How to Write a Science Essay: 'Moonbots Challenge'
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How to Write a Science Essay: 'Moonbots Challenge'

How to Write a Science Essay: 'Moonbots Challenge'

Writing a Science Essay on 'Moonbots Challenge'

What are your associations with the word ‘science’? You probably picture a laboratory with people in white coats and mysterious glowing liquids in flasks whenever you hear it. For many, this kind of job seems fantastic and unattainable. However, all students temporarily become scientists while writing a science essay at some point in their studies.

While schools assign essays according to their programs, your interests can differ. If you are specifically interested in space exploration, Moonbots Challenge is perfect! It lets future space explorers do what they are passionate about and win an extraordinary grand prize.

What is Science Essay? Definition

To write your paper properly, find out what science essay is first. In a nutshell, any essay on science reflects its author’s opinion on a scientific problem. How do scientific papers differ from other types of essays? Usually, their major characteristics are credibility and practicality.

One wonderful competition helping to form the next generation of space explorers is Moonbots Challenge. The first stage of this context requires a video essay explaining your interest in the new moon race. A great essay title example would be ‘Why should space exploration start with the Moon?’ We will discuss the topic further below.

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Science Essay Format

If you settled on a science essay topic, the next stage is understanding how your paper should look.  Regardless of the amazing things you want to discuss, the science essay format is always the same and requires division into the introduction, body, and conclusion. Here is a detailed description of every part.

science essay format

Science Essay Introduction

As usual in essays, you start with an introduction. So how to write the intro to a science essay? In scientific works, this part plays the important role of providing your research background. So here you mention what science already has to say about the subject and its blank spots.

Then, list of questions you want to answer. For instance, Moonbots teams can add the next questions to their essay introduction:

  • What information can the Moon give space explorers who want to visit other planets?
  • Why are moonrobots essential for analyzing the lunar landscape?

Finally, the intro always contains the thesis statement. For example, your essay title for the Moonbots Challenge is ‘Why should space exploration start with the Moon?’. In that case, your thesis statement may sound like this: ‘Exploring the Moon must become the unskippable part of humanity’s space expansion.’

Science Essay Body

Next up is the body of the paper. First, it highlights the methodology of your research:

  • Tools
  • Formulas
  • Limits of scope
  • The end goal of calculations, etc.

Only after talking about methods do students present their research results. Again, in the essay on science body, the logical flow is very important. Because such papers mostly relate to science, technology, engineering, and math, coherency ensures that readers understand everything correctly.  The best recommendation for a beginner essay writer is to present up to three arguments in one work. As an illustration, in the ‘Why should space exploration start with the Moon?’ essay, you could cover the next arguments:

Argument 1

Regarding space travel, distances matter the most, so talk about this factor initially: ‘Traveling far away in the cosmos is impossible without reaching the objects in our Solar System first. So although the thoughts about Mars or Alfa Centauri are enticing, the best idea is to rehearse the grand journey using the Moon.’

Argument 2

Then, present the second argument: ‘Finding elements like iron or water on the Moon will mean that other planets might have natural resources as well, so they are worth exploring.’

Argument 3

Finally, discuss your third point: ‘Reaching the Moon and building bases there helps the next generation of space travelers know their strong and weak sides.’

Science Essay Conclusion

Although the conclusion goes the last, it is essential and obligatory in the science essay format. An experienced essay writer could say that every ending mirrors the introduction. Rephrase the existing Moonbots Challenge thesis so that it looks different while having the same meaning: ‘The initial stage of conquering space should be learning everything about the Moon.’

After that, sum up the arguments in their original order. Also, as long as you do the calculations, experiments or polls, your end goal is deciphering the results. First, however, explain them briefly and clearly to maximize public outreach.

In the concluding part, people always mention whether their research supports or debunks the current scientific opinions. That is why you examine all the previous studies before joining the other scientists and presenting your views on the matter.

In the end, try to prove the practical benefits of such research. For instance, say that your participation in this year’s Moonbots challenge can inspire kids to become the next generation of space explorers. Or say that your essay for Moonbot aims to bring novelty into the field of lunar missions.

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How to Write a Science Essay? Instructions

Indeed, science, technology, engineering, and math inspire kids all over the world to participate in various contests. Now, imagine a student who decided on an engaging science essay topic. What are the detailed instructions for winning science work? Memorize the following tips:

science essay instructions

Careful Planning

The first secret of a quality essay on science is preparation. People must evaluate their possibilities to fit the requirements and win the grand prize. The situation also depends on whether a student works individually or through team building.

Broad Research

Regardless of your essay on science theme, gaining existing knowledge is a must. Rummaging through all possible information allows you to decide on a unique topic.

No Repetitions

Another characteristic of science works is that their authors never repeat themselves. For instance, let’s say that you write about moonrobots. If you already have a paragraph dedicated to their details, talk about something else, like their functions.

Correct Information

The prospects of winning a grand prize trip in a contest like Google Lunar XPRIZE are generating excitement, but incorrect scientific data to ensure your success. 

Identify Areas for Improvement

Possibilities to developing the existing science are encouraging today’s youth to take part in any international competition sponsored by private funds. But you have to know what exactly the particular area of science needs.

Use Fresh Data

Sadly, the need for up-to-date information has challenged thousands of young scientists. For instance, new data is necessary if you rival thirty teams in Google Lunar XPRIZE.


Any essay writer online knows the importance of proofreading. However, by skipping this stage, you are sabotaging yourself and lowering the chances of winning a contest like the Google Lunar XPRIZE.

Science Essay Topic: Moonbots Challenge

Provided that you are looking for a science essay example, there is a great option. The Moonbot Challenge or Google Lunar XPRIZE for Kids is an amazing opportunity for young space enthusiasts. What is this contest? If you have heard of the regular Google Lunar XPRIZE, it gathers adult engineers who present cheap space exploration solutions. The Moon bots contest invites kids who demonstrate their passion for space from a young age:

There Are Several Members and One Team Captain

A good thing about the Moonbots Challenge is that the competitors’ age range is quite broad. So, anyone aged 8-17 can try their luck here. However, every group needs one team captain at least eighteen years old.

Kids Create a Video Essay About the Moon

During the initial stage of the famous space-themed competition, the participants film a video. At this point, the theme can be about anything related to the Moon, space, or STEM education.

Kids Design Their Own Lunar Rover

Not only the Lunar X challenge attracts technically inclined young geniuses, but it also discovers their creative sides. Everybody is equal here because all students use the same free software like Google SketchUp. Although this stage seems like a fun game play, contestants do their best to win.

Kids Perform A Simulated Lunar Mission

Those who make it to the further stages have to build an artificial Moon surface. Then, after students program LEGO Mindstorms robots, the test drive happens on the mini play fields.

Moonrobots Challenge: Impact and Importance for Children

With all the talk about the Google Lunar XPRIZE for kids, why is it so important? Undeniably, you can hardly overestimate the positive impact of the challenge. Sometimes, a student has a deep specific interest in a subject their school barely covers. So, if a child likes space, the Moonbots Challenge allows them to write an essay on science.

The next effect of such a competition is the development of public speaking skills. During every stage, the team members must present their work. Whether they film a video on a science essay topic or show moonrobots in front of the audience, their confidence grows. Eventually, these students learn to demonstrate their abilities and work progress effectively.

Creativity is one of the major competitive advantages the contest helps gain. Although you can train your imagination during art lessons, the Moonbots prize simultaneously develops creativity and technical skills. More specifically, children’s minds work on solving adult-level problems. For example, creating a Moonbot robot requires thorough calculations and unique design solutions.

Overall, scientific essays help students feel like professional researchers, at least for a day.  With all its positive sides, more and more kids will want to join the challenge!

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