Payments And Confidentiality Issues

It is only natural to have questions about how a company accepts payments as well as how it handles its confidential issues. Make sure you go through all the relevant FAQs and the Terms and Conditions before finalizing the ordering process.

How to buy an essay?

For most of us the initial reaction to someone asking where can I buy an essay fast can vary. Despite all the controversy behind getting academic help in our modern society from sources other than the library or the professor, we must understand that such businesses have developed due to a natural need for them. Thus, for those of you who are new and are looking for a reliable confidential essay service then look no further. Our ordering process can be summarized in 4 easy-to-follow steps:

  • Play around with the price calculator to get a rough estimation of how much your assignment would cost. Remember the prices displayed are just estimates and might not represent the final value if one has excellent negotiation skills.

  • Create a working account with the EssayService. This will allow you to have access to our entire community including all the benefits and perks as well as notifications when free academic blogs are being posted.

  • Explore our extensive list of professional paper writers and find the perfect one for you. We understand that each client has their own unique set of requirements when choosing to buy an essay. Thus, by having access to the best possible resources, you will also get the best possible grades.

  • Release payment to the writer after you are satisfied with the quality of the paper and enjoy getting fantastic grades. Feel free to leave us a review about how our services have helped you out in a challenging situation.

Our company policies dictate that each customer old or new is to be treated respectfully. While buying an essay from us, the goal is to take it beyond a simple, pleasant experience. This happens because such transactions represent an investment in the future. It is important to note that when submitting payments or placing orders with the EssayService that infers that any purchase made is strictly for personal and non-commercial use. Thus, all the material that is produced by our writing staff for clients still has all its authorship rights belonging to the company. If you need more information, please consult the FAQs or visit our Terms and Conditions Page.

How do I make my first payment?


Regardless of whether it is your first time trying to pay for an essay or not, the process in itself does not change whatsoever. After having decided on what writer you will pay for the paper, it is important to communicate with them using the 24/7 live chat and settle on a payment platform that is readily available to both parties. To sum things up our company provides you with a customer guarantee stating that funds do not have to be released to the author until the client is satisfied with the product. This has to be backed up by evidence which comes from all the details of the assignment as well as what was discussed in the live chat. Another significant advantage that our services provide is that customers may request revisions within the first 30 days from the date the order was submitted. However, once this period has expired customers can no longer place essay review requests for free.

Is the EssayService confidential?

Yes. The EssayService has always respected the privacy of all our users. Your private information will never be shared or given out to third parties without direct consent from the user. This strategy is visible in our Privacy Statement available on the website and can be viewed to get more information regarding our company's policies and practices regarding the collection, storage, use of client and guests information. As far as the personal security of all our customers goes, the Privacy Policy page illustrates that our conglomerate reserves the right to contact any client via email regarding discounts, special offers, new services and other such information that is deemed relevant to the particular individual.

What about the essay prices? Are they attractive?

Yes. Our company understands the attractive value prices bring to the table when students are searching the web for the best possible academic help when trying to buy an essay. However, keep in mind that a cheap writing service might not always end up producing the results you needed. When assessing prices, it is important to understand that we are giving out the lowest possible prices for premium content. It is possible to find companies that will provide similar services, but the content may be plagiarized thus indicating why the cost is so low.

We believe that a product or services attractiveness is determined by the quality of the product you receive, the duration of delivery as well as how difficult it was to communicate with your writer throughout the process. Having a helpful academic assistant is often an underrated advantage. Most of us would address all of our questions to the teacher if they had the time, nonetheless making use of all the resources available to you is what can determine how successful one will be when swamped by deadlines from both work and school.

Any Money-Back Guarantee Options?

In the off chance that you will have an unpleasant experience with our services then it is important to know how our guarantees work. In essence, once the customer has missed the chance to place a revision request after 30 days have passed from the moment the order was accepted then all products or services provided by the company become completely non-refundable and are no longer protected by any stated or implicit warranties. It is vital to understand that once the order is fully completed and accepted by the client, no refunds will be made or offered. Nonetheless, there have been rare cases where the company does provide a refund if the circumstances are sensible, but that is still done at our discretion.

The moment where all the guarantees are considered as completed is when the customer releases payment to the writer. Upon releasing the entire sum owed to the author, it is an indirect confirmation that you have reviewed the completed paper, accepted it and consider the work in excellent condition. Thus, clients can not ask for access to the 24/7 live chat session with the author, uploads or any form of corrections once the transaction is fully completed. Keep in mind that if you as the customer download the final order and do not request a revision from the writer within the following 48 hours, then our system will automatically mark it as completed and proceed to release the remainder of the funds to the author. Remember to always double-check the final version of the work carefully before finalizing the payment.

When I pay for an essay, do I get any warranties?

Anytime you choose to pay for an essay it is no different than going to the local supermarket. To keep things as simple as possible to any of our customers that have complicated questions about our warranties, we have composed a short list summarizing the crucial points. As we will mention several times, an order is considered complete only after full payment has been released to the essay writer. Therefore, before submitting the final installment make sure that all these features have been met:

  • Every one of our products that are written for or by consumers is intended to be used solely for learning purposes, as a reference, research or understanding how to write an essay with a particular citation style.

  • Any of the information or ideas used from the information or content provided must be adequately cited if it is to be referenced at a later date.

  • Clients must come to the understanding that all services provided on this website require funding and payment for the time and effort that has been used and is still being put forward to gather, correct, edit, organize and deliver premium quality products to the customer upon completion. It is important to note that the funds collected are used to maintain the website as well as the staff that helps students get the grades they deserve.

  • It is not allowed to be in possession of more than a conservative number of printed copies of the assignment for education and/or personal use, publication, modification, distribution, transmission, display or lead to the production of derivative works. We advise seeking the written consent of the company before engaging in any of those acts.

  • All educational material produced by our professional paper writers automatically transfers ownership to the EssayService and/or its respective partners and affiliates.

  • Each client agrees to erase any, and all educational material from the company after the goal of the order has been achieved. This means that no copies for redistribution will be kept by the writers or the customers making sure that all the material produced remains as authentic as possible. The works may not be used anywhere else without prior consent from our conglomerate.

  • By registering online to make use of our services, the consumer agrees to be subject to receiving promotional information that is deemed as being relevant to them such as discounts, promotional offers, specials and academic writing contests for young upcoming writers. There is an option to subscribe or unsubscribe from having such information forwarded to your email in the Profile options.