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At EssayService, we offer academic writing services by the best of the best. Our hand-picked team of experts is always ready to help you with your essays and write your papers even if they are due within a few hours. We have been working for more than ten years in this niche and guarantee the quality of each paper we deliver.

Team of EssayService

Our team is one of the best in the market. We value customer experience more than anything else. That’s why over the years, talent by talent, we’ve built a strong team of writing professionals and people who make our service the best place to buy an essay.

Customer Care

Our customer experience team makes sure your user experience is smooth and pleasant. Their job is to collect and analyze customer feedback so that they can come up with new ideas and features that will help improve the EssayService website. When you leave feedback on our site, they are the ones that read, reply, and analyze it to figure out new strategies on how to enhance the quality of our work.


While all of our writers have university degrees and impressive academic achievements, each of us also has at least some relation to the academic world. We have specialists in a variety of fields and disciplines and work with all kinds of academic standards and formats. While we have no doubt that you are capable of writing an impressive essay by yourself, everyone needs help sometimes, so we are happy to offer you the essay writers service that will give you original, compelling, and error-free papers.


To ensure high quality papers, a member of the editorial team has to approve any paper before it goes to a customer. That means another person (an editor) oversees the writing process and makes sure that the paper meets all the requirements and is topic relevant before it gets to you.

Customer Support

Another team we take pride in is our 24/7 customer support team. They are available at any time of the day or night to answer your questions, give you guidance, and advise you in the ordering or any other process.

Our Team of Professionals

Our team is one of the best in the market. EssayService values customer experience more than anything else. That’s why over the years, talent by talent, we’ve built a strong team of writing professionals and people who make EssayService the best place to buy an essay.

Tutor Paul, MA in Liberal Arts & Humanities
Hi, everyone! Looking for a top-level academic writer? - Then, welcome to my profile! I hold over 8 years of experience in academic writing. I am an MA in Liberal Arts and Humanities. Being a broadly-skilled professional, I can easily recreate your unique writing style in the essay. And I have an eye for detail, so I always guarantee impeccable quality!
Prof. Tyrrel Lee, Ph.D. in Medicine & Health
I have a 100% success rate thanks to always timely delivery and my willingness to go above and beyond to perform work as well as possible. Due to my vast experience in academic writing, I can handle tasks in all disciplines including Nursing and Medicine, English and Literature, Mathematics, History, Religious Studies as well as Engineering.
Tutor Sherry H. MA  in Business & Finance
Not only tutoring but writing as well has always been my devotion.  I completed a Master’s program in Business and Finance and became a freelance writer. Helping students to study better is what I'm good at. I'm proficient in Business Analysis and Administration. Being experienced enough and  skilled, I always guarantee customer satisfaction.
Prof. Dorsey R. Ph.D. in Business & Psychology
I found myself in helping students ever since I graduated from college. My two major areas of focus are Business and Psychology. I always strive to deliver excellent quality in the shortest time. I prefer writing  research papers and reflective essays. What's more, I usually take proofreading orders and ensure my customers get polished and well-structured papers.
Tutor Nathan Barr, MA in Law, Politics & Society
I've been working as a college tutor and freelance writer for over 5 years. My experience in academic writing spans  Law, History, Philosophy, Political Science, and many others.  Having worked as a college tutor, I know exactly how to get you a high grade. My primary specialisation is article writing  and book reviews.
Tutor Sharon Clark, MA in Marketing & Adevrtising
Academic writing has been my passions for over 5 years. I hold an MA in Marketing and Advertising. Working as a freelance writer here helps me expand my knowledge, meanwhile helping others succeed. My area of knowledge encompasses social sciences, business, and history.
Joseff Pace, Garland
I have been working as a support manager for 6 years and this is really a company which helps you reach your goals. I always try to address customers needs and try my best to deliver the best support services because those are principles that the company really believes in.
Yasmine Rhodes, Dallas
I started working in customer support because it was the best job I could find at the time, but over the years I realized that I love helping people and solving problems. EssayService has a lot of young customers and that's perfect for me because I enjoy speaking to people in a casual, but still professional way!
Jamila Burnett, New Orleans
After years of working in different companies as a customer support agent, I finally found the company that fits me perfectly. EssayService insists on professionalism, but also emphasizes friendliness. I don't have to be a robot when I help our customers and because of that, really enjoy the work I do!
Chelsey Heaton, Charlotte
I only had a year of experience before I joined EssayService, but the training they gave me and the supportive environment has made me a much better customer service agent. Most people on the team are older than me, but they listen when I have a perspective on customers, especially since a lot of them are closer in age to me.

Anabelle Richard, Huntington
Good customer service isn't just about the people that are hired, but about the attitude of the company. I've worked as a support manager before where we had to follow scripts and were afraid of being friendly with our clients, but EssayService isn't like that.
Theodor Hart, Columbus
My favorite thing about working as a customer support agent at EssayService is that I can be myself when talking to customers! I love being friendly and cheerful and it's so boring when we can't talk to customers the way we are. Working with students and helping them is really fun and I'm glad I found this company :)
Etienne Cairns, Cincinnati
Over 6 years as an editor with EssayService I can tell you that this really is a company which both cares about its clients and values its reputation. Unlike many other companies out there, it also cares about the people they hire. Their attitude really motivates me to polish every order I get and I feel like it is my personal responsibility, which drives me to better results.
Miles Harris, Memphis
After working at EssayService for a few years as a writer I wanted to try editing and the company happily gave me the chance. I'm glad that they did, because it allowed me to sharpen my writing skills in a different way and let me work with other topics and a variety of styles.
Kaila Barker, San Diego
After years of editing for 8-10 hours a day I decided I wanted to work remotely and travel. Finding and working at EssayService gave me that chance and I will always be grateful. Communication with your company is critical and they really excel at talking with not just customers, but also the people they hire.
Farrell Conway, Newark
Working in Quality Assurance here isn't like QA in other companies. The team and the company are really supportive and we work together to solve problems. I feel really comfortable asking a team member for help or for clarifications, and we understand that the most important thing is holding up to the companies high standards.
Lillian Rush, Nashville-Davidson
As a Junior Quality Assurance agent, my main responsibility is making sure that all the guidelines and specifications sent by the client is followed in every paper. I take this very seriously, because I know how important it is for the customers and for the company.
Vanessa Bolton, Milwaukee
As one of the Quality Assurance Managers, my job is to analyze different feedback and convert that information into goals for the company. We believe that one of the best ways to grow is by listening to what our customers have to say and it's an honor to do that.

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It was my first time...

It was my first time using such a service. Essay was good and nicely formatted.

Customer 407841



I am very happy with...

I am very happy with the services they provide, excellent work. In a timely manner, I received 100 for my essay. Since I am always busy working they come through when I do not have time to finish.

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Short Answer Questions on Healthcare

I am beyond eager to write this review for this writer. I received a grade of "Mastered"upon first submission on this assignment. I will shout to the rooftops ENCOURAGING you to hire him. I have used other writers but NONE have delivered such awesome work as this writer and NONE of their prices can compare to his. He does not try to "break the bank" and he works hard; it shows in the final paper and the grade. He is simply,THE BEST HERE!!!

Customer 407842



They are really good...

They are really good in services as their name in the market. Superb, outstanding and marvelous

Customer 309674




Being able to see the finished product prior to making the full payment is what made me choose this site. Great idea!

Customer 625240




Article Review on Nursing

This writer is the best!!! This was finished early and there is never any revisions needed. Nice, friendly, understandable, and always go above and beyond to get the job done. Thank you so much.

Customer 102531

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