What Happened to Clubhouse?
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What Happened to Clubhouse?

What Is a Clubhouse?

Nowadays, a person can hardly imagine a normal life without socializing online. Due to such a need, the Clubhouse became a way to exchange information. Briefly speaking, it’s an audio chat room where people gather and discuss specific topics. In the app’s early days, hundreds of millions of listeners used it as a substitute for real-life meetups. Usually, a so-called room has two groups: speakers and listeners. Participants can also look through the list of people participating in the debate. Unlike the rest of the social networks, the Clubhouse has a strict hierarchy: you can join a room as an invite-only user. Moreover, the moderator has a right to exclude some participants. 

The social app appeared in the first quarter of 2020. Initially, mainly Silicon Valley tech workers downloaded the new social networking platform to communicate during lockdown restrictions. First, it was the podcast app prototype. Then, the creators made it possible for users to join the conversation. Finally, in 2021, the Clubhouse live chats could gather thousands of daily active users in one room. Thus, the Clubhouse was an audio-only app, unlike other social networks.

Another fact about this niche network is that it was available only on the iOS platform until the summer of 2021. Then, Android users finally got a chance to join conversation rooms. Unfortunately, this event initiated the demise of the forum. What happened to the Clubhouse after that? The number of downloads abruptly dropped, and the monthly active users stopped joining the streams for a few reasons:

clubhouse reasons

Eventually, it became tricky to find relevant content in myriads of chats. Even places like Twitter feed were more convenient for finding news. Indeed, this case illustrates hype going down in a few weeks.

Is Clubhouse Dead?

Time often becomes the enemy to many start-ups, and Clubhouse suffered from it too. The app was the best platform for talking about serious things for over a year. Then, strong competition swept this big thing under the rug. People who appreciated content moderation chose different applications with easier access.

Still, you may hardly call this network dead. If you look away from the western world, you can see the remaining activity in Asia. Besides, scientists participate in special interest groups to get some quality content on engineering or maths.

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How to Get an Invite to Clubhouse?

An exclusive invite to the Clubhouse app is a link that directs you to the sign-up page. When you receive the invitation, you have an opportunity to set up an account. But it’s impossible to invite everyone who wants to join the app because a member has a limit of two invites at first. Hence, the Clubhouse used to be quite a closed social network as it was unavailable for everyday people who downloaded the app.

Is It Free to Join Clubhouse?

From the start, the whole point of the popular social media networking app was its exclusivity. The desire to get infinite information made people spend large sums buying invitations. However, Clubhouse charges zero fees for joining! So if you see an ad encouraging you to purchase an invite, this is a reseller.

The application nowadays is open to all listeners who want to hear somebody’s personal experience or to share their knowledge. Moreover, while being free of charge, Clubhouse launched the Payments function. So now, you can send money to the creators you find worth listening to, among others.

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Can You Use Clubhouse for Education?

Digital learning requires platform availability and flexibility to meet the requirements of all participating individuals. Speaking about Clubhouse, you might wonder whether it fits effective teaching and learning purposes and in what ways. While everything is clear with platforms where students order essay paper, what about the podcast app idea?

First, teachers should create a room and invite the students. After this, the voice chat becomes where the Clubhouse conversations happen live. Just like the write my essays services help students with academic assignments, the Clubhouse members join chat rooms talking about complicated topics to help each other.

Realistically, Clubhouse lacks flexibility for implementation into the field of education. Markedly, only iPhone and Android users older than 17 can join the app. The app must require strict privacy control and features suitable for 13+ age or even lower. A great idea for solving this issue is the creation of audio apps similar to the Clubhouse.

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Did Educators Like Clubhouse?

Although the Clubhouse implementation into digital learning is debatable, the chatting club app has already become appealing to some teachers. There are quite a few things that might attract tutors to the application. 

For instance, the educator’s room connects teachers worldwide to discuss important topics, such as improving the quality of education or the effective application of technologies to the learning process. 

Scholars have already discussed various subjects via the Clubhouse:

  • Teachers’ portrayal in the media;
  • Providing support for people of color in the education sphere;
  • The problem of equity in terms of white supremacy;
  • The big question of whether students should buy essay online;
  • Ways to solve the problem of teacher shortage.

Overall, the Clubhouse partially worked as an “app education tool” for discussing crucial topics among teachers. However, this application currently falls behind the numerous competitors that copy its concept.

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