140+ History Research Paper Topics
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History Research Paper Topics

140+ History Research Paper Topics

Explore Interesting Research Topics in History

The contemporary geopolitical global order is shaped by past events. That is one of the major reasons why students like you are driven and interested in contributing to the development of world history. Doing research will benefit a number of past records, such as the ancient history of Rome and Greece, the educational history of the middle ages, or the modern history of confrontation between dominant powers such as the USA and China.

We recommend some of the most interesting history research paper topics to inspire you to ace your upcoming assignment in your class.

Whether you are an undergraduate currently working on your thesis or a high-school student trying to make the best out of your history class, we hope that the history research paper topics listed below will interest you.

American History Topics

There is a diversity of American history topics that might nurture your curiosity. Researching grand historical events such as the American civil war of the nineteenth century concentrating on the political influence of Abraham Lincoln, defining the concept of the Boston Tea Party and its influence on gaining independence for founding thirteen colonies of America, or defining the value of African American women from historical perspective might fuel your motivation.

american history topics

Finding it hard to choose good US history topics for research paper? We have gathered some of the most thought-provoking ones below.

  1. Founding Fathers of the United States
  2. Comparative Politics of North and South America During the Civil War
  3. US Foreign Policy after 9/11
  4. Comparison of the Ideologies Held By Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X
  5. Newspaper Coverage of the Watergate Scandal
  6. Cases of Weakening the US Check Balance System
  7. Foreign and Domestic Policies Taken Over During Bush Administration
  8. History of Founding Democratic and Republican Parties
  9. Influence of Enlightenment on the American Revolution
  10. Origins of Establishing Limited Government in the US
  11. The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on American Politics in the 18th-19th Century
  12. The History of Survival of Jamestown Colony
  13. Reasons Behind the Declaration of Nixon's War on Drugs
  14. Influence of Socialist Feminists on the Establishment of the Declaration of Women's Rights
  15. Reasons and Causes behind the Prohibition of the Eighteenth Amendment.
  16. Woodrow Wilson's 14 Points: Did it Contribute to World Peace?
  17. Impact of John Dewey's Pragmatic Approach on Education
  18. The Reasons Behind the Foundation of the United Nations
  19. The Strategic Role of Submarines Used in World War I
  20. Gains and Losses of War in Iraq and Afghanistan

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World History Topics for Research Paper

Choosing interesting world history topics for research paper is vital to make the studying process enjoyable. There are a huge variety of world history issues you can choose from and adjust to your academic passions. Let's list down a few of them:

  1. Fall of the Byzantine Empire
  2. Destruction of Feudalism as a result of the Russian Revolution
  3. Cases of World Military Clashes
  4. The War of Crusades and Their Influence on Modern Christianity
  5. The Influence of Protestant Reformation on Early Modern Europe
  6. Case of Absolutism during the French Revolution
  7. Haitian Revolution and its Impact on Modern World Order.
  8. The Characteristics of Medieval Europe
  9. Italian Renaissance Art History
  10. The Consequences of the Cold War
  11. Spanish Confiscation
  12. History of Ancient Egypt
  13. Basis of Marxism in the Establishment of Paris Commune
  14. Trump's Election and Yellow Journalism
  15. Importance of Spanish American War from a Political Science Perspective
  16. Reasons and Causes Behind the Great Depression
  17. Impact of Second World War on Soviet Countries
  18. Truman's Doctrine and Marshall's Plan for Peaceful World
  19. Rise of Great Monarchies
  20. Influence of the French Revolution on Communism in Soviet Russia

You can have your essay ready on as many world history topics for a research paper as you wish with the help of our research paper writing service.

European History Research Topics

Understanding the history of Western civilization is essential to comprehend the modern global order. Deciding to do an in-depth analysis of European history research topics would be timely and just right. We advise you to glimpse through the following suggestions:

  1. Influence of Black Death on Medieval Europe
  2. Modern European Art History
  3. The Crusades: History Event from Middle Ages
  4. Important Discoveries during the Middle Ages
  5. Influence of Plato's Philosophy on Ancient Greece
  6. Protestant Reformation and its Scandals
  7. Influence of Cold War on Post-WW2 Europe
  8. Challenges of the Seven-Years War
  9. Consequences of War of Waterloo: French Perspective
  10. Roman-Etruscan Wars
  11. Peloponnesian Wars Fought in Ancient Greece
  12. Pompey's Campaign in the Caucasus
  13. Punic Wars
  14. Wars Between Athens and Sparta
  15. British Rule in African Countries
  16. Ancient Egypt Religion and Beliefs
  17. Gender Bias during the Industrial Revolution
  18. Origins of Capitalism in England's Industrial Revolution
  19. Major Social Reforms: Julian Calendar
  20. The Empire of Alexander the Great

Trust our term paper writing service in case you are willing to base your paper on any of the research topics in history mentioned above. Otherwise, you can always count on our professional writers to satisfy your 'write my history essay' wish on various research topics on history.

World War I Topics for History Paper

The first major confrontation on the continent of Europe throughout recent history took place during WWI. There are a plethora of captivating world history paper topics that you can choose related to the First World War:

  1. Drawbacks of the Treaty of Versailles
  2. Industrial Revolution as One of the Major Causes of WWI
  3. Use of Military Technology during the WWI
  4. Reasons for the Outbreak of WWI
  5. Franz Ferdinand's Death as Major Trigger for the Outbreak of WWI
  6. The aftermath of WWI: Case of Germany
  7. The Foundation of League of Nations: Was the Goal Accomplished?
  8. Comparison of Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points and Immanuel Kant's Philosophical Sketch on Perpetual Peace
  9. The Reasons Behind American Neutrality during WWI
  10. Employment Opportunities for Women in Europe After WWI
  11. Impact of WWI on American Society and Foreign Policy
  12. WWI as the Main Cause of Russia's October Revolution
  13. Analysis of Territorial Changes in Europe in the Aftermath of WWI
  14. WWI as One of the Major Causes of the Armenian Genocide
  15. Role of Propaganda during WWI in Britain and Germany

Proceed with the article for more interesting history research topics, such as American Revolution essay topics.

World War II Topics for History Paper

The Aftermath of WWII has largely shaped modern history and global political structure. The latter also caused major divisions in countries like Korea, Germany, and Vietnam under the influence of dominant powers led by the United States from the West and Soviet Russia from the East. The state of the Cold War disappeared as the twentieth century ended, but we still feel traces of opposition in the form of modern warfare, which is currently taking place in Eastern Europe.

Most college students majoring in History find topics of history papers on WWII appealing. If you are one of them, we would like to advise you of the following list about the last world war:

  1. US Occupation in Japan during WWII
  2. Economic Conditions in post-World War II Russia
  3. Challenges of the American Government in the Aftermath of WWII
  4. Japan's Entry into the Middle East as a Cause of Confrontation Between US and Japan
  5. The Impacts of World War II on Asia
  6. Diplomatic Relations Between New Zealand and China after WWII
  7. The Impact of Steel Agreement on WWII
  8. The Failure of Blitzkrieg: Where Was Hitler Wrong
  9. The Causes of Antisemitism Originating from Germany
  10. Treaties Signed After the World War II
  11. The Reasons Behind the Neutrality of Vatican City during WWII
  12. Role of Dwight D. Eisenhower during WWII
  13. The Essence of the 'New Deal' represented by Roosevelt during WWII
  14. The Analysis of Racism Around the US After WWII
  15. Role of Women in America during WWII

You are always welcome to buy research paper online on your preferred history paper topics.

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Art History Paper Topics

Do you consider specific works of art as the reflection of an artist's inner world and the expression of societal conditions? Often artists create masterpieces based on the collective consciousness of the community they represent. That is why good history topics can be found in an art field so that you can analyze the general psychological state of concrete society in a specific time frame through artworks.

If you find working in the field of art appealing, consider the following topics for history paper:

  1. Victorian Beauty Reflected in Art
  2. The Exquisiteness of 'Starry Night' By Vincent Van Gogh
  3. Edvard Munch's Expressionism
  4. Reflection of Collective Unconsciousness in Salvador Dali's Art
  5. War Conformation in the Artworks of Gustav Klimt
  6. Russian Constructivism According to Vladimir Tatlin
  7. Study of Prehistoric Art
  8. Inspiration Behind Jackson Pollock's Artworks
  9. Kazimir Malevich's Influence on Abstract Art
  10. Key Features of Cubism Art Form
  11. Analysis of Francisco de Goya's Artworks
  12. Pop Art Movement: Analysis of Andy Warhol's Artworks
  13. Mix of Dadaism and Cubism in Marcel Duchamp's Art
  14. Realism in Adlof Menzel's Art
  15. Claude Monet, One of the Trailblazers of Impressionism

History Research Topics on Ancient Civilizations

Do you enjoy learning about the ancient empire of Rome, the Policies of Greece, Egypt, Babylon, and so on? Then you are at the right place! There are a variety of relevant history topics to write about:

history research topics
  1. The Key Achievements of the pre-Columbian Era in the Americas
  2. Highlights from the History of Aztecs
  3. Clash of Mesopotamian Civilizations
  4. Myth and Reality Behind the Construction of Pyramids
  5. Ancient Greece as the Origin of Western Philosophy: Key Figures
  6. Causes and Consequences of the Peloponnesian War
  7. Three Major Dramatists in Ancient Greece
  8. Slavery and the Issue of Gender in Ancient Greece
  9. History of the Han Dynasty of Ancient China
  10. Accomplishments of Roman Emperor Caligula
  11. Influence of Ancient Greek Philosophers on the Contemporary World
  12. Role of Agora in the Policies of Ancient Athens and Sparta
  13. Role of Euclide in the Development of Mathematics in Ancient Greece
  14. Influence of the Colosseum on the Daily Life of the Citizens of the Rome Empire
  15. Democracy in Ancient Greece and Democracy Today: What Has Changed?
  16. Influence of Ancient Greece on Modern American Society
  17. Aztecs Under the Domination of Spanish Rulers
  18. Similarities Between Inca and Aztec
  19. The Succession of the Maya Empire
  20. History of the Byzantine Empire in the 12th Century

Civil War Topics for History Paper

Are you willing to raise vital issues such as racism and ideological division throughout America? Then choosing historical research topics of the Civil War would be an excellent decision! We suggest taking inspiration from some of the following ideas listed below:

  1. Role of Journalism in Shaping Major Historical Events: Civil War
  2. Industrialization As the Aftermath of the Civil War in America
  3. Opposition Between Confederate and Union Soldiers
  4. The Causes and Outcomes of the American Civil War
  5. Racial Injustice and the Importation of Cheap Labor Workers as the Main Causes of the Civil War
  6. Reconstruction of the US After the Civil War
  7. The Values of Freedom and Equality in the Aftermath of the American Civil War
  8. The Battle of Antietam: Civil War in America
  9. Civil War in Cinematography: Gone With The Wind
  10. Development of Private Security Strategies After the Civil War in America
  11. Economic Perspective on the American Civil War
  12. Abraham Lincoln's Strategic Role in the Civil War
  13. Core Importance of the Battle of Gettysburg in the American Civil War
  14. Battle of Antietam: Changes it Brought About
  15. The Vicksburg Campaign: Importance in Civil War

Extra Academic Assistance

As you approach the article's final section, we hope that some of the world history research paper topics listed above have fueled motivation and triggered interest in you to create valuable academic work. Also, do not hesitate to look for tips on how to write a history research paper for further assistance!

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