Our Essay Revision Process

What if I am not satisfied with my essay?

As we are all quite aware of, many misunderstandings and errors can occur due to the continuous development of the internet when placing orders online. One of the most controversial topics in today's academia is plagiarized work. If you have been wondering how to check your essay for plagiarism, then you have come to the right place. We understand that it is not a pleasant experience having to ask the author to “check my paper for plagiarism” after having been given a guarantee that this will not happen. In the off chance that you are not content with the quality of the essay received, it is highly recommended to request a revision from the professional essay writer. Feel free to ask them to proofread and edit the sections that do not match the given requirements with supporting evidence explaining how they should be redone.

All questions regarding any aspect of the revision process should be directed at the paper writer directly. The best way to settle any concerns about the assignment is by using the 24/7 live chat feature. In the off chance that the author is unresponsive only then should you contact customer support for more information on what should be done next.

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How to request a revision?

  • To ask the paper writer to Check My Essay, start by going to our intranet user interface and look for the review option.

  • Discuss the elements that you believe need to change with the paper writer and set a deadline for them.

  • Inspect the changes that have been made to see if they were done as requested.

How many free revisions do I have?

It is a frequently discussed topic that some academic assistance companies are not exactly what they say they are and only look to make a quick buck off unsuspecting victims. To keep this from happening in the future, we do our best to inform both clients and visitors of what to look out for to get the most out of your money and free time. While using the EssayService and any of our professional essay writers every customer old or new has the right to request as many alterations as necessary for free until the result is satisfactory. Having such an effective academic assistance tool at your disposal will open all kinds of new windows of possibility as far as time management goes.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that clients can ask for free paper edits for 30 days after the order was initially placed. After this period has expired customers can no longer place revision orders at all. Such a service is offered not only to ensure customer satisfaction every time they want us to revise essays but also to show that the work we do is filled with dedication. By always taking the time to craft each section of the assignment passionately can we make the process as efficient as possible.

How long does it take to get a revision done?

Realistically this is similar to asking how long is a piece of string. Nonetheless, we have asked our writers as well as consulted our statistics to come up with detailed estimates for clients that are short on time. On average the duration of an alteration can be a few hours. However, the time required to have it fully edited and ready for submission is proportional to a number of changes that need to be added. For example, if a new customer submits an essay that was not written by our staff asking to check my paper for plagiarism then this could take longer since it is a new text.

The quickest revision feature being offered currently is that of proofreading. Many international students or professionals are sometimes unsure regarding their use of English because more often than not they end up doing their academic work at strange times. Thus, to help them cope with work or the challenge of expressing oneself in a foreign language we will always offer some of the fastest proofreading service available on the web.

How can I check my paper for plagiarism?

In today’s technologically developed society there are always alternatives available to consumers when looking to inspect the quality of their work. With this in mind, one must examine the value of various possibilities before reaching a conclusion on what the best ways are to achieve their goal. Whenever clients need to check an essay for plagiarism, they are given several options to do so while working with our writing staff. It is quite unlikely that you will have to revise papers written by us since they are always plagiarism free. However, if a different company produced the assignment then we highly suggest double-checking all aspects of the essay and not just for plagiarism.

As far as the plagiarism checking methods offered by our educational service goes the options available work as follows:

  • The automatic version is our Intranet self-plagiarism checker.

  • The most used version, however, is the manual option. Here one can ask a writer to perform a thorough inspection of the text.

  • Lastly is a self-made check. Feel free to research and make use any of the free plagiarism checkers available on the internet.