How to Write a Creative Essay

November 20, 2016 How To Write
How to Write a Creative Essay

Otherwise acknowledged as the “art of making things up,” this particular genre is a dynamic part of contemporary society. Notably, creative writing is one area of writing that has endured being famous in as far as creativity is an issue. However, the question that stays is, what makes creative writing that prosperous. Through the essay, much about that question will be unleashed.

Creative Writing Definition

Some fundamental aspects often characterize creative writing. These may include, but not limited, to imaginative and productive; the capacity to create; and originality and expressiveness. Therefore, as a creative essay writer, one is expected to write fiction by creating characters, scenes, and events, sometimes even an entire globe. As a matter of accuracy, apart from instinctive statements, every expression is imaginative.

Traditionally, creative writing has been denoted as literature associated with the “art of making things up” just as been mentioned earlier. That is, while it may be done in ways that are not technical or academic, it still manages to lure the audience. Therefore, creative writing, unlike pragmatic or analytic writing, may define a form of artistic expression that attracts on the imagination to transfer sense through the usage of drama, narrative, and imagery. In a nutshell, creative writing; thus, must be both self-expressive and original in presenting the feelings of its writer.

What is a Creative Essay?

A creative essay is any type of essay which does not contain fiction and with particular attention to aesthetic presentation and qualities. Stated differently, it is a type of creative non-fiction which is a term used in describing imaginative authoring which is true. The essay is usually written from the author’s point of view. Examples of creative non-fiction include autobiography and memoir. They are generally regarded as a portion of an autobiography or memoir since their purpose is to explain, describe or explore a particular moment in a person’s life.

Creative Writing Prompts

Acknowledge that creative writing prompts may differ from one institution to another depending on the particular expectation of the examiner. Regardless of that, here are a few examples of popular prompts.

1) Puzzle: You can think about writing about putting together particular aspects of puzzles;
2) Insults: You can think about when someone insulted you and wrote about the scenario;
3) Poem/Short story: You can decide to rewrite a short story or any poem you find interesting;
4) Sugar: Write about the dangers or benefits of sugar;
5) Animals: You can choose to write about a particular animal or animals that you find interesting.

Ideas for Writing a Creative Essay

Recognize that responding to the above prompts requires that the writer comes up with a composition that contains the certain thoughts, and these may include the following. Firstly, does the imagery work, and if so can the scene and the moment be visualized by the reader. Secondly, is the language being used clean and flow smoothly? Are the sound effects; namely repetition, alliteration, and rhyme intentional, and portray, clear and effective voice. Thirdly, does the reader shows care for the character(s). Are they adequately developed and sophisticated? Fourthly, is the piece unique and engaging throughout? Finally, is it possible to follow the series of events or the time flow?
On the other hand, creative writing topics can broadly be categorized as follows. Note that this list is not exhaustive, and as such, students are often encouraged to think even further.

  • Personal Essays,
  • Memoirs,
  • Speeches,
  • Songs and poetry,
  • Fictions, including short stories, novellas, and novels,
  • Television and movie scripts, and
  • Plays

Tips How to Write an Essay that will blow Reader's mind

Here are the most important tips for writing a top-notch creative essay:

  • Firstly, if you are writing a short story, the introduction should be designed in such a way that it can grab the reader’s attention. You should focus on a single issue and lead towards an unexpected and sudden revelation.

  • If you decide to write a persuasive essay, try to show why something happens or is happenings and do not just tell that it is happening

  • For poetry, you have to identify your goal and try to employ as much literary decides as possible

  • It is important to practice regularly in writing so that you can improve not only your writing but also your imagination.

  • Make the writing process to be fun and not a chore so as to generate the most creative ideas.

Those, having been mentioned, apart from understanding the prompt, ideas, and the topic to be written, the scholar ought to observe certain tips so as to develop a flawless creative essay. Here are a few tricks. Firstly, read other writings to understand how it is done, then practice creativity and originality to evade plagiarism. Besides, use your voice and avoid big words. Secondly, avoid using so many adverbs and adjectives. Thirdly, write as much as possible, while attempting to make your openings as grabbing and compelling as you can. Finally, hunt for unique, or new advice, processes, and methods of writing. Sure, observing these tips ensures that the student, or rather the writer can present a perfect creative writing essay.


In a nutshell, when lettering a creative writing piece, one will need to ensure that his or her paper share human familiarity and entertain. Therefore, besides writing one’s point of view, the writer will need to keep in mind that whether he/she is attempting to prompt a thought or a feeling, the leading stride is the author’s imagination. Finally, the essayist will have to ensure that the work is original and is free of plagiarism.

Practice makes perfect, so they say and if you adhere to these basic principles, you will not only understand what creative writing is but you will be able to craft a good creative piece of essay. Whether you wish to write a journal, poem, book summary or humor story, the ideas presented will widen your imagination on what and how to write your story.

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