How to Write a Discussion Post
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How to Write a Discussion Post

This is the only guide you’ll probably ever need on discussion posts. We will dive into extreme detail on the whole topic. By looking over the subject extensively, you can eliminate the chances of error and truly understand what you’re doing. 

There is a lot to cover, so let’s get on with it here and now. In the meantime, if you’ve got other papers to attend to, you can hire a professional essay writer to help you with the burden. On the other hand, if you want to meet your deadlines and get everything done in a short time frame, this is your chance.

Moving on, let’s now focus on what’s at hand. Discussion posts are important, especially in the online classroom. That’s why we’ve compiled this ultimate guide on everything that needs to be considered, so you won’t have to. 

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We’re going to look through ideas and tips on how to write excellent discussion posts on online forums, as well as briefly go through what a discussion post signifies. But, for clarity’s sake, here’s a brief discussion post reply example: 

“Jacob: The topic of this assignment was quite unclear from the get-go, so I had to reread it a few times. Moreover, before I could write in detail, I had to confirm my interpretations with the professor”.

So, as you can see, discussion posts are like forum/board posts online. You can usually find them on online classroom websites. Try to avoid lengthy posts to keep the attention of your readers focused. A discussion board post should be relatively short and on-point. Otherwise, it’s pretty similar to a regular essay.

What is a Discussion Post?      

As we’ve stated above, a discussion post is an online post in a discussion forum or online board. It’s like any other post on forums or boards across the internet. Take Reddit, for example. There are plenty of discussion posts on many different topics there.

However, discussion posts on your college’s forum should be spelled correctly, have correct grammar, and be cohesive in thought. Although it expresses your opinion, you can’t just write anything, and you can’t use slang or abbreviated words. Don’t fret; we’ll be going through more discussion post examples to make it all clearer to you. After reading our guide, you’re going to have stellar posts written the right way. 

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What Makes A Good Discussion Post?

Good writing either answers or asks the right questions. It can be really fun to write discussion posts. And it’s an integral part of online education. You could debate through discussion post replies, answer a professor’s question, or expand on a topic through well-thought-of questions on a discussion forum. No matter what the context is, good writing has the same foundation. So, what are those foundations if we summarize them into points?

At the end of the day, a good classroom discussion post is like any other piece of writing that’s good. So here are some additional tips. A good discussion post should: 

  • Be well-structured and related to the question at hand.
  • Have proper grammar and spelling.
  • Be written in the right tone.
  • Be revised for errors before posting.
  • Provide evidence for arguments if there is a debate.
  • Offer a unique perspective.

There’s not much to remember, but they’re crucial to have in mind. No worries: we will guide you through a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to strengthen your discussion posts. Just keep what we’ve stated above in mind.

What Is an APA Format for Discussion Posts?

An APA format discussion post is simply a discussion post in APA format. If you’re in college, you should know what APA stands for now. An APA discussion post should normally:

  • Be written in a formal academic writing style.
  • Reference sources in the post to provide evidence for the argument.
  • Use an in-text citation in APA style. 

Check the requirements for APA formatted essays to understand what the requirements of an APA discussion post should be. It’s relatively straightforward. If you’re having issues grasping this concept, then try to look at multiple discussion post examples online until you get the gist. On that note, you can buy essay in APA style if you need to right now just by clicking on that link and contacting an expert through the website.

How to Write a Strong Discussion Post Step-by-Step

Discussion Post

Now you know what a discussion post is, what makes a good one, and what an APA discussion post is, and with our infographic, you’ve learned some valuable tips on making a good one. Next, we will go through a guide on creating a strong discussion post template.

To do that, we will go through each step carefully. A strong discussion post-template needs to have solid foundations. We’ll cover: 

  • Prompt is Important 
  • Cover A Lot of Ground: Evidence and Examples
  • Come Up With A Draft
  • Make It Unusual
  • Check Your Discussion Post
  • Submit And Discuss

Prompt Is Important 

The prompts will guide you to writing a relevant and coherent answer. Prompt is important because it’s your starting point. You will use it to develop the discussion post thoroughly. Here are a few things to look out for as well: 

  • Purpose: What is the question being asked and why? 
  • Details: Word limit, deadline, type of resources. 
  • Discussion post type: do you need to present an introduction discussion post example or answer a question? Maybe you're sharing an experience. Make sure you understand what the purpose of your post is.
  • Format: If there are no formatting requirements, use APA format. 

Cover a Lot of Ground: Evidence and Examples

Use examples and evidence through citations and having a resource list. Your argument, debate, or point will look weak if you can’t provide a basis for what you claim. This is a basic lesson that most students should have learned already from making an academic essay.

And, of the course, you will need to do the research before providing evidence or examples. You are to find credible sources or even use peer-reviewed academic papers as the main source since they are usually what professors want you to look at. Refer to your course material for more supporting evidence.

You can also try to use personal experiences. But you should be aware that personal experience and real-life anecdotes may not hold out as credible evidence during the class discussions. So make sure you make a strong point that relies on different types of evidence.

Come Up With A Draft

Just like when you are writing a persuasive essay from scratch, having a rough draft on which you can base the final version is pretty handy. It will keep errors to a minimum and will normally increase your chances of getting a better score, or in this case, better feedback for your discussion post. 

And, of course, you’re allowed to make as many mistakes and corrections on the rough draft. Students should aim to polish each sentence by revising them thoroughly. Your response will be much stronger, more error-free, and better overall. Your actual post must be polished to near-perfection. Just remember to keep the due date in mind if your professor sets it.

An introduction discussion post is not necessarily the first thing you’re going to deal with. You can easily skip it and take care of the body or conclusion first if you find it easier to write.

Make It Unusual 

By unusual, we mean that you should try writing a post thinking outside the box. Try to develop a post from ideas that challenge the conventional approach. To do this, you’ll need to research and use critical thinking. Don’t satisfy yourself with shallow information and thoughts.

By making your post unique, you make it noticed. And usually, many challenging ideas are worth the discussion. So expand your perspective when writing your APA discussion post and surprise yourself.

Check Your Discussion Post

Of course, a vital step to the completion of your post would be to check it. How do you cite APA in a discussion post? Through in-text citation, just like when you write an essay. Use "air quotes" and reference sources that have evidence for your argument.

Check your grammar and spelling. It’s an online post, but you still need to ensure that it’s written properly and in an academic style of writing.

Submit and Discuss

Once you’ve finished the preceding steps, it’s time to submit your original post and discuss it with your professor and the rest of the class in a classroom environment. By following our guide, you should have been able to craft a stellar discussion post. It will be a great stimulation for intellectual debate and reflection amongst your peers and professor through a class forum.

As we’ve stated before, be sure to include questions at the end of your post if they can fit into the context. This will keep the debate and conversation going. 

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Discussion Post Example        

If you’re still a bit confused, then here’s a discussion post example for you to reference:


“Is online learning bad or good? What are its advantages and disadvantages?”

Discussion post reply examples: 

Who Does Online Learning Suit?
Who Does Online Learning Suit?

How to Respond to Discussion Posts    

Respond to Discussion Post

Show Respect

When considering how to respond to a discussion post, always remember to be respectful in the heat of discussion or debate. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Therefore we should strive to hear other people’s viewpoints even if we disagree completely. This is the first thing that is common in all discussion post reply examples you come across.

Express Your Thoughts

Another thing to remember when considering how to respond to a discussion post is to readily express your thoughts. Of course, your writing should be based on research, but you will never be able to communicate effectively unless you voice your opinions.


Ask relevant questions in regards to the responses you might get from your discussion post, this will keep the conversation going, and it will enable the whole class to dive deeply into the topic by considering all the aspects of it you can imagine.

How to Respond to Discussion Post Sample   

Now let’s imagine that someone replied to the discussion post above. Let’s look at possible discussion post reply examples to learn how to respond to a discussion post:

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