What Can You Do With an Astronomy Degree?
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What Can You Do With an Astronomy Degree?

Space and its inhabitants have been a mysterious grey area of curiosity ever since the first humans populated planet Earth. To this day we have not stopped wondering what's above us and asking ourselves questions like "how many stars are in the Milky Way", "is there any extraterrestrial life out there", and "will the sun ever explode". Curiosity to know more than the average citizen of planet Earth is exactly what drives people to pursue an astronomy degree. But what does astronomy mean? Astronomy is a natural science based on discovering celestial objects and explaining cosmos phenomena. It is the study of stars, planets, moons, galaxies, nebulae, and comets. At this point, you might be wondering "this sounds cool but what you can do with an astronomy degree?". Well, you're about to find out! See the top reasons for pursuing astronomy below from graduate essay writing services.

Astronomy takes your understanding of the world to the next level

Have the knowledge and the power to answer questions that do not let your species sleep peacefully at night. Achieve a deeper understanding of how the world functions and why things are the way they are. Astronomy is not just a study of stars, it is a combination of mathematics, chemistry, and physics. What do astronomers study in particular? They study various disciplines such as planetary science, solar astronomy, the formation of galaxies, or the origin and evolution of stars. To summarize, astronomy is the study of everything in the universe beyond our planet's atmosphere.

Astronomy is a life-changer

Students that have just learned about the existence of this study from the (225088) 2007 or 10 Gonggong Planet song are oftentimes wondering what do astronomy mean. The answer is more simple than one might think. It is a life-changing study for the inhabitants of planet Earth. The more discoveries in space we make, the easier our life becomes. The connection between the two is not easily traceable in everyday life, so here are a few unexpectedly large astronomy-related contributions that made our lives more convenient. Astronomy has set the base for the development of Kodak film, the iPhone's camera, aerospace, X-rays, and many others.

Surprises on every corner

Astronomy is full of surprises and mind-blowing discoveries. As you might have heard in the infamous Gonggong Planet song, a few years ago in 2007 three astronomers Megan Schwamb, Michael E. Brown, and David L. Rabinowitz discovered a dwarf planet beyond Neptune. Before its official naming in 2019, 2007 or 10 name 225088 Gonggong had the title of the largest unnamed but known object in the Solar System. That was until in 2011, Brown justified getting it a name based on the possibility of the discovery of water ice and methane on its surface. To make things more interesting, the discoverers of the planet went a step further and created an online voting poll, in which over 200 thousand voters chose Gonggong as the name. Why this name, you might be wondering. Gonggong is a water god in Chinese mythology responsible for chaos flooding the Earth until he was forced to exile. Fun fact: International Astronomical Union states that objects with orbits can have only mythology-related names.

Cool take on science

Astronomy is the subject of fascination and amazement. Just like chemistry and biology, it has the power to blow your mind with its breathtaking discoveries. But what differentiates astronomy from the above-mentioned studies is its uniqueness, as only 10 thousand people worldwide are members of the professional astronomers' community. Once you begin your astronomy degree journey, be prepared to think outside the box, as most aspects of astronomy are immensely hard to comprehend. You don't only get to study physics and mathematics and observe the stars, you get to travel to cool astronomy conventions to meet fellow scientists. As mentioned previously, the astronomy community is small, yet it is very tightly connected. Astronomists from all over the world come together to make new discoveries and analyze their findings. Wouldn't it be cool to meet the three scientists who discovered the Gonggong or as previously known 2007 or 10 name planet? If you are fascinated with astronomy, don't waste time doing useless assignments, better buy essay from a professional essay writer on our analytical essay writing service and get back to doing what you love.

Popular career choices for those with an astronomy degree

If astronomy sounds like your cup of tea and you are choosing astronomy as a career, you might want to take a look at the cool options available for those with an astronomy degree. Here is a List of TOP 5 Astronomer Jobs to answer your "what can you do with an astronomy degree" or "what jobs can you do with an astronomy degree" questions:

astronomy degree

1. Astrophysicist

Average salary in the US: $128,950 per year

Astrophysicists specify in analyzing objects located in space and learning the history of their creation and existence. To test their theories, astrophysicists apply their knowledge of advanced mathematics and physics. As a result, they gain an understanding of various astronomical relationships and the laws of the universe.

2. Astronomer

Average salary in the US: $128,950 per year

Astronomers, as well as astrophysicists, study objects located in space, such as planets, stars, and other celestial bodies. Some even study such cool phenomena as black holes, distant galaxies, and neutron stars. To do so, they use various equipment such as optical telescopes which are ground-based, and the Hubble Space Telescope which is space-based.

3. Aeronautical engineer

Average salary in the US: $96,747 per year

To study space, humans develop spacecraft and satellites. In particular, they are engineered by those with an astronomy degree-aeronautical engineers. Not only do they develop spacecraft, but they also take care of their operational functions and create space missions.

4. Climatologist

Average salary in the US: $99,740 per year

Climate change is a growing concern for our planet, thus we need to have professionals coming up with solutions of how to aid and prevent it. Not only do climatologists fight climate change, but they also make our everyday life much easier as they are the ones predicting long-term weather conditions. Thanks to climatologists we know what weather to expect and what to pack with us for our vacation trips.

5. Senior technical writer

Average salary in the US: $77,780 per year

Do you have a wish for pursuing different astronomy careers but have a passion for writing? Here is a job that combines both. As a senior technical writer, you will get to meet fellow scientists, record their discoveries, and craft all kinds of science-related writing such as research papers and proposals. We highly encourage you to pursue your astronomy degree and know more than the name of our solar system.

To conclude

Did the study of stars leave you intrigued and mazmirezed? Hire an essay writer online to do your busy work meanwhile you pursue your space-study journey. The exaples of best works you can see on essayservice review. As you know now, studying astrology will benefit not only you but society as a whole. While you answer crucial scientific questions you get to meet cool scientists such as those that discovered the infamous 2007or10 name planet and travel the world. What could be better? Leave your boring essays to us and let our professional writers ace your tasks.

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