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Definition Essay Topics

This is the only article you’ll need to fully understand the core concept of what a definition essay is. Moreover, we’re going to look at different definition essay topics for this particular essay, from creative to argumentative topics, and so on. If you’re a student and your next paper is going to fall in this category of essay, read this guide meticulously, and we’re sure you’ll be on your way to writing a stellar paper.

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Step by step, we’re going to learn from scratch and build our foundation of knowledge, so we can start writing with ease and confidence. Alternatively, you can hire an essay writer to write you a great definition essay piece. Let’s go ahead and break down what we’re going to learn about:

  • What a definition essay is;
  • How to write a definition essay (tips and more);
  • Various definition essay topics you can use for your paper.

We must rehash our memory and understanding of what a definition essay is before we head on over to what topics we can use. If it’s your first time working on this type of paper ‒ read thoroughly. We have many interesting definition essay topics to cover as well.

What Is A College Definition Essay?         

The first question that comes to mind is, what is a definition essay? A definition essay is an essay that defines a specific term. You can’t copy the definition from the standard world dictionary, though. The most important thing to remember here is that you should look at the term through the prism of your own perspective. You write based on your personal opinion and interpretation of the term, but you should also provide credible examples to prove your point.

If you study for e.g. in one of the top colleges for astrophysics you’re feeling stuck on what you should write about, then don’t abandon this guide since we’ll provide you with good topics for a definition essay. We’re providing at least the 70 best definition essay topics. There’s a plethora of definition essay topics we can tap into and choose for crafting your next best paper. 

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Structure And Tips 

The outline of this type of paper is similar to many other essay types, so it’s simple to follow and retain. As a student, you should be able to follow this structure quite easily. But maybe you’re having problems focusing and writing? EssayService offers a coursework writing service amongst other writing services like homework help and so on. All for a fair student-friendly price. 

Definition Essay Structure

  • Introduction with a thesis statement: Students can include the general explanation of the term they chose to write about. They can include the dictionary definition of the term. For your thesis statement, you should write about your interpretation of the term. 
  • Body paragraphs: Extrapolate your claim here. Give examples. Integrate your opinion with your evidence. 
  • Conclusion: You can rephrase your claim here and summarize the main points of your paper. 


  • Choose a trendy topic: If you have the option, choose an intriguing and engaging topic to write about. If the topic is already given to you, then do your best to write an engaging piece. Write about the topic in your own words.
  • Conduct research: Conduct a research effort to integrate your interpretation with relevant information that strengthens your argument and claim. 
  • Analyze unknown terms: Be sure to meticulously expand on unknown terms, so there are no gaps or mistakes in your writing.
  • Give a traditional explanation: Give a concrete explanation, stating your claim and backing it up with credible information, which will, in turn, strengthen the validity of your personal opinion. 
  • Provide examples: If you need ideas, skip to the good definition essay topics sections of this guide. As we’ve stated before, you need to include strong examples in your paper. 

Stick around for more interesting definition essay topics that you can use to get a good grade. We have great definition essay topics for you to use.

Definition Essay Example                 

Now that we’ve gone through the tips for a definition essay let’s look at an example of what this paper could look like. This can be considered one of the easy definition essay topics. You can use it as a reference later for your academic writing. Here are some extended definition essay examples pdf.

As we’ve stated in the previous paragraphs, you need to include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. For definition essay papers, the thesis statement should normally be a claim of your opinion/interpretation of a term/concept/idea. It’s important not to forget to include this vital part since it’s the essence of such a paper. 

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How To Choose A Good Topic 

If your professor hasn't given you a topic, stick around and learn how to choose an intriguing topic that can boost your paper’s chances of getting a good grade. We have many interesting definition essay topics for you.

We’re also going to provide definition essay examples love. Firstly, you should choose a word that is already ripe with meaning and can be interpreted in more than one way. In that frame of mind, you should be opting out of an abstract word that has a high level of complexity or multiple meanings. Choosing the right word is half of the work. It’s important to choose the right word since it will determine how much you can extract from a word.

After you’ve chosen what you want to write about, you can check the dictionary’s official definition of it and its origins. Note down the important information you read and make a brain map. You can use these notes to either prove your point or provide an alternative perspective.

It doesn’t matter if your perspective is going against the mainstream notion of the term or if it agrees with it; the important thing to remember is that you should share and write your opinion in a persuading and context-appropriate manner. Stick around for more definition essay topics.

General Definition Essay Topics        

As we’ve promised, we’re going to go over a plethora of topic ideas that you can either use as is or modify. There’s no need to fret; just read our good topics for a definition essay to get some fresh ideas of what you should write about. We will cover a variety of extended definition essay topics. Here are some common definition essay topics you could use for your paper.

  • What is consciousness? 
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Define Empathy 
  • How can martyrdom be defined? 
  • What is knowledge?
  • What is femininity? 
  • What is masculinity?
  • Define capitalism 
  • Define society 
  • Define a value
  • Define a belief 
  • What is success? 
  • What is failure? 
  • What does the concept of mindfulness mean?

Studying definition essay topics examples will help you quickly come up with interesting themes for your essay. We think that these would be great topics to start with and are mentally stimulating. Pick any of the easy definition essay topics you like. Keep reading for more definitions of essay topics.

Definition Essay Topics for College Students             

We’re not done yet. We have more definition essay topics for college students that can help you craft an interesting piece. Take a look at our definition essay topics list. Definition essay topics for college can range from politics to philosophy. Which definition essay topics interest you?

  • Define Spirituality
  • Define Education 
  • Define Authenticity 
  • What is racism? 
  • What is privilege? 
  • Is fairness possible or an impossible ideal? 
  • Define hope 
  • Define love 
  • What is creativity? 
  • What is the digital revolution? 
  • Define virtual reality
  • Define materialism 
  • What is freedom?
  • What is free will? 
  • Define global warming

Funny Definition Essay Topics

If you’re looking for more light-hearted topic prompts, then take a look at these definition essay topics for college that are humorous. This definition essay topics list will help you. Too burnt out to write a paper? If you’re thinking along the lines of, “I wish someone could write my annotated bibliography for me”, then it’s high time to hire an expert writer to do the writing for you. 

  • Do animals dream as well? 
  • Are we in a simulation? 
  • Would aliens view us like we view apes? 
  • Is pineapple on pizza acceptable? 
  • What are the similarities between politicians and reality tv stars?
  • Why are we all perpetually broke? 
  • The rat race
  • Define socks 
  • Define entertainment 
  • Have our phones become an extension of our identity? 
  • How to quit fast food
  • Define the concept of a perfect vacation
  • Define the concept of a perfect career 
  • Why we should eat junk food sometimes

We have many more definition essay topic ideas.

Creative Topics              

If you want a creative definition essay topic that is superbly intriguing, then don’t be afraid to choose a topic that’s more abstract. Intangible concepts like values or ideologies can serve as good prompts for this type of paper. Here are some creative definition essay topics to use. Stick around for more definition essay topics for college.

  • What is a masterpiece? 
  • What is art? 
  • Define music 
  • What is a soul? 
  • What is anarchy? 
  • Why does life happen outside of our comfort zones? 
  • The significance of chaos 
  • Define democracy 
  • The significance of the order
  • The significance of balance 
  • Duality 
  • Why are we social animals? 
  • Why is solitude important? 
  • The importance of mental health 
  • What is dedication? 
  • What is sportsmanship? 
  • Are these creative definition essay topics intriguing to you?

Definition Argumentative Essay ideas 

Definition argument essay topics could be the best choices, especially if you want to submit a paper that can intrigue and engage the reader. Most likely, you will also not run out of ideas to write about, given that you are passionate about the chosen subject. A definition essay can demonstrate one's own claim through credible arguments.

  • Wisdom vs. Knowledge
  • Creativity vs. Logic 
  • Stability vs. Excitement 
  • The advantages and disadvantages of online learning
  • The advantages and disadvantages of remote work 
  • Addiction to technology 
  • Why we need a dopamine detox 
  • The death penalty 
  • The accuracy of mainstream history 
  • Climate change and global warming
  • Define the concept of a prison 
  • Should prisons focus on rehabilitation instead of punishment
  • What causes trauma? 
  • Is cloning ethical or are we playing God? 
  • How can we live more sustainable lives?
  • Should we reduce our meat consumption? 
  • Should children be banned from using smart devices until they’re older? 
  • How do famous people succeed?
  • Are the modern world's values dragging us down?

Definition Essay Topics for High School                  

Other examples of definition essay topics include ones for high school students as well. If you’re a high school student, use one of our ideas to craft your work. They might just come in handy. Here are some definition essay topics for high school papers:

  • Define confidence 
  • Define authenticity 
  • Define self-esteem 
  • What is the importance of having dreams and ambitions? 
  • What is the importance of transparency and being humble? 
  • What is romance? 
  • Define boredom 
  • What is bullying? 
  • Define happiness 
  • Define joy
  • Define misery
  • What makes a person a good person? 
  • Define friendship
  • What is adventure?
  • What is routine? 
  • The power of habit 
  • The importance of critical thinking 
  • Social media 
  • The consequences of fame 
  • The importance of exercise 
  • Music as therapy
  • Art as therapy
  • Define therapy 
  • Define consistency 
  • The importance of taking a break 
  • What is family? 
  • Define connection 
  • Define teamwork  

Friendship And Family Topics   

Here are more topics for a definition essay. Perhaps you aim to write a piece about the relationships and bonds between people. Here are some topics in that specific theme. Writing about people and relationships can be fulfilling and revelatory. It also gives the writer a chance to hone in on their personal opinion since it is a more sentimental topic.

  • Why we need relationships 
  • Why do we need other people
  • Why we need a network 
  • Define interpersonal bonds 
  • What makes a good mother?
  • What makes a good father?
  • What makes good parents?
  • Define siblings 
  • Define familial bond 
  • Can friends become more important than family? 
  • Why is a good upbringing so important? 
  • Define childhood 
  • Real friends vs. Fake friends 
  • Define platonic friendships 
  • Do relationships demand time and effort to maintain? 

Technology Topics              

Writing about technology can be a good choice for the definition essay. On that note, if you need help with computer science homework, and have been thinking, “I wish someone could do my programming homework for me”, then your solution is just beyond that link. EssayService can provide you with many seasoned programmers to help you out. 

Moving on, here are more good definition essay topics: 

  • The future of Artificial Intelligence
  • Will AI robots become our manual labor workforce? 
  • Will humans revolutionize the workplace with robots? 
  • Can robots become sentient? 
  • Will robots be destructive or submissive? 
  • The future of virtual and augmented reality
  • The future of cryptocurrency 
  • The future of social media 
  • Has technology enslaved us? 
  • Define artificial intelligence
  • Define technology
  • What is transhumanism? 

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