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My career as an essay writer turns ten this year. I was born in 1975 and have lived all of it in southeastern Pennsylvania. I was raised among and in part educated by Quakers, but have no faith personally. My experience with essay writing services gave me the virtue of knowing more than one way to do a thing. Growing up, I read a great deal on my own; mostly old novels, poetry across the board, classics in translation. I loved authors such as George Gamow and Asimov. I taught myself to read at a young age only because I wanted to get what was inside that book: the information.Today, I write within a whole range of different subjects including history, English, linguistics, business, economics, and politics. What I read is essential to what I write; reading helps me deepen my knowledge and gain expertise in a subject. I went to a liberal arts college and got a BA in history, intending to teach high school. Later, I drifted into print journalism. That job didn’t allow for enough creativity, so I switched to writing. I’m interested in the past on its terms.

While writing, I immerse myself in censuses, old maps, letters, diaries, accounts, glass-plate photographs, books, minutes, newspaper morgues and all kinds of other different sources. A while ago I gained an obsession toward language, mostly sorting out the Germanic and Latin elements in the flow of an English sentence, to feel their different heft and torque; this only fueled my interest in writing.

I always write and report results using the correct referencing style; I am most conversant with MLA, APA, and Chicago. Also, my work is always free of plagiarism and grammatically correct. Besides writing, I can also rewrite and edit a completed assignment or text if some corrections are needed. I never anticipated I'd keep writing and still like my job ten years later, but it's been a marvelous ride. In summary: I am online a lot in the case adjustment to my work is needed, and I pride myself on quick deliveries. Most of my customers return for more assistance and learn a lot from my knowledge. I hope you benefit from the custom essay as much as I enjoy writing it.

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