Jobs with Psychology Degree: The Ultimate List
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jobs with a psychology degree

Jobs with Psychology Degree: The Ultimate List

With an increasing focus on mental health and well-being, the demand for professionals with a psychology background is higher than ever. From counseling and therapy to human resources and marketing, the skills acquired through studying for a psychology degree are applicable across various industries.

In this article, we'll explore the diverse range of jobs available to psychology graduates and highlight how their understanding of human behavior can lead to fulfilling and impactful careers after finishing a psychology degree.

Scope of a Psychology Degree

A psychology degree encompasses the study of human behavior, cognition, and emotion. It aims to understand why individuals think, feel, and act the way they do. Rooted in scientific inquiry, psychology explores numerous topics, from the biological basis of behavior to the influence of social and cultural factors.

The scope of a psychology degree is broad, offering opportunities for specialization in various subfields such as clinical psychology, counseling psychology, cognitive psychology, and organizational psychology, among others. Psychology majors can pursue careers in diverse settings, including mental health clinics, schools, corporations, research institutions, and government agencies.

50 Jobs to Consider with a Psychology Degree

A psychology degree offers a robust groundwork, unlocking pathways to many career choices, some of which don't necessitate further graduate studies!

Let’s explore 50 career options accessible to psychology graduates:

psychology degree job
Job Title Description Average Annual Salary
Clinical Psychologist Diagnose and treat mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders through therapy and psychological assessments. $78,200
Counseling Psychologist Provide therapy to individuals, couples, and families to address personal, social, and emotional issues. $58,000
School Psychologist Support students' academic and emotional development by assessing and addressing learning and behavioral issues. $76,990
Forensic Psychologist Apply psychological principles in legal settings to assess criminal behavior and provide expert testimony. $70,000
Industrial-Organizational Psychologist Apply psychological knowledge to improve workplace productivity, employee satisfaction, and organizational performance. $92,880
Neuropsychologist Study the brain's and behavior's relationship, assessing and treating neurological disorders. $101,790
Health Psychologist Focus on the psychological factors influencing physical health and well-being, including stress management and behavior change interventions. $76,000
Sports Psychologist Work with athletes to improve performance, manage stress, and enhance mental resilience. $70,000
Rehabilitation Counselor Assist individuals with disabilities in overcoming personal and vocational challenges to lead independent lives. $38,040
Marriage and Family Therapist Provide counseling to couples and families to improve relationships and resolve conflicts. $51,340
Substance Abuse Counselor Help individuals overcome addiction and develop strategies for recovery and relapse prevention. $46,240
Behavioral Therapist Use behavioral therapy techniques to address maladaptive behaviors and promote positive changes. $41,100
Psychiatric Technician Assist psychiatric patients with daily living activities, monitor behavior, and administer treatments under the supervision of medical staff. $32,870
Research Assistant Support psychological research by collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data. $35,870
Human Resources Specialist Apply psychology principles in hiring, training, and employee development to optimize organizational performance. $61,920
Career Counselor Help individuals explore career options, set goals, and develop strategies for career advancement. $56,310
Mental Health Counselor Provide therapy and support to individuals coping with mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and trauma. $46,240
Social Worker Assist individuals and families in accessing resources and support services to address social, emotional, and economic challenges. $50,470
Child Psychologist Assess and treat developmental, emotional, and behavioral issues in children and adolescents. $78,200
Geriatric Psychologist Specialize in the mental health needs of older adults, addressing issues such as dementia, depression, and grief. $82,180
Psychiatric Nurse Provide nursing care to patients with psychiatric disorders, administering medications, and assisting with therapy. $75,330
Case Manager Coordinate services and resources for individuals with complex needs, such as mental illness, homelessness, or substance abuse. $48,350
Crisis Intervention Counselor Provide immediate support and counseling to individuals experiencing emotional crises or trauma. $43,520
Psychological Associate Assist psychologists in conducting assessments, administering tests, and providing therapy to clients. $50,470
Psychometrician Design and administer psychological tests and assessments to measure cognitive abilities, personality traits, and other psychological constructs. $87,450
Developmental Psychologist Study the psychological development of individuals across the lifespan, from infancy to old age. $78,200
Educational Psychologist Apply psychological foundations to improve teaching and learning outcomes in educational settings. $78,200
Community Psychologist Work to promote mental health and well-being at the community level through outreach, advocacy, and prevention programs. $78,200
Quantitative Analyst Apply statistical and mathematical methods to analyze data and solve complex problems in various industries, including finance and market research. $85,660
Behavioral Analyst Use applied behavior analysis techniques to modify behaviors and teach new skills to individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. $58,020
Military Psychologist Provide psychological services to military personnel and their families, addressing issues such as trauma, stress, and deployment-related challenges. $75,330
Occupational Therapist Help individuals with physical, mental, or developmental disabilities participate in daily activities and improve their quality of life. $84,950
Speech-Language Pathologist Assess and treat speech, language, and swallowing disorders in children and adults. $80,480
Addiction Counselor Provide counseling and support to individuals struggling with substance abuse issues, helping them overcome addiction and maintain sobriety. $46,240
Family Therapist Work with families to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen $51,340
Organizational Development Specialist Design and implement programs to enhance employee performance, organizational effectiveness, and workplace culture. $61,920
Clinical Supervisor Provide supervision and guidance to mental health professionals, ensuring adherence to ethical and clinical standards in therapy and counseling practices. $64,560
College Admissions Counselor Assist students in navigating the college admissions process, providing guidance on applications, essays, and financial aid. $58,120
Employee Assistance Program Coordinator Coordinate and administer employee assistance programs to support employees with personal or work-related challenges, including counseling, referrals, and resources. $55,990
Public Health Educator Develop and implement educational programs to promote public health awareness and prevent disease in communities. $48,140
Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist Help individuals with disabilities or injuries develop job skills, find employment, and integrate into the workforce. $37,530
Art Therapist Use creative expression and art-making techniques to help individuals explore emotions, improve self-esteem, and promote healing. $47,860
Music Therapist Utilize music and sound to address the physical, emotional, and cognitive needs of individuals of all ages. $47,860
Animal-Assisted Therapist Incorporate animals into therapy sessions to facilitate emotional connections, reduce stress, and improve well-being. $47,860
Psychotherapist Provide talk therapy and counseling to individuals, couples, or groups to address mental health issues and promote personal growth. $58,370
Crisis Hotline Counselor Offer emotional support, crisis intervention, and referrals to individuals experiencing emotional distress or crisis situations. $34,900
Life Coach Help clients set goals, overcome obstacles, and make positive changes in their personal or professional lives through coaching and guidance. $47,860
Nonprofit Program Coordinator Coordinate and manage programs and services for nonprofit organizations, overseeing implementation, evaluation, and reporting. $52,430
Disability Services Coordinator Coordinate accommodations and support services for students with disabilities in educational settings, ensuring equal access to academic programs and facilities. $49,350
Mental Health Program Coordinator Plan, implement, and evaluate mental health programs and services to meet the needs of individuals and communities. $49,350
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