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To most of us applying to the right college represents a huge step in our lives. Thus, in such a defining moment, our goal is to make sure that all the resources needed are present for anyone to have the education they have dreamed of.

What is a college application essay?

In essence, the goal of such an assignment is to gauge the potential of a student, namely how they would perform within the respective academic institution if they were to undertake courses there. Where things get a bit tricky is that each of the high-end schools have their own college application essay prompts. That means one can’t exactly study for this kind of assignment. However, what can be done is understand what the examiners are looking for and tailor the response to be eloquent, interesting and inspiring if possible. Without a doubt, this is quite a lot to ask of a senior that is looking to enjoy the fruits of their labor by enrolling themselves in the prestigious university that they desire.

If you are unsure the resources provided to you so far by the academic advisors will help get the job done, then we recommend reading all the material we have on what makes a good admission essay writing service.

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I really need help. Where do I start?

Having tried to make use of all the possible tools around to craft a fantastic admission essay but still feel like it falls short of the desired outcome? Then the best place to start is by looking at samples. At first, it might sound silly to look at what someone else wrote for inspiration while composing such a personal text. But according to many academic research articles on how to best tackle such a challenging moment in one's life is by discovering the relevant prompts and requirements coming from the examiners. For example, some of the popular topics from last year have not changed for the upcoming 2017-2018 registration season. Below we have listed some of the most relevant ones:

  • Present one of your previous works on your favorite essay topic;

  • Describe an activity that makes you lose track of time. Why do you think this happens?

  • Reflect on a previous achievement, successful realization or event that gave you a new understanding of yourself and what motivates you to keep going forward;

  • Discuss the relevance your background and personal identity impact the way you interact with others, especially other cultures;

  • What can someone learn from undergoing the college application essay process?

So far it all seems to be quite easy to do. Nonetheless, you must cover a significant amount of information on these topics within the given word limit of maximum 650 words. It is from our experience that we try to bring the student community up to speed with some of the changes that have occurred in this field. At some point in life, we have all undergone such trials and tribulations. Thus it is vital that we manage to help all college applicants succeed regardless of race, background, access to counseling resources, religion, etc. With that in mind, the student should always make use of all the information available on this website.

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Pick Your Area of Interest

Understanding the basic admission essay topics or prompts is only the first step in tackling this dragon. It is only normal that each individual is interested in different areas of academia and life itself. Therefore, the best approach is to take topics related to your major or work on them with an advisor to make them as close to ideal as possible. What this will do is show the examiner that the applicant has put in the necessary thought and time into their college application essay due to the synergy between what they have chosen as their major and what this short assignment says about them. All of this has to be explained and connected within the given word limit which let's face it is not a large amount to work with.

The key element here is always select an area that you are confident in and would like to develop in. This will not only make those 650 words feel authentic but also fascinate the examiner due to your natural curiosity and desire to discover more.

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The Secrets to Winning Over the College Admission Officer

We all know that there are always secrets to each trade that have been passed down from generation to generation. And now it is our turn to pass down the same fantastic advice that was given to us. Please keep in mind that each college might have their own unique twist to the admission essay process, but that does not mean that these tips and tricks won’t come in handy. To help better understand these secrets we have broken them down into two sections:

Universal Recommendations

When applying to any prestigious institution, it is important to follow your passion when choosing the major, but don’t forget to turn it into an asset as one progresses through academia. While undergoing an interview with the admissions officer make a clear differentiation between your tangible and intangible assets as this will highlight one’s self-evaluation skills. Overall it is important for them to understand that the student is aware of the resources around as well as the candidate being able to make full use of these to achieve their goals.

University/College Specific Recommendations

Regardless of what type of interview one might be asked to undertake it is vital to try to be early since that can make a good impression. Nonetheless, avoid being too early as it may seem odd. The benefits of making a good impression from the start can lead to having a 5-10 minute one-on-one conversation with the examiner before having to do the interview itself. If it is a presentation that you must attend, look to get a seat as close as possible to the speaker. As far as college fairs are concerned the strategy remains the same since you will be seeking to get there a bit early to introduce yourself to the examiner first.

As cheesy as it sounds dress to impress. In this case, a first impression can end up being the only impression. Thus, it is best to behave accordingly during the fair, presentation or interview since it is quite obvious it will be hard for the examiner to remember everyone out of the 150+ candidates they talk to or meet. During the entire procedure engage or participate in a thoughtful conversation. Again according to the settings of the meeting with the admissions examiner be prepared to ask interesting questions perhaps about the background of the institution.