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TikTok: Educational Platform

Is TikTok an educational or entertainment platform? In the past years, TikTok has become one of the mainstream social apps. This platform is famous among the young generation and adults who enjoy short-form content. TikTok users can employ its popularity to implement educational content. So, you might wonder how to use this social media giant as an effective educational tool to enhance online learning? Experts from the write my essay service are going to try and answer this question.

What Is TikTok?

Today, TikTok is an extremely popular app not only in America but also all over the world. It’s a video-sharing platform where people can upload videos about anything up to 60 seconds in length. Formerly, this social app with short videos had the name musical.ly. For the users, TikTok opens a variety of opportunities. You can dance, sing, perform different experiments, hear about a new scholarship, explore stories, or lip-synch a hit. Now, the app has entered the educational market. So just remember about balanced social media consumption!

The vast popularity of the TikTok app has a lot to do with freedom for creating video content. If the users have too little interest in sharing videos with others, they can watch TikTok videos and like or comment on the clips. In addition, the individuals who can legally use the application should be at the age of 13, and anyone under 18 requires parental consent. Finally, TikTok presents some privacy features, which help set restrictions for those who can watch or leave comments under your videos.  

Why Do Short-Form Videos Work for Education?

TikTok allows spreading small chunks of educational content via the app. Any educational activity is effective when it’s short and engaging. Students like to utilize writing services to simplify the studying process, and social apps have the same impact on learning by creating a welcoming environment for everyone. 

Generally, children and young adults prefer watching interesting clips on the Internet instead of listening to their teachers for hours, so educators employ TikTok to grab the college students’ attention. That’s why this tool is a successful platform in terms of spreading knowledge. Besides, TikTok has already announced a huge creator fund for educational content.

Is TikTok Only About Entertainment?

In case you want to try something other than regular films or books, TikTok is a great solution. While many believe that this platform only offers a funny trend or a catchy song, there is much more to it. True Gen Z representatives know that your feed changes according to your likes and comments. Hence, the more you interact with scientific content, the more it shows up on your “For You Page”.

A short video has the same teaching ability as a blog post or a lecture on the same topic. Furthermore, the unusual delivery with fascinating graphics makes it even easier to assimilate new information. A viewer is less likely to sleep if the video lasts a maximum of a minute. What makes TikTok even more user-friendly is freedom of choice. The creators discuss all possible subjects here. So, you follow your favorite accounts depending on your interests. What a great way to combine entertainment with use!

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TikTok as an Educational Platform

Starting from its creation, more than two billion iOS and Android users have uploaded the TikTok app. The app’s simplicity allows everyone to make and share short video clips with the background music. With the huge popularity among the young generation, the company aims to diversify the content with professionally produced learning materials.

TikTok is working on involving hundreds of institutions and experts in producing educational content for the social app. Thus, educational institutions and charity organizations will pay the social media giant to create educational videos for college students and spread this content. Some experts predict that TikTok can become a new and quite successful trend in education known as microlearning. 

TikTok Educational Hashtags

Here you can find some TikTok hashtags for education content and useful information for effective learning:

tiktok hashtags

  • #education;
  • #EduWow;
  • #edutech;
  • #tiktokeducation;
  • #edutok;
  • #learnontiktok;
  • #AlwaysLearning;
  • #StudyingTips.

Following these hashtags on the learning platform opens a new world of knowledge and beneficial tips.

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Best TikTok Educational Accounts

Luckily for Gen Z and other generations, TikTok is full of exciting and handy accounts with educational content. For instance, the user-generated content includes educational space videos or clips that improve basic skills. It makes the TikTok application a perfect place to study.

Such platforms allow grasping something new in various fields as education influencers share their expertise in science, maths, languages, medicine, history, and so on. In addition, every student can follow a TikTok tutor and search for educational content on women’s history, access a custom essay service, hear LGBTQ stories, etc. Here are some illustrations of the top educational accounts on TikTok:


This unique account is an homage to the eponymous book that appeared in the late 1700s. Similar to the encyclopedia, the creator explains scientific facts simply and entertainingly. Over two hundred thousand followers enjoy the history edits and biology songs.


Are you keen on exact sciences, especially maths? Then, the account by Kyne Santos is waiting for you. Her videos include both eccentric drag queen looks and mindblowing mathematical facts. Here, the one-million audience learns how to create the Mobius strip or build a tesseract!


Those who take pleasure in watching space movies in cinema might like Samantha Cristoforetti’s account as well. Surprisingly, this woman is the first astronaut influencer with over half a million loyal viewers. Furthermore, she consistently posts about the specifics of life on the space station.


These simple videos tell some secrets and life hacks on how to do something really fast and without additional effort. Follow this creator if you want to know how to fix something or cook a perfect meal. 


The account owner is an expert in psychology who shares interesting and informative content in this field. This account fits you perfectly if you want to learn more about your inner world and avoid common misconceptions in sociology and psychology.

Why Teachers Should Use TikTok?

The enthusiastic tutors have an opportunity to employ TikTok as one of the teaching platforms to spread educational content among the young generation. This video-sharing app is a safe space that opens new horizons for teachers and students. Moreover, TikTok exists not only for uploading videos with academic tips but also to help with:

why use tiktok
  • Staying tuned with young people: If teachers understand all trends, they easily find common ground with students.
  • Broadening the TikTok audience’s outlook: many people discover something new thanks to access to the teaching videos.
  • Being part of a community: it is a pleasure to create content that attracts your target audience, whether you aim for Gen Z or millennials. For instance, the “how to” videos are a trend in TikTok, so your students are going to search for such content created for them.
  • Having fun: knowing how to spend free time is important to learn. The TikTok app allows you to shift your focus, relax for a minute, and continue to teach with a fresh mind.

TikTok is an excellent platform in the education market for sharing engaging and practical content with students. Gen Z is the first generation that grew up with the Internet, so they prefer to buy an essay paper online or learn useful tips from educational videos on TikTok.

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