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How To Make Money Blogging

Blogging is not just a popular hobby and a means of self-expression. With a proper approach, novices can turn their blogs into a stable source of income. People will need to think in advance about its concepts, topics of the articles, methods of promotions, and monetization strategy. On our finance essay writing service, the readers will discover smart recommendations on how to start a blog and make money on it, even if they are complete newbies.

How Much Money Can You Make From Blogging?

The blogger salary depends on one’s diligence, ambitions, and persuasiveness. During the first year of the blog’s existence, it is quite realistic to earn a few hundred dollars every month. The more popular the author becomes and the larger their audience, the bigger their revenue. In a few years, top blogs start to generate over $10,000 per month.

Some people might boast that blogging for money has brought them millions of dollars. For a newbie, this might sound like an overestimation or an unachievable dream. Yet after the blogger starts collaborating with big brands that have large budgets, their opinion might change. Such companies want to make money on blogger. They pay them to promote their goods and services and to attract new customers. In the end, the brands will earn more than the author — but the author will also be very happy with their income.

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How To Start A Blog?

There are two ways to make money on blogs: either to launch one’s own website or join a free blogging platform. Both variants have their pros and cons. At first sight, free platforms seem more appealing to people who lack technical knowledge. Yet, it does not take too much time and effort to create a website today, using ready-made templates.

Free Blogging Platforms

Wordpress.com, Medium, and Blogger are the most vivid examples of such platforms. These are their primary merits:

blogging platforms

However, this might not be the best option for those who want to have a blog and make money. First, the author will not be able to brand it properly. The address line of their blog will contain the name of the platform. Second, their storage space for graphic and multimedia content will be limited. Third, the competition will be tough because there are too many well-known journalists and other content creators on the site. Fourth, the platforms do not allow their users to place advertising banners and share affiliate links. Without these links and banners, it is difficult to earn money from blog.

Create Your Own Website

Even a newbie can create a personal website in just 30 minutes. They might use WordPress or another service with ready-to-use templates. This will be the best answer to the question “How to save money on building a website?”.

If compared to free blogging platforms, personal sites are better suited for money making. Users can customize them as they wish. They can share links, add banners and invent creative monetization strategies.

The administration of free platforms has a right to ban users’ blogs. This happens very rarely when someone violates the rules of the project. If the blogger uses their own website, no one will be able to delete their content.

Free platforms are fine for those who consider blogging as a means of self-expression. For serious business, one needs to make a site. Advertisers and other partners will be more eager to collaborate with the owner of the site.

What To Blog About?

Those who are launching a blog for money should try to cater to the vastest possible audience. The topics they will write about should be interesting not only for themselves and their closest friends. They should be truly passionate about the subjects they will discuss. Otherwise, they might get bored too soon and abandon the project.

They need to be experts in their field like a essay writers from 'write my essay' services and find an unusual angle to approach it. For instance, a mother would like to share her knowledge of children’s upbringing. But there are thousands of blogs devoted to this topic. So she might want to focus on educating bilingual children or raising kids together with pets.

It makes sense to check the most popular Google search requests and see what people are interested in. Then, the blogger-to-be should investigate the market to find out which niches are already occupied and which are empty yet.

They should plan in advance which type of content they can share: pieces of news, analytical articles, tutorials, statistics, and insights… Forums, where people ask questions, can serve as a good source of ideas. Besides, one can check the hottest hashtags on Twitter to discover trends and topics that generate demand.

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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog?

A blog for profit needs to have a vast audience. Advertisers and partners want to collaborate with projects that attract thousands of viewers.

The easiest method of free promotion is collaborations with other online blogs. Newbies might think that all the people who write on the same topic are their competitors. But in fact, the members of the blogging community are very helpful. Many of them make special pages where they publish the links to the blogs they made friends with.

Another efficient approach suggests that the author should write about trending topics. They should check the news every day and select those events that fit into their theme. People will come across their posts when they are looking for updates on important news.

Viral content might work wonders too. It might be something funny, creative, and extraordinary. Or it might be a controversial discussion about an urgent problem. It should be highly emotional.

Paid advertising can deliver amazing results. But first, newbies need to learn how to target it, which should not take too much time. The simplest way to hone one’s targeting skills is to launch a paid campaign on social media. There, users can plan, fine-tune and analyze their advertising with the help of in-built tools.

Plus, they can create profiles on social media where they would share their posts. This will help them to get more organic readers and subscribers.

Newbies often worry about whether they will have enough time to create content. Promoting their blog and generating traffic for it will keep them permanently busy. But they can use the help of a paper writing service and rely on the assistance of professional paper writer. The readers can never tell whether it was the blogger or a hired specialist who wrote the post.

Ways Of Making Money As a Blogger

How to monetize a blog? The answer to this question is almost identical as to “How to make money with a web site?”.

There are agencies that facilitate connections between bloggers and advertisers. Famous essay writer get a chance to profitably collaborate with large brands. But for newbies, it is hardly possible to get a highly lucrative contract.


Acting independently, bloggers might earn a lot on advertorials. This genre is a cross between advertising and editorial materials. A brand pays the author, and they invent an exciting theme for an article. The text is interesting and informative, so readers genuinely like it. And it promotes the goods or services of the brand.

Besides, there are a few other sources of income.

Affiliate Marketing

This method suggests that the author adds links to their posts. Once a reader clicks on the link and makes a purchase, the blogger gets paid. Site owners need these links to expand their audience. E-commerce specialists ask bloggers to share their links because they want to sell more products.

Large e-commerce websites normally have their own affiliate programs. Also, those who are blogging for profit can join affiliate networks. There, thousands of services and brands share their links.

Some might wonder, “How to make money with a blog with such straightforward advertising?”. But the author should not insist that their readers should buy something. The audience values impartial reviews the most. People like it when the blogger weighs up the objective pros and cons of the product and shares their hands-on experience. So the link should not become a direct call to action. It should appear as the logical conclusion of a positive overview.

The goods or services that the links promote should be relevant to the content of the blog. For instance, it makes sense to give links to a print-on-demand service in a post about a hit novel. This will serve as a guarantee of good sales.

Banner Adverts

This answer to the question “How do blogs make money?” used to be popular a few years ago. Then, ad blocks became omnipresent. Still, banners are worth trying. To make their first steps in this field, newbies should register in Google AdSense.

There is no fixed place for ad banners. Most often, bloggers put them in the sidebars or on the top of the page. With the CPM (cost per thousand) model, they get paid for every 1,000 impressions the ad gets. With the CPC (cost per click) model, they get paid for every reader who clicks the banner.

How do websites make money if there is no demand for banners in their industry? They just skip this opportunity.

Sponsored Content

To use this source of income, money blogs should build a vast following first. Then, their owners will be able to publish sponsored content both on the site and on their social networks. The advertiser will send them the text and photos. The blogger themselves will not need to write anything — just post what they receive. Of course, this content should align with the usual theme and style of the blog. One can make very good money on it.

Sell Newsletter Space Of Your Blog

If the blogger sends emails to their audience, they might include information about their advertisers there. This can be, for example, a discount coupon. The mailing list must be large to look attractive for brands. And this was probably the last piece of advice on how to blog for profit.

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