Clubhouse: Tool for Education

Clubhouse: Tool for Education
Phil Collins

The Clubhouse has become a widely popular audio app recently, and almost everyone wants to get a membership in this social network. Nevertheless, it’s still not available for each person So, what is a Clubhouse, and why is it so popular nowadays? Here you can find the answers to all your questions.

What Is a Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is the newest social media app. Briefly speaking, it’s an audio chat room where people can gather and discuss specific topics. Usually, the room has two groups: speakers and listeners. Participants can also look through the list of people who are engaged in the discussion. Unlike other social networks, the Clubhouse has a strict hierarchy: you can join a room as an invite only user, and the moderator can exclude some participants. 

The app appeared last summer and was used mainly by Silicon Valley tech workers to have a connection during the pandemic. At first, it was the podcast app prototype; then, the creators made it possible for users to join the conversation. Nowadays, Clubhouse live conversations can gather thousands of people in one room. Thus, the Communication Clubhouse app focuses mostly on audio, as opposed to other social networks.

The Clubhouse is available only on the iOS platform. Each existing member has an opportunity to give invitations. Also, it’s possible to buy the invitation on eBay. In the future, the app can become available for a wider audience. But now, it is still an exclusive app only for the invited iOS users.

How to Get an Invite to Clubhouse?

An exclusive invitation to the Clubhouse app is a link that directs you to the sign-up page. After you received the invitation, you will have an opportunity to set up an account. But it’s impossible to invite everyone who wants to join the app because a member is limited to just two invites at first. 

Thus, the Clubhouse is quite a closed social network as it is unavailable for every person who downloaded the app. But in the near future, the devs are going to finish the beta stage and make the Clubhouse open for all users around the world.

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Why Is It Popular?

Elon Musk has a direct connection to the suddenly raised popularity of the chatapp in February 2021. The matter is that Musk hosted an audio chat with Vlad Tenev, the CEO of Robinhood. This event became massively demanded, and the conversation reached the room limits. The discussion was also streamed via YouTube, which helped the Clubhouse appear at the top of the best startups chart including Airbnb, SpaceX, and Uber.

After Elon Musk joined the club hause, the app became mainstream, and the demand for membership has risen instantly. Many people are even ready to buy the invitation that made the app popular on the market, especially on platforms like eBay, Reddit, and Craigslist. 

The Clubhouse also announced several new features, including tickets or subscriptions, tipping, and the ability to pay directly to the creators. As a result, the app is valued at $1bn, making it one of the most successful startups.

How Is Clubhouse Used for Education?

Digital learning requires various transformation possibilities to correspond to the requirements of all involved individuals. Speaking about Clubhouse, one might wonder whether this app can be useful for effective teaching and learning purposes and in what ways. While it is all clear with platforms like EssayService, where students simply order essay paper writing services, what about Clubhouse?

First, teachers can create a room and invite the students. After this, the Clubhouse voice chat will become the place where students can discuss and explore different topics. Just like experts in write my essays services help learners cope with academic assignments, the Clubhouse members can assist each other in chat rooms. Thus, this app can become a useful technology for a rich learning experience.

The Clubhouse is not flexible enough for implementation into the field of education. Firstly, it has some restrictions: only 17+ users can join the app. So, the Clubhouse needs some changes to become a successful audio educator app. It will require tight privacy control and features targeted at 13+ age or even lower for meeting all students’ demands. A possible solution to this issue is the creation of audio apps that will be similar to the Clubhouse.

Why Do Educators Like Clubhouse?

Although the Clubhouse implementation into digital learning is still debatable, the chatting club app has already become appealing to educators. The high popularity of the Clubhouse among teachers refers to the wide range of opportunities it provides for the users. 

For instance, the educator’s room is used to connect teachers worldwide to discuss important topics, such as improving the quality of education or effective application of technologies to the learning process. 

Various subjects have already been discussed by educators via the Clubhouse:

  • teachers portrayal in the media; 
  • “education” vs. “school”;
  • providing support for black male educators;
  • the problem of equity in terms of white supremacy;
  • the big question of whether students should buy essay papers online;
  • ways to solve the problem of teacher shortage.

All in all, the Clubhouse can be used successfully as an “app education tool” for discussing crucial topics among educators. 

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