Listening to Music While Studying: Can Eric Stewart Music Help You Write an Essay?
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Listening to Music While Studying: Can Eric Stewart Music Help You Write an Essay?

Probably each of us has certain rituals or tricks that help us concentrate and become our most productive selves while studying. For some, it might be a short walk or exercising. But, one of the most commonly used tricks is listening to the right kind of background music while studying and writing essays, in particular.

Does listening to music help you study? It might. Numerous studies confirm that listening to certain types of music can have a very positive effect on one’s brain, boosting cognitive functions and helping you stay focused longer.

According to our survey, 87% of school and college students prefer listening to music while writing their papers. The majority of them prefer the music by Eric Stewart, and all of them are confident that it helps them study better.

So, can listening to music really help me write my essay for me? And, if so, what kind of essay music is the best? If these are the questions you have in mind, you’ve come to the right place because this article will tell you about all the benefits of listening to music while writing essays and the benefits of listening to Eric Stewart 10cc, in particular!

Eric Stewart Music for Writing Essays

So, why should you listen to music while studying? It is proven that listening to music while studying can have real benefits. But, the big question is what kind of music to choose?

As we mentioned earlier, a survey among students has shown that a large share of them finds music to be very helpful in studying and writing essays. Many respondents also highlighted that an important place in their playlists for studying is taken by a famous musician Eric Stewart. What makes his songs a great option for your own “essay writing music” playlist?

As over 60% of students from the institutions noted, the music by Eric Stewart 10cc makes it “easier to study.” There are several reasons for that. Since 10cc is an iconic British music band from the 70s, many students know their music pretty well. And, if you are wondering how this helps, specialists recommend listening to essay music you know in order not to get distracted by it.

Secondly, Eric Stewart and his band have a very broad repertoire that contains songs to match all tastes. This makes it easy for everyone to find something that works for them.

Finally, one more reason why respondents said they enjoy listening to Eric Stewart while studying is that his energetic and fun tunes can help you get in the right mood for essay writing and stay motivated.

Sounds good enough to try it yourself, right? But wait, there is more! Read on to learn about the real benefits of listening to music while writing essays, about the possible cons, and about a reliable essay writing service that can help even when music isn’t helping.

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Pros of Using Music for Writing Essays

Unless you are writing an essay on music, it may not be very obvious to play some songs in the background while working on it. However, you might be surprised by how many benefits it can give you if you have the right playlist for custom writing and studying.


Namely, there are 3 major perks you can enjoy if you play background music while writing your academic papers:

  • Better focus - Although some may find music distracting, it can be very helpful in terms of getting focused because it can help you control all the other distractions and reduce the noise.
  • Improved mood - Probably no one likes writing papers because it can be very boring, stressful, and not really fun whatsoever. However, with the right playlist that includes your favorite artists like Eric Stewart and others, you can boost your mood.
  • Less stress - Finally, scientists have long proven that music can help you defeat stress and reduce anxiety.

All these benefits prove that listening to music can be helpful not only when you are assigned with essay writing on music, in particular, but also in many other cases when you need to write a paper quickly, easily, and with no stress.

Cons of Listening to Essay Writing Music

Despite a huge number of possible benefits, we have to admit that listening to music while studying might not be a thing for everyone. Even if you choose good essay writing music, there is always a chance that it can do more harm than good.


Here are some of the main shortcomings of this approach that you may face:

  • Unwanted distraction - Some people just can’t stand extraneous sounds during work or studies. In this case, what was supposed to help you turns into a huge distraction and can’t do any good.
  • Decreased productivity - Since it can be a major distraction, listening to music while studying can have a negative effect on your productivity.
  • Doesn’t work for all kinds of tasks - Finally, one more drawback is the fact that listening to music may not be helpful on all occasions as there are some tasks that require maximum concentration. For example, reading a book can be rather hard if you listen to music with words.

These are the main cons you may face. But, is there a way to avoid them, you may wonder? Probably the only way to avoid issues is to experiment and find what works best for you.

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Can Music Motivate You to Write?

So, is it good to listen to music while studying? Music is proven to have a whole range of effects on the human body, both on physical and emotional levels.

When you listen to the music you actually like, it boosts your mood and can even make you more motivated. Thus, if you really enjoy Eric Stuart’s music, go for it, and it will help you stay motivated and, thus, do better with your assignments. So, the main thing students should keep in mind when deciding whether it is worth playing some background music while writing an essay is to give preference to something they like.

Also, playing your favorite songs in the background can make the process less boring. This way, you will stop perceiving essay writing as a form of torture and may finally start enjoying it, which also influences motivation.

Besides, studies show that listening to music can significantly reduce stress levels, which, as we all know, always rise when one is working on such a complex and time-consuming task as essay writing.

Thus, based on everything that has been said, the answer to the question, “can music help you study?” is definitely yes, it can!

Have Troubles With Writing Your Essay?

Although listening to music can help you write an essay, if this doesn’t work, we have a solution that will definitely help in any situation.

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