American Revolution Summary and Essay Topics
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American Revolution Summary and Essay Topics

American Revolution Definition & Importance 

If you have been assigned to write an American revolution essay and feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of information available on this subject, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss everything from the American revolution date to crucial events necessary for a comprehensive paper.  

For background information, let's clarify when was the American Revolution and move on to discuss the American revolution definition. A colonial revolt happened during the American revolution (note the American Revolution timeline 1775 to 1783 when the war begins). They defeated the mother country in the war with help from France and other countries. As a result, the thirteen Colonies won independence from Great Britain, establishing the United States of America. 

The American Revolution was just as a significant turning point for the entire world as the battle of Hastings 1066 was for England. It marked the end of the European colonial empires in the Americas and the beginning of the United States as a world power. It significantly impacted the world, including the spread of democracy. The Revolution was the culmination of the political American Enlightenment and the American War of Independence.

American Revolution Essay Outline

If you are struggling to figure out the American revolution essay outline and still debating whether to hire a college essay writer or do it on your own, let us offer you a little blueprint on how to write an essay on the American Revolution.

Remember that you are about to discuss a widely known and debated historic event. Your essay should be based on credible information and stick to the point. Start by establishing the historical background with the American Revolution summary, provide the American Revolution timeline and describe the causes of the Revolution. Don't forget to mention the end of the Revolution and its effects on the rest of the world. 

American Revolution Summary

Essentially you are assigned to write about 'how revolutionary was the American revolution?' essay. To achieve the goal, you need to provide an easy-to-digest American revolution map of the essential events that you can turn into a comprehensive American revolution summary. 

Don't freak out because we will show you how simple it is. Here is an outline that you can use to get inspired and start to write an A+ essay on the American Revolution:  

  • The American Revolution started with a revolt by North American colonies in 1765 and ended with the Treaty of Paris in 1783
  • The American Patriots of the American Colonies wanted to gain independence from the mother country, Great Britain.
  • Founding Fathers including John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin signed and published the United States Declaration of Independence in 1776. The document declared the colonies to be independent states and justified the Revolution.
  • Major American Revolution battles include the battle of Camden, the battle of Cowpens, the siege of Yorktown, the battles of Saratoga, etc.
  • The Patriots won the American Revolutionary War in alliance with the French government.
  • The American revolution era ended with the ratification of the Constitution in 1787 and of the Bill of Rights in 1791.
  • The Revolution marked the end of British rule in the American continent and the beginning of the United States as a political superpower.

American Revolution Timeline 

Your A+ essay about the Revolution will not be complete without the American Revolution timeline. Ensure that your readers clearly understand when the thirteen colonies started the revolt and what major events occurred before the American nation celebrated independence.  

Here you can find the American revolution timeline 1765 to 1783: 

  • 1765: The Sugar Act was followed by the Stamp Act passed by the British Parliament, imposing taxes on the colonies.
  • 1770: The Boston Massacre occurs, in which British soldiers kill five American colonists.
  • 1773: The Tea Act is passed, leading to the Boston Tea Party.
  • 1775: The American Revolutionary War begins with the Battles of Lexington and Concord.
  • 1776: The Declaration of Independence is adopted by the Continental Congress.
  • 1777: The Patriots win a major victory at the Battle of Saratoga, leading France to enter the war on their side.
  • 1778: The Patriots win several essential battles of the American Revolution against the British Empire.
  • 1783: The Treaty of Paris is signed, officially ending the war and recognizing the United States as a sovereign nation.

Causes of American Revolution 

Your readers must be wondering what caused the American Revolution. In your essay, answer their questions by providing a handful of causes of American Revolution. There has never been a historic event that occurred only for one reason, so include all the various critical factors.

Below you will find the most significant factors that led to the American Revolution war:

  • Political: The British government imposed taxes on the colonies without providing any representation for colonial interests. 
  • Military: The British army had stationed troops in the colonies, which was seen as a provocative move by the colonists.
  • Economic: The British government had also implemented a number of trade regulations that were detrimental to the economic interests of the colonies.
  • Social: There were social and cultural differences between the colonies and Great Britain contributed to the growing rift between the two sides.
  • Intellectual: The Enlightenment, a philosophical movement that emphasized the importance of reason and individual rights, strongly influenced the colonists and shaped their ideas about freedom and self-governance. 
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When Did the American Revolution End

Probably the most challenging question you will have to answer is how long did the American Revolution last? Technically the Treaty of Paris signed in 1783 finished the American Revolutionary war, but was it the end of the American Revolution era?

To keep your readers engaged, close your essay by making conclusive points about when did the American Revolution end. Below we have listed events that marked the end of the Revolution:

  • 1783: The Treaty of Paris was signed, officially ending the war and recognizing the United States as a sovereign nation.
  • 1787: The Constitution is written and ratified, establishing the United States government.
  • 1789: George Washington is elected as the first President of the United States
  • 1791: The Bill of Rights is ratified. 
  • 1795: Jay's treaty is signed, which should have fixed the unresolved issues between the States and the British crown.  
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American Revolution Essay Topics

Writing about every nuanced detail that occurred during the American Revolution in one paper is next to impossible. Instead, choose a specific theme and tell a story through a certain lens. Your essay on American Revolution will provide a fresh view and be easier to digest.

Next, we will discuss several interesting topics you can turn into a stellar essay, or use as a hook for American Revolution essay.

How Revolutionary Was the American Revolution?

You open your assignment, and it says: 'how revolutionary was the American Revolution 5 paragraph essay', or look at an exam paper, and it asks you to write 'how revolutionary was the American Revolution dbq essay?' – you don't have to worry, because we have you covered. 

Start your American Revolution essay by mentioning that the American Revolution was a highly influential and significant event not just for American history but also for the rest of the world. Don't forget that it marked the first time a colony had successfully revolted against its colonial oppressor and established itself as an independent new nation. 

Tell readers that the ideas and principles that supported the Revolution, such as the right to self-governance and individual rights, were highly innovative. To demonstrate its influence, the American victory encouraged the French Revolution.

How Radical Was the American Revolution? 

The assignment may require you to write 'how radical was the American Revolution essay' instead of 'was the American Revolution revolutionary essay' - we've got you covered, too.

Instead of jumping to conclusions from the very beginning, start answering your American revolution essay questions gradually. But first, make a case for your point of view. Start with stating that by battling against Great Britain, American colonies renovated the political, economic, and social systems of the past. In addition, the ideas behind the Revolution, such as 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,' were radical and significantly impacted the development of modern societies.

Don't forget to also make a case for the opposing view. Even though the Revolution introduced basic human rights to the political realm, it did not affect everyone. How did radical ideas and the American Revolution affect slaves? One might assure that slavery stayed a strong institution for many years after the Revolution. 

Was the American Revolution Virtuous? 

Let's discuss one of the most interesting American Revolution essay topics: 'was the American revolution virtuous?' essay.

Start by stating that many factors should be considered when discussing whether the American Revolution was virtuous. On the one hand, the thirteen colonies fought for democracy and individual rights, which are values that are commonly considered to be virtuous. But on the other hand, they were motivated by a sense of justice, and their fight against British colonies resulted in the decline of European colonial empires. 

On the other hand, while fighting against English colonization, the patriots overlooked the rights of African Americans, Native Americans, and women. In your essay, you should elaborate on how the neglect of minorities might have undermined the virtuous nature of the American Revolution. 

Causes and Effects of the American Revolution

If you are searching for an exciting topic, consider writing the Causes and Effects of the American Revolution essay. You and your readers will take a journey through American history, how the independent nation came into existence and how it affects modern American citizens. 

In your paper, mention that the American Revolutionary war was preceded by the Seven Years War fought by Great Britain, France, Prussia, and Austria over various colonies worldwide, including North America. The global conflict ended with Great Britain emerging as the dominant world power. However, it left British colonists in deep debt and contributed to the tensions that eventually led to the American Revolution. 

The chosen theme allows you to mention the Stamp Act, the British taxation system, and the Enlightenment ideas that set political upheaval in motion. When discussing the effects of the Revolution don't forget to note that the former war colonies put up inspired the French Revolution. The ideas that united the Patriots shaped the world we know now.  

Why Was There an American Revolution? 

Suppose you want to move on from simple questions such as when did the American Revolution start? In that case, you can always answer the more difficult questions in the 'why was there an American Revolution essay.'

To answer the question of why the American Revolution happened:

  1. Make sure your audience sees a clear connection between American history and the rest of the world.
  2. Explain how the Seven Years War and the French and Indian War over colonial territories affected the American colonies.
  3. Indicate the link between British policies and the intolerable acts that led to the Revolutionary War. 

In addition, note the role of revolutionary minds such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Samuel Adams in creating the spirit of the Revolution. Finally, don't forget the contributions of people like Benedict Arnold, who led the American continental army.  

Was the American Revolution Justified? 

'Was the American Revolution justified?' essay will cover more challenging topics about the Revolution. If you don't have time to write a paper, you can buy an essay online or use our outline to create a comprehensive report. 

As the justification of the American Revolution is up to interpretation and can be controversial, you should provide arguments for all sides. Explain that the Patriots who fought the British colonists did it for the sake of freedom and justice. The Boston Tea Party served a noble purpose. The Declaration of Independence shows the values the Founding Fathers tried to build the new nation on. 

However, the American national government turned a blind eye to African Americans and other minorities. In addition, while bringing freedom, the Revolution was a violent event that caused a lot of suffering. Therefore, when writing an essay about the justification of the Revolution take all of this into consideration.  

Additional Facts about the American Revolution 

In search of the most suitable theme for your American Revolution essay, you will come across many well-known American historical events. Let's talk about a few interesting and less-known facts about the history of the American Revolution.

Sons of the American Revolution

The Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) was founded in 1889 and is a hereditary society that promotes the principles of the American Revolution and honors the people who fought in the American Revolution War.

To be eligible for membership, an individual must be a direct descendant of a person who served in the Revolutionary War or provided support for the cause of independence. The SAR has a membership of over 30,000 and has headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. The organization supports educational programs, patriotic events, and historical research. The SAR also awards scholarships and grants to support the study of American history and the ideals of the Revolution. 

Daughters of the American Revolution 

Whether you are writing an essay on the American Revolution or competing in the Daughters of the American Revolution essay contest, the information below will help you write a more comprehensive paper. 

Just like SAR, Daughters of the American Revolution is a hereditary society uniting the women who are direct heirs of people who fought during the Revolutionary War, signed the United States Declaration of Independence, served as civil servants of State governments or continental congress, or provided other support during the Revolutionary War. 

Founded in 1890, the DAR has its headquarters in Washington, D.C., and unites over 185,000 members. DAR volunteers to help U.S. veterans and America's service personnel. The organization also awards scholarships and grants to students interested in studying American history.  

American Revolution Museum at Yorktown 

The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, Virginia, is a valuable site for those interested in learning more about what the American Revolution refers to. It is located on the site of the decisive Battle of Yorktown, fought in 1781 by the combined army of Americans and French led by General Washington. The museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the American Revolutionary War. 

The museum shows a number of items from the Revolutionary War, many exhibits that explore the causes of the Revolution, and the experiences of the people who lived through it. You can also find a re-creation of the Continental Army encampment where visitors can learn about the daily lives of the soldiers. In addition, you can enjoy a film that tells a story of the events of the Revolution.  

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