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My career kickstarted back in my college days. Shortly after graduating from university, I realized that this was my passion and writing was something I genuinely enjoy I did my undergraduate study in Boston and my graduate degrees in New York. I spent the majority of my life on the East Coast but did transfer programs in China and Europe. Growing up, I always enjoyed creative writing. As I grew older, I became more interested in research. My areas of focus my undergraduate studies were government and history. I enjoy reading non-fiction novels. Some of my favorite authors are Howard Zinn and Henry Kissinger

Today, I have 8+ years of writing experience. I am very much capable of writing on many subjects including history, English, business, economics, anthropology, and politics. However, these topics do not limit me. If I have limited knowledge on something, I like to write about it. That’s the beauty of informed writing: creativity and research skills are constantly honed and practiced in this field. When I was doing my undergraduate studies, I could never pick a major because I was interested in everything. Becoming a writer allowed me to continue learning and expanding my knowledge.

While writing, I embrace many sources; equal part online and paper encyclopedias. Essay writer service allows me to do what I enjoy the most: researching freely and across the board. While doing so, I promise that I will stick to the essay guidelines you provide. For history, in particular, I enjoy using primary sources while for English essays I always make certain that I have read the text (novel, poem or otherwise) recently so my account of it will be of the highest quality and I could provide you with the best essays.

Whenever I deal with academic writing, I make sure that I can cite my research properly; I can cite in MLA, APA, Harvard, ASA, and Chicago. Also, my work is always free of plagiarism and is 100% free from grammar mistakes. Online authors are not limited to academic writing. Other writers and I provide services in rewiring existing tasks or revising and editing original texts. To me, the time I spend writing is the time in my life I enjoy the most; this job is equal part mentally relaxing and indulging. I am online most of the time, so feel free to contact me in any case. If your work needs adjustment or revision, or if you just want someone to talk to, then I can provide. I deliver my work quite quickly, so don’t be concerned about the approaching deadline any longer. I wish to assure you that my custom essay writings will get you the best grade. Best of luck.

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Wasn’t expecting much coming onto this website but received top-notch work and got an A in the class. Amazing results - recommend it to everyone.
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Essay writer service was quick and very cheap. I’m a college student, so I appreciated it very much. Everyone should order an essay from this essay writer! It’s almost free
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Will definitely use these services again. Very happy with the result. Planning on recommending it to all of my friends too.

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