What Types of Papers Can You Write?

Join us in exploring some of the most encountered questions that students and professionals alike experience when trying to order a college essay online.

What kind of services do you provide?

The internet has become a universe of its own in our modern society, so it is not an uncommon thing to get lost while surfing the web. The EssayService is here to help narrow down your search when in need of a custom essay. The services that we are best known for providing can be summarized as follows:

  • Professional writers in every academic field are at your disposal

  • Writing a paper from scratch

  • Proofreading

  • Editing

  • Free blog posts to help students

With that in mind, customers may begin to departmentalize their academic work into papers that they can fully handle themselves, assignments that will require writing from scratch as well as what you would like to have proofread or edited. These services serve as a tool for students who need academic assistance, but their colleges or universities do not provide them with the means to get the help they require. Thus, with almost a decade of experience in providing premium quality services, we encourage students that are feeling swamped by assignments to contact a veteran writer so that they may focus their energy where it is needed most.

For whom it might be useful?

When debating for whom these services come in handy the most one cannot say for sure as anybody can find themselves in a situation where educational assistance is necessary. In essence, most people undergoing some form of study at a prestigious institution could find themselves swamped by term papers and exams. To keep it as simple as possible we have taken a look at our statistics and put together a comprehensive list of the types of individuals seeking to buy a custom essay from us:

  • High School pupils

  • College or University Students

  • Professionals undergoing higher levels of educational study while working

  • Business personnel that need specific presentations done quickly

  • Individuals that might need business plans or lab reports

  • Those who might need a second opinion on the quality of their work

  • Business owners that might need high-quality marketing content to promote their companies on their websites

As you can tell, our writing service goes beyond the standard definition of just providing custom essay help. Oddly enough such expansionist ideas have come from reading all the reviews received from customers throughout the years. Keep in mind that we do not shy away from negative criticism as long as it is constructive and not offensive.

What types of papers can I order from the EssayService?

The essay writers working with us are proven veterans that can handle any academic paper. It is always taken into account that each student might have slightly different requirements as tutors vary across the country. Nonetheless, below we will list the most popular and encountered types according to our statistics.

  • Argumentative essay
    • Such a type of paper is often defined as a form of persuasive writing that seeks to focus on controversial subject matter. The author is required to take up a particular position on the matter and then explain to the audience why this argument is being approached from this perspective. It is important to consider counter arguments as well as having the evidence to nullify them.
  • Narrative essay
    • Like it or not, everytime we tell a story to our friends or family we are creating a verbal version of this written assignment. With that in mind this type of paper becomes a walk in the park.
  • Persuasive essay
    • Simply put the purpose of this task is to convince the audience that the standpoint you are defending is based on a solid foundation. This will begin to win over the reader to your side of the argument using sound logic, reasoning and most importantly facts.
  • Expository essay
    • This type of paper can make use of both formal and informal language according to the target audience. It is meant to serve as fact-based literature on informing its target audience about a common interest.
  • Descriptive essay
    • The purpose of this assignment is to give the reader the means to vicariously live one of the author's life experiences. This is best done by appealing to the audience's senses which in turn will give them the feeling that they are right there as the story is being told.
  • Cause and effect essay
    • It is best to think of this assignment as a chronological succession of events that together built up the end result. Such a task is best handled by focusing on the relationship and causality of all these events together.
  • Analytical essay
    • Always start by narrowing down the purpose of the assignment as there are many types of analytical essays that one might be asked to write. To gain a better understanding of all these specific types we recommend following this link.
  • Definition essay
    • As simple as it may sound this type of paper goes beyond just describing a basic definition. One should look to define the subject matter in his own words as well as explain why they see it in this particular light.

Do you provide samples?

Yes, we do provide a multitude of samples on a variety of topics. Most of them cover current college essay assignments such as the argumentative essay, narrative essay, descriptive essay and compare and contrast essay.

These samples were designed to serve as guides to students who are not feeling too confident in their ability to tackle such scholarly tasks alone. This need arises from tutors not having sufficient time to handle each student's queries individually as well as the educational system prescribing an absurd amount of classes, some of which you will not even remember in a few years. Nonetheless, before one decides to place an order for custom essay help, it is best to have a look through these educational samples as well as our free academic blog posts. Not only might you find the information needed to get a good grade without having to order a college essay, but it might end up being faster since you already know the requirements and what to look for from the start. However, if this would be too time-consuming, then it is best to get in touch with one of our veteran writers as soon as possible.

One may also choose to look at them as a means to judge the quality of some of our writers within those particular fields.

Can you help if I need a custom essay?

Yes, the paper writers working with the EssayService are always ready and willing to help. The experience they have racked up over the years allows them to handle your academic concerns even on short notice. Nonetheless, for a stress-free experience, we highly recommend placing custom essay orders promptly as it will allow one to get the most out of it.

No matter what topic or academic subject the assignment is on do not be shy to consult our experts if in need of custom essay help. It is best to delegate your general ed class assignments giving one ample time to handle the papers that interest them. Doing so gives the student the ability to better invest their free time into personal growth, their spouse, sports, hobbies, friends, family or whatever the case may be.

It is understandable that for new customers that might still be unsure about our services we believe that the best way to find the ideal writer for yourself is by just ordering a page on the topic you need help with. If the content received is up to par and matches the desired specifications then it is a safe bet to place the full order with the same individual. In most cases, customers tend to build a network of preferred writers so that the process itself becomes as simple as possible.

What if My Assignment is Complicated?

As previously mentioned complex custom essay help is not a problem.However, if the assignment is of such a delicate nature, then the order will be presented to our writing committee. According to the amount of information given in the description, they will decide whether it is doable or not. In the event of it being possible then we will recommend an experienced writer that can handle such a complex concern. It is important for one to be prepared to provide extra information such as in class notes, teachers handouts, course lectures or even a reading list that might come in handy when tackling this particular task.

Being aware of this process in the off chance you do have a highly complicated paper means that it is a good idea to submit such requests in advance. The reason why multiple orders of this nature get rejected is that they are presented before the board too close to the deadline, thus meaning that we would not be able to produce the premium content we guarantee.

Overall it is best to do these things in time not just from the financial aspect but more so to make sure that you will get the custom essay help needed.

Our College Essay Writers are ready to help you!

The main reason why we can guarantee the originality of every assignment is that each paper writer is a native speaker that is a proven expert in his or her field. No matter what kind of custom essay help you might require our staff is always more than willing to lend a hand in times of need.

If you are new to this whole process it is best you have a look at one of our guides on how to choose the best college essay writer for yourself. Our best recommendation is to take your time and explore the list of writers before putting the assignment up for bids. With that in mind, it becomes quite apparent why it is good to place orders in time as it will save you money as well as the stress of doing it last minute. There is no need for college essays to turn into sleepless nights now that you know about the EssayService. Regardless of the topic or level, the essay assignment help we provide is tailored to suit the unique requirements provided as well as secure the grade you deserve, but merely do not have the time to invest into.