How to Write a Blog Post?
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How to Write a Blog Post?

During the current era of informational technologies, we have hundreds of ways of delivering information, and a blog post has become one of the methods. You might have stumbled upon an influencer’s page when looking for a particular piece of knowledge. Is such an activity inspiring for you? In that case, discover how to write a great blog post! At first sight, it seems that blog post writing is an easy task. However, you are yet to discover how long a blog post should be, its contents, blog title, and other essential tips.

What is a Blog Post?

Even though everyone hears the term “blog post” all the time, few people have an extensive understanding of the notion. In a nutshell, a blog post exists to represent a segment of knowledge on a website. It rarely exceeds several thousand words, but it compensates for quantity by quality. The main reason for writing blog posts is to deliver advice easily and entertainingly. Hence, blog post examples always contain charts, illustrations, and infographics. Memorize how to write a blog post outline and content engagingly with our admission essay writer!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Write a Blog Post

Is your dream to become a professional blogger and make money on blogging? Be ready to fit the next requirements:

  • You are an expert in your subject
  • You are willing to give your knowledge to loyal readers
  • You are familiar with the blog post format

It is essential to present the facts in a certain way. Unless the subject is unique, chances are that thousands of similar articles already exist online. Without catching info, a new blog can’t truly shine and hook followers. Your goal is to make an award-winning blog.

Blog Post Outline

Sometimes, new bloggers make a mistake and focus on writing too much instead of improving the framework of the blogs. On the contrary, their more experienced counterparts present blog post examples that demonstrate both their writing talents and logical skills. While the entire process of planning a post sometimes looks like a fully creative activity, logic should also be present in blog post format.

How do you Write a Good Post Structure for a Blog?

The modern online community of influencers is enormous, it generates more than six million posts daily! Hence, neglecting helpful tips may lead to your blog post appearing too low on search engine result pages. Any target audience appreciates a simple and smart blog post format, apart from the helpful knowledge. There must be a smooth transition between segments of the written work for smoother perception. Site visitors would rather follow a blog with well-structured articles.

Opt for a Topic

For a start, pick a subject of your blog post. There is an ocean of discussion ideas, but this broad choice makes the decision more complicated. Whether you want lifestyle blog post ideas or cooking blog topics, answer the following questions:

  • Are these facts interesting to the target audience?
  • How many posts like this exist?
  • Is the subject trending at this moment?

Next, attempt to write a catchy headline. In other words, fit the general meaning of the text in a small and simple sentence. Remember that a great headline makes your readers interested immediately. Writing headlines is an art, so master it in practice. 

Make an Outline

To be a professional influencer, you have to discover how to write a blog post outline. Text volumes differ by the blog theme and the depth of subject analysis. Overly massive articles tend to scare away blog readers, and that is why a coherent framework is a must. Moreover, planning allows the creators to narrate better too. Indeed, the balance and connection of structural segments reflect the expertise of a writer.

Check Grammar and Spelling

Whenever a person searches for a recipe or wants to buy essay online, they expect to receive first-class material. Provided that you rush to publish a blog post, you are going to omit errors in the writing. Unfortunately, beginners sacrifice grammar to create more content. Why is such behavior detrimental to a webpage? Here are two main reasons:

  • Typos negatively affect work with search engines
  • Readers try to avoid blogs with grammatical and spelling mistakes

For these reasons, take your time to reread the material before placing it online. Many blogs fail to succeed only because of such mistakes.

Find Creatives

Once you solve the technical issues, try to make the information appealing. Luckily, you have numerous options for upgrading the blog aesthetics. For instance, the creators who run personal blogs often include photos they shoot themselves. In case you enjoy taking selfies or pictures of your surroundings, go for it!

Additionally, influencers search for stock photos. Everyone can find something within the enormous online collections. Self-made charts and graphs can be another big advantage for your written pieces. They demonstrate crucial information better than just a big chunk of text.

Assuming that none of these options fit you, think of hiring an illustrator. A professional artist understands all of your recommendations regarding visuals. Eventually, you receive a unique masterpiece that can please your followers.

Publish and Share

Finally, you reach the closing stage of blog post creation. Popularizing your work is as crucial as all the earlier stages and processes. Though it feels impossible to write one formula of success that would fit all writers, there still are some working methods for gaining popularity. 

Social media marketing happens to be the first thing that comes to mind. So why do bloggers prefer it?  Social media apps like Facebook, TikTok, or Twitter can transform someone into a star overnight! Adjust the blog post format to the preferred platform to attract followers. Just remember to post according to schedule!

Besides social media marketing, you may inform the existing readers through email. This way, they are unlikely to miss new publications. Besides, this approach makes followers feel special, which increases their loyalty.

Some bloggers overlook the method of pop-up advertisements, although it proves to be rather efficient. If social media algorithms may occasionally fail, paid ads get to the target audience on different sites.

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How to Write a Successful Blog Post: Tips

Wish to learn how to write a good blog post? Under those circumstances, remember several principles that all the popular bloggers use:

Clear formatting

Instead of giving your followers a big unreadable piece of text, split it into smaller parts. Dedicate each paragraph to one idea, then place them in a logical order, together with the introduction and summary.


An excellent picture is undeniably eye-candy for viewers. Images refresh your articles and explain the info you publish on the website. Still, avoid oversaturating your written pieces with imagery.


Attempt to fit one thought into just one paragraph. Making paragraphs brief and simple is more professional than watering them down to reach a particular number of words.

Catchy headline

A headline becomes the first thing that a potential follower sees. Hence, a unique and intriguing title is able to hook more curious people. If this trick works, the person might read an article to the end.

How Long Does it Take to Write a Blog Post?

Provided that you are new to the blogging community, you could be unaware of the time resources that such an occupation requires. Initially, the blog subject is what determines your writing speed. Easier topics take up fewer hours than complicated writing pieces.

At the same time, a blogger’s experience is the second crucial factor in running a blog. Ordinarily, a beginner needs way more hours than a professional. Usually, a newbie writes a thousand words in three or four hours. A skilled person can finish an identical task in under two hours.

How to Write a Blog Post for SEO?

A major characteristic of most successful blogs is the ability to appear on the top of search engine results pages. How do creators achieve such success? The secret is simple. They know a thing or two about search engine optimization. Generally, the best blog post examples efficiently communicate both with humans and search engines. Employ keyword research tools and have an advantage.

Begin with thorough keyword research to organically incorporate popular words in your blog post title. Furthermore, you may attempt to boost website traffic by writing concise paragraphs and several links. Learn how to write a blog post template with an illustration below.

In case the thought of becoming a blogger excites you, care to analyze a blog post template first. Whether you are running a fashion and lifestyle blog, a tech blog, or a personal development website, preparation is key. You can see various blog post examples for students all over the Internet, so feel free to learn from them. Thanks to the layout examples, you can avoid beginner mistakes. Get acquainted with the following example.

Blog Post Template

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Awesome Blogs to Follow 2022

Today, over half of all Internet users read guides, articles, or other blog posts. No wonder, since a blog page may contain any kind of information, from the greatest travel hacks to instructions on how to write an exemplification essay. An influencer might grab your attention to their website through a unique writing style, deep thoughts, or consistent posting.

Some fantastic web pages inspire followers to start blogs themselves. Yet, you can be unaware of the best topics and schedule for posting. Getting acquainted with the biggest blog creators should assist you in your journey.

Fashion Blogs

If you are keen on stylish clothes, consider employing this knowledge to transform into a fashion influencer. Imagine gaining a fortune through your passion and assisting those needing beauty advice! A beginner might either resell the existing brands or popularize their name.

A great illustration of a style blog is Sincerely Jules. This woman gives advice to those who struggle in picking clothes for different occasions. Due to her high-resolution pictures and minimalistic design, her new blog is convenient for followers.

Mummy Blogs

Everybody knows that being a mom becomes a full-time job. Some women take this job to a whole new level through running mom web pages. Such pages are one of many lifestyle blog post themes that allow mothers to express emotions or give practical recommendations to struggling parents.

Let’s analyze the Cuddle Fairy website, which is quite famous among other parenting websites. Becky, its founder, decided to tell about the lessons she learned during her family life. “I am proud of many things in life, but nothing beats being a mother”, the influencer says in one of her articles. Apart from giving useful recommendations, Becky monetizes the page by selling hand-made jewelry.

Education Blogs

At present, many people stand by the “live and learn” principle. In other words, they are eager to continue personal development for as long as they live. Luckily for them, education blogs can fill the gaps in their knowledge, regardless of their specialization. Want to study astronomy or write a photo essay? Search for the corresponding page online.

There are numerous blogs dedicated to education, and Edutopia is one of the most well-known sources. Markedly, this educational blog contains essential material for all students from kindergarten to high school and college. Moreover, kids get a chance to communicate with real scientists!

Business Blogs

While some people only qualify, others are already willing to put their skills into practice. For this purpose, users often look for business blogs. Of course, there are endless fields for experimenting, but some topics are at the peak of their popularity today.

Cryptocurrency is one of the trending subjects of discussion since it gives everybody a chance to gain a fortune in a short time. Crypto enthusiasts prefer many sources of information, including the CryptoNews blog. Whenever you get on the blog’s homepage, you will see the freshest rumors from the crypto world in the form of texts, videos, and podcasts.

Gaming Blogs

Gaming has occupied the minds of millions of people worldwide. Somebody could say that computer games are just a hobby, but for others, they become a life-long passion. Anyone who spends lots of time doing quests behind the screen understands the complexity of such a process. Consequently, gamers aim to develop their skills through the info available online.

One of many blogs for such enthusiasts is The Game Fanatics. Their target audience enjoys the detailed analysis of famous games and gadgets. Moreover, the founders made an effort to film video reviews.

Lifestyle/ Fitness Blogs

Are you looking for an influencer who would cover various daily topics in their posts? In that case, your perfect solution is a lifestyle blog. You may find people’s thoughts on everything from organic shopping to relationship advice. You can even find web pages that solely focus on exercising; they are called fitness blogs.

A quite famous example of a lifestyle blog is Goop. Its creator is Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow, who wants to share her view on life with a broad audience. The actress keeps zero secrets!

Travel Blogs

Just a hundred years ago, traveling was hardly accessible for anyone except wealthy individuals. In modern times the situation changed for the better, and more people pick traveling as their hobby. Despite the increasing affordability of international journeys, there still are questions that arise. Where to find local cuisine? Are there any underrated landmarks? Dedicated influencers answer all those questions.

Passport to Eden shines like a true gem among many similar websites. Once you enter Anshula’s own blog, you find yourself in an aesthetically pleasing space. The girl gladly shares tips for travelers, plus she gives awesome book recommendations. Picturesque images also make Passport to Eden one of the best photography blog examples.

Food Blogs

Cooking is, by all means, the universal subject for discussion. People eat everything, everywhere, and all the time. In the past, parents and grandparents passed down the sacred cooking knowledge to the next generations. Then, written recipes slowly moved to food blogs, where everyone learned tips and tricks. Do bright food photos inspire you to try out new things? Maybe you could be an online chef yourself!

One of the best food blogs out there is Budget Bytes. The name itself tells new followers that this blog is money-saving. According to Beth Moncel, the creator, everyone can cook Instagram-like meals even with a small budget. The core principle is moderation in grocery shopping and eating.


Overall, any blog post template has the same anatomy. By following a set of certain principles, even a beginner can evolve into a well-known blogger. Luckily, endless blog post examples for students or enthusiasts of any kind exist to help anyone create their own blog.

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