listed recommendations were relevant for businesses of nearly any scale and sphere of activity. If the young specialist genuinely enjoys the internship, it will be easy for them to follow these tips. But of course, the main prerequisite of full-time employment is professionalism and readiness to work hard.

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