The Ultimate Guide to Note-Taking in Class - Infographic
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The Ultimate Guide to Note-Taking in Class - Infographic

Effective note taking methods can boost your grades. You memorize the learning material better and retain it longer. Other benefits you can expect are:

  • becoming an active listener;
  • becoming an effective learner;
  • getting storage of information to use when preparing for an exam or writing an essay.

Our essay writing service recommends making notes by hand rather than typing. It is better for the long-term memory of ideas and conceptual information. Let's delve into the article for the further best note taking strategies!

Note-Taking Infographic


Five Popular Note taking Methods for College

There is no ideal method for taking notes. By experimenting with some well-known tactics, choose the best strategy for you. Here are 5 methods of note-taking from our analytical essay writing services:

  1. The Outline method ideas help to structure the material, placing general information at the left and specific facts and clarifications at the right. It is usually useful except for science classes, where many formulas, graphs, or structures must be drawn.
  2. The Cornell note taking system, also known as the divided notes page system, helps to condense and organize notes without laborious rewriting by dividing the paper into specific sections.
  3. The Mapping note taking format helps to represent information graphically so that you can see how various ideas and facts relate to each other. Visual learners find it very helpful.
  4. The Charting method helps you follow conversations and interactions where you could get lost or miss out on important information. Decreases the quantity of writing required. Provides a simple framework for reviewing information that has been memorized and studies parallels and relationships.
  5. The Sentence method is one of the helpful forms of note taking. It allows you to write each new idea, piece of information, or subject on a separate line, adding numbers as you go. Use when the lecture is reasonably organized yet contains much information that arrives quickly.

You can get a detailed description of the methods in the infographic from our argumentative essay writer, try them out, and choose the note-taking example that suits you.

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Easy Guide With Note-Taking Methods

To take effective notes in college, follow the notetaking guide and advice below. You may streamline and arrange the note taking procedure to position yourself for higher success with a little forward work. You can alternatively ask us - 'write a paper for me' if you don't feel like taking notes during your class to prepare for your upcoming exams.

Take a Seat at the Head of the Class

The front of the class is ideal for paying attention, although many students dislike being there. You can feel vulnerable or worried that your teacher can see if you're paying attention. However, sit in the front row to take better notes. Before the class starts, you can also read the relevant textbook chapters for better preparation and identify the key ideas easier.

Don't Verbatim Repeat What Your Teacher Says

If you try this, you'll never be able to keep up. Additionally, it will be difficult to sort through your notes later. Instead, concentrate on jotting down the most important words and concepts. If presentation outlines are provided after the class, you can also take notes from written material in case you missed a few points.

Shorten Your Notes

It is preferable to restrict your notes to a brief overview and concentrate on what appears to be the most crucial. You don't have to jot down information you already know. Concentrate on fresh knowledge. Don't worry about the rest until you have it down.

Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Notes

Make reading your notes enjoyable and fulfilling. Your notes may be made more visually attractive by highlighting, illustrations, and bullet points, among other notetaking techniques. You don't have to go crazy and spend much time doing this. However, you'll also enjoy studying more if you attempt to give your notes aesthetic flair. And, if this sounds too much for you, you can always buy term paper without taking any academic effort.

Make Handwritten Notes

Our law essay writing service knows that it's impossible to avoid getting sidetracked when taking notes on a laptop. According to studies, students who take notes by hand typically do better on tests and examinations. So, if you're looking for excellent note taking strategies, put down the computer and pick up a pen and paper.

Create a NoteTaking System

Finding a productive habit for notetaking will lead you to success since your brain likes routine. Prepare your note taking ideas for the upcoming week ahead of time so that you are prepared to start taking notes right as the instructor starts when you arrive at the classroom.

Make Use of Abbreviations

There is a solid reason why acronyms are used so frequently. They can even serve as memory enhancers and save time. You don't have to type everything down or write it out by hand, either. Discover a memorable abbreviation after you are familiar with the phrase. Save a little time with your fingers and your head.

Write While You Reflect

When writing, be sure to keep your mind active and reflect. Absorb more than just what your teacher is saying. Instead, consider the reasons behind your instructor's statements and the key points you need to take away from them. Not merely jotting down every word but drawing your inferences from what is being stated is a good note taking.

Underline Important Points

Your lecturer will discuss certain stand-alone findings or takeaways. Even if these may not be the key summary themes, it is frequently obvious from the presentation that they are yet crucial. These kinds of conclusions appear on tests, but because they aren't the key words of the outline, some students may struggle with them. These should be set apart in some way from other sub-points or notes. Our pro college admission essay services advise using a particular hue to underline or emphasize important elements like this. Consider utilizing blue for these crucial points if you use yellow for essential phrases.

Make a List of Inquiries

Among the excellent techniques for taking notes is writing down your factual and conceptual questions as you think of them. This gives you a resource for asking your lecturer further questions during or after class. You will learn more if you heed this advice, and your professor will think of you as a noteworthy student.

Discuss Your Notes With a Classmate

Review your lecture notes with a classmate or study partner if you get along with them reasonably well. It's possible that he or she saw important information that you did not, and vice versa.

Bonus: Cornell Notes template

Students who take effective notes get the most out of classes and lectures and clearly understand textbooks and assigned readings. There is a number of different ways to take notes, and everyone can use the method they feel most at ease with. For many learners, Cornell notes template is a favorite one.

What is a Cornell note-taking method?

It is a seven-step process that takes you through three main stages:

    1. taking notes;
    2. modifying the notes;
    3. reviewing and studying from the notes.

The goal of using this method is taking more accurate and detailed notes **without the need to rewrite vast amounts of material**.

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How to use Cornell notes?

Measure about 2.5 inches from the page’s left side and draw a vertical line. This section will function as the cue column. 6.5 inch “main section” on the right is intended for making notes. Leave the 2-inch section on the bottom to summarize.

Printable Cornell notes templates are also called the R7 (Record, Recall, Reduce, Recapitulate, Recite, Review and Reflect).


Step 1: Record your notes in “main section” (during class)

Write down important information. Do not copy the material word for word: abbreviate, use shorthand symbols, concise sentences. Make headings to separate major ideas and keep your notes organized. Skip some lines between the points.

Step 2: Recall (after class)

Read the notes and fill in the gaps.

Step 3: Reduce (after class)

Fill in your left-hand column with keywords, phrases and questions that work as cues.

Step 4: Recapitulation (after class)

Summarize the main ideas in the bottom section. This shows how well you understand the information.

Step 5: Recite

Cover the classroom notes, read aloud the questions and keywords in the cue section, and answer or define them using your own words. Pull the paper down to check your accuracy.

Step 6: Review

Read over the “main section”, cover them with the card and answer the questions or keywords from the cue column. You will improve memorizing if you do it in a written form. Take the card away and see if your answer is right. Use this process to prepare for the assignments and tests.

Step 7: Reflect

Think about how the material you learned fit in with your own ideas.
To make things easier, you can take advantage of a printable DIY pdf version of Cornell notes (50 sheets).

How to Download and Assemble the Cornell Notes template?

how to make Cornell notebook

Cornell notes template pdf (50 sheets) is provided to download by the link below. You can put the prints together in customizable multi-page notebooks for different subjects. Those who prefer typing on a laptop over handwritten notes can make use of Cornell notes pdf in their digital form.

If you need help, address to our law essay writing service to buy term paper.


There is no need to change the template before printing it out. You can just add the name of the subject.

Cornell method can be used in any note-taking situation. It is a “do-it-right-at-once” system that has no disadvantages.

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Final Words

You'll position yourself for success for years to come when you master taking notes. Once confident with your note taking method, consider implementing a fresh suggestion once a week. You'll soon become an expert note-taker!

Don't forget to check out medical school personal statement help, where you may buy an essay of the greatest quality if you're prepared to become a successful student who routinely earns straight A's!

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