Everything You Need to Know About Scholarships in 2022 + Infographics

Everything You Need to Know About Scholarships in 2022 + Infographics

Wonder if it is possible to receive a scholarship award without a high GPA and remarkable sports accomplishments? Fortunately, you have countless opportunities to get financial aid in case you need it.

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Types of Scholarships

How to get a scholarship? Start with searching for the existing kinds of scholarships and educational institutions that have them. Usually, they fall into the following categories:

Full-ride Scholarships

Granted that you show excellent academic results, there is a chance for you to apply for a full-ride scholarship, which is a jackpot for a student. Such awards cover not only the tuition cost but also other expenses like food, housing, or transportation. The payment for an award like this often comes from working for a specific company for some time.

Academic Scholarships

Those who demonstrate impressive academical achievements have a chance to get an academic scholarship. A perfect candidate has not only a high GPA but also community service experience and substantial extracurricular activities. Besides, you must present a high-quality essay. For instance, a future doctor can use the medical school personal statement writing service to save time.

Average Academic Performance Scholarships

For this type of award, your academic performance is unsubstantial. Conversely, it goes to students displaying athletic, artistic, or leadership skills, the gift of creativity, participation in community service, or any other non-academic achievements.

Athletic Scholarships

Universities give this kind of financial aid to top-notch athletes to recruit them for their sports teams. Students benefit from this assistance but must balance their rigorous training schedule with their studies.

STEM Scholarships

Another financial aid category fits students keen on science, technology, engineering, and math. This type of grant is growing popular due to shortages of STEM specialists and manufacturing workers.

Minority Scholarships

This college scholarship exists to support students from multiple minority backgrounds. A candidate can be a first-generation immigrant and a member of African-American, Pacific Islander, Native American, Hispanic, Asian, or any other minority group.

Scholarships for Women

These awards have to increase the educational opportunities for female students. So, how do scholarships work? Generally, organizations that want to see more women in male-dominated fields, such as science, business, or politics, become the sponsors.

Community Service Scholarships

Young people who have taken the initiative to help others in their communities through volunteer work receive multiple grants too. Hours of community involvement and significant civic accomplishments can make you a suitable candidate for this financial aid.

Creative Scholarships

Individuals with artistic skills have plenty of financial support opportunities. To apply for an art scholarship, you must present a portfolio. For instance, a music scholarship committee requires your art pieces to evaluate your level of expertise.

Unusual Scholarships

Finally, you may receive uncommon financial aid (see infographic below). Still, consider applying to it in case you meet the requirements. Any finance you get now can decrease your college costs in the long term.

Do Famous Brands Offer Scholarship?

Yes, they do! Here is the info for you concerning famous brands that sponsor scholarships.

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Top-5 Unusual College Scholarships 2022

We've collected for you top-5 the most unique scholarships you can apply for this year. Here they are:

Top 5 Websites for Scholarships Search

Everybody with a computer or a smartphone can look up a scholarship for their educational goals. The write my paper service has analyzed scholarship statistics and defined the five most visited search engines for finding the most suitable options.

  1. ScholarshipOwl

The SchlolarshipOwl site is quite popular among students thanks to its convenience. The website matches awards to your field of study, gender, age, and school level and don’t require a scholarship essay or other application work.

  1. CollegeBoard

The College Board provides students with information on more than 2,200 financial aid opportunities that total nearly $6 billion.


  • You can use the website without entering personal data or signing up for anything.
  • The search function is user-friendly. There is a filter for sorting the awards depending on your financial need, GPA, minority status, etc.
  • The College Board has the book of scholarships. It gives a possibility to perform offline research and explore various awards better. 


  • The user profile is impossible to save. People must go through the same research process every time they use the web page to look for the necessary information.
  • The site lists sweepstake-style awards that require entering your contact information, thus subjecting yourself to spam.
  • The website itself updates monthly. Yet, some financial aid organizations that must update their information take it too slow.
  1. Raise.me

If you are a high-school student who has already decided on your career path, Raise.me is the option just for you. Do you get top grades for a subject or become a school club member? Then, a micro-award waits for you.

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  1. CollegeNet

The CollegeNet site is a social networking site that helps people get all types of grants, including full-ride scholarships for the best candidates. The CollegeNet program is unique for the following reasons:


  • The website lists awards depending on their sum, from the highest to the lowest payout. Users can search by keyword or create a personal account to receive filtered results.
  • The page hosts an online community. Its members vote on financial aids they want to see on the platform. As a result, scholarships with the most votes appear on the platform.
  • The visitors have a chance to take part in forum discussions by suggesting topics or leaving comments. The lucky member who gets the most votes within a week wins $3,000-$5,000 in scholarship money.


  • The lists of search results often appear too long. However, you can narrow down the list by specifying additional personal information.
  • All profiles are temporary.
  1. Scholly

Another alternative to all the previous sources is the Scholly application. The creators claim it to be the best on the market. Whether true or not, the app has already allowed students to get over $100 million.

Final Impressions

I’d recommend that you take your time and explore these databases. Get to know what's out there before starting a more focused search. Guidance or college counselors can’t be aware of every scholarship you are eligible for. Besides, they might not know about some unusual financial aids or grants like the ones you can see in the infographic about scholarships. Therefore, you can read all this on our page essay help services.

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