How to Avoid Distractions and Focus on Writing an Essay
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How to Avoid Distractions and Focus on Writing an Essay

When it comes to writing an essay or another academic paper, one of the biggest challenges facing students is the inability to get focused on the task. In the modern world, too many distractions can get in the way of your academic success. And, one of them is your smartphone.

On the one hand, if you also have trouble staying focused, you can always contact essay writer on EssayService and get professional help from our experts. This way, you can delegate your assignments and boost grades.

But, if this doesn’t sound like an option to you and you just want to know how to stay focused while writing a paper, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we are going to tell you how to avoid distractions, how to focus on writing, and how to start handling your academic papers like a pro.

Top Distractions That Get in a Student’s Way to Success

Before we can teach you how to avoid distraction and focus on writing, it is vital that you first understand what exactly is getting in your way. And there are plenty of distractions that are waiting for you out there.

First and foremost, it can be simple laziness. When you don’t really feel like doing a particular task, it can be extremely hard to focus and get it done.

Another common distraction is a smartphone and social media. There is no secret that most of our correspondence these days takes place online. Sometimes, when you feel like you’ve finally gotten focused, all it takes is a single notification on Facebook, Instagram, or another app to get you distracted. Apart from this, you can also get a distracting call or text.

Finally, there also might be occasions when students find a more important task to take care of or just feel the urge to do something different. And there can be other distractions too.

All in all, all these distractions that get in your way can be explained quite simply - when you don’t have any desire to study, you can’t get concentrated. But, it doesn’t mean that there is no solution.

How to Set Aside Your Phone and Start Writing Without Distractions

Today, phones are among the biggest distractions that can ruin your study sessions. Smartphone addiction is now a real thing, but there are some ways to stop it:

  1. Get on a fixed schedule and start studying at the same time to turn it into a habit;
  2. Mute your phone;
  3. Turn off any unimportant push notifications;
  4. Get rid of any useless distractions such as games;
  5. Leave your phone in a different room during your study sessions;
  6. If you still have issues avoiding distractions, consider turning off your smartphone for the time while you are studying or writing.

All these tips can be rather helpful. Apart from this, remember that you can always come to our service saying, “please, write my essay for me”, and professional essay writers will do your homework with ease. But, there is one more piece of advice on how to avoid distractions in your smartphone - all you need is a Siempo app!

Siempo is a cool smartphone addiction app designed specifically to help people stop distracting from their work on smartphones. This app can be very helpful for cutting out distractions and boosting your focus. In the next block, we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

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Siempo - Your Way to Avoid Distractions & Start Writing an Essay

As we mentioned earlier, Siempo is a smartphone app created to help you combat distractions. Here’s how it works.

Once installed, the Siempo app revamps your smartphone’s home screen. It gives it a calmer interface and eliminates such distractions as vibrant corporate logos and badged icons. The app also enables users to create a personalized message they will see when they unlock their phone. You can use this feature to write something motivational.

Another cool feature of this smartphone addiction app is that it enables you to batch your notifications. It enables you to configure your smartphone in such a way that it only shows you notifications when you want to see them, for example, only once in half-hour or once a day.

Lastly, the app also groups the icons of other apps in such a way that the most distracting ones turn out to be the furthest to reach. Let’s say you have some games and social network apps on your phone. In this case, Siempo will place their icons on the last screen to prevent unconscious opens and usage of these distracting applications.

Together, all these features turn Siempo into the ultimate tool for reducing distractions and boosting focus.

Why Is It So Important to Stop Distracting From Writing Your Essays?

Essay writing can be tough. We all know this. But, getting distracted during the study process is quite natural, especially now, when so many distractions are around us. So, then, why is it such a big deal?

Academic writing requires 100% concentration. When you get distracted and lose focus, you can lose your ideas or miss something important in your essay.

In addition to that, distracting while writing an essay makes the process much more time-consuming. So, if you don’t focus on writing without distraction, you can end up wasting too much time on every essay you were assigned to write. As a result, there will be less time for rest, having fun, and other things.

Finally, one more thing to keep in mind is that essays and other papers have a huge impact on your overall grade. Respectively, if you get constantly distracted and submit poor-quality papers, your grades can drop. So, unless you are ready to to boost your grades, you want to get focused and pay 100% of your concentration to crafting A-level papers.

Can’t Focus on Writing? EssayService Will Help You!

After reading this article, you should be equipped for success and know what to do to avoid distractions and focus on writing your papers. Yet, if you are still having a hard time getting concentrated, we have one more solution for you!

If you feel unfocused no matter how hard you try, EssayService is here to land you a helping hand. All you need is to say, “please, write my essay for me”, and our qualified writers will take care of everything. We are here to help students succeed. So, don’t hesitate to get professional help when you need it!

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