TikTok: Educational Platform

TikTok: Educational Platform
Jennifer Lockman

TikTok is becoming one of the mainstream social apps. This platform, the same as Clubhouse, is well known among the young generation and adults. Its popularity can be used wisely to implement educational content. So, one might wonder how to employ TikTok as an effective educational tool to enhance learning? Experts from our write my essay service will try and answer this question.

What Is TikTok?

TikTok is a top-rated app not only in America but all over the world. It’s a video-sharing platform where one can upload videos about anything up to 60 seconds in length. Formerly, this social app was called musical.ly. For the users, the tiktok app opens a variety of opportunities. You can dance, sing, carry out different experiments, teach something, tell a story, or lip-synch a hit. 

The vast popularity of the tik tok app is related to freedom for creating video content. If the users do not want to share videos with others, they can just watch tik tok videos and like or comment on the clips. The individuals allowed to use the app should be at the age of 13, and anyone under 18 requires parental consent. Finally, TikTok involves some privacy features, which help set restrictions for those who can watch or leave comments under your videos. 

Why Do Short-Form Videos Work for Education?

TikTok allows spreading educational content via the app. Any educational activity is effective when it’s short and not boring. Students like to use writing services to simplify the studying process, and social apps can have the same impact on learning by making it simple and available for everyone. 

Children prefer watching interesting clips on the Internet instead of listening to the teachers for hours, so educators can use TikTok to grab the students’ attention. That’s why this app is a successful platform in terms of the education market. Besides, TikTok has already announced a huge creator fund for educational content. 

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TikTok as an Educational Platform

Starting from its creation, more than two billion iOS and Android users have uploaded the TikTok app. The app’s simplicity allows everyone to make and share short video clips with the background music. With the huge popularity among the young generation, the company aims to diversify the content with professionally produced learning materials.

TikTok is working on involving hundreds of institutions and experts in producing educational content for the social app. Thus, educational institutions and charity organizations will pay the social media giant to create educational videos for college students and spread this content. Some experts predict that TikTok can become a new and quite successful trend in education known as microlearning. 

TikTok Educational Hashtags

Here you can find some TikTok hashtags for education content and useful information for effective learning:

  • #education;
  • #school;
  • #learnfromhome;
  • #tiktokeducation;
  • #edutok
  • #learnontiktok.

Following these hashtags will open a new world of knowledge.

TikTok Educational Accounts

TikTok is full of exciting and useful accounts with educational content, including educational space videos or clips that help improve basic skills. It makes the app a perfect place to study.

Such platforms can help grasp something new in various fields as education influencers share their knowledge in science, maths, languages, medicine, history, and so on. Almost every student can follow a tik tok tutor and watch educational content related to any subject.

Here are some examples of top educational accounts in TikTok, gathered by our custom essay service team.


This account shares videos with the facts of the day. You can simply enjoy the excellent graphics and discover something new and interesting about the world around us. Each video starts with a hook that fully grabs your attention right from the first seconds. 


These simple videos tell some secrets and life hacks on how to do something really fast and without additional effort. If you want to know how to fix something or cook a perfect meal, follow this account. 


This account is about economics and money. The author is an expert in MBA and financial analytics and talks mainly about marketing, economics, and business. So, it’ll help those interested in financial schemes or someone who wants to find out more about economic concepts. 


The account owner is an expert in psychology who shares interesting and informative content in this field. This account fits you perfectly if you want to learn more about your inner world and improve your knowledge in sociology and psychology. 

Why Teachers Should Use TikTok?

TikTok can be employed as one of the teaching platforms to spread educational content among the young generation. This video-sharing app opens new horizons for both teachers and students. TikTok can be used not only to upload videos on learning but also for a variety of purposes:

  • staying tuned with learners: if a teacher understands all trends, he or she will easily find common ground with students;
  • broadening one’s outlook: many people will discover something new thanks to educative videos; 
  • being a part of a community: it will be easy for you to create content that attracts your target audience. For instance, how to videos are extremely popular in TikTok, so your students will like such content;
  • having fun: knowing how to spend free time is an important part of the learning process. This app will help you shift your focus, relax for a minute, and continue to teach with a fresh mind.

All in all, TikTok is an excellent platform for educators to share interesting and useful content with students. 

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