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Extended Essay Topics: 285 IB Ideas for You

High school students typically undertake this research project as part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. With a length of 3000-4000 words, it offers an opportunity for students to delve deeply into a topic of personal interest within one of the IB subject areas. Please follow the link to learn more about the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.

If you want to learn how to write an extended essay, begin by selecting a well-defined research question that aligns with the subject's curriculum and your interests. Conduct thorough research using various reputable sources, analyze the gathered information critically, and develop a clear argument or thesis. Structuring the essay with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion, students should present their findings cohesively, supported by evidence and examples. Additionally, adhere to academic conventions, including proper citations and referencing, and ensure clarity and coherence in your writing.

Finally, students should engage in regular revisions and seek feedback from teachers or peers to refine their essays into a comprehensive and academically rigorous piece of work. You’ll be pleased to know that our online paper writing service provides IB essays, too!

How to Choose an Extended Essay Topic?

Choosing an EE topic is crucial as it sets the direction for your research and impacts your overall experience. Here's a concise guide to help you select suitable IB extended essay topic ideas:

How to Choose an Extended Essay Topic
  • Identify Your Interests

Start by brainstorming subjects or topics that genuinely interest you. Consider your passions, hobbies, and subjects you excel in or find intriguing.

  • Review IB Subject Areas

Explore the IB subject areas you're studying and consider how your interests intersect with these disciplines. Your EE topic should align with one of these subjects.

  • Consider Feasibility

Assess the feasibility of potential extended essay ideas based on available resources, access to data, and your ability to conduct research within the given timeframe.

  • Narrow Down Your Focus

Once you have a broad topic in mind, narrow it down to a specific research question or area of investigation. A focused, well-defined research question will make your EE more manageable and coherent.

  • Consult with Teachers

Seek guidance from your teachers or EE supervisor. They can provide valuable insights, suggest potential topics, and help you refine your research question.

  • Evaluate Significance

Consider the significance and relevance of your chosen topic. Is it academically challenging? Does it offer opportunities for original research or critical analysis?

  • Reflect on Personal Connection

Reflect on why this topic matters to you personally. Connecting with your topic on a deeper level can enhance your motivation and engagement throughout the research process. If you need a more hands-on approach, request our college essay writing help now.

  • Pilot Research

Conduct some preliminary research to gauge the availability of sources and the depth of existing literature on your chosen topic. This will help you determine whether it's viable for your EE.

  • Stay Flexible

Be open to adjusting your topic or research question as you delve deeper into the literature and gather more information. Flexibility is key to finding the right balance between academic rigor and personal interest.

  • Finalize Your Topic

Once you've considered these factors, finalize your EE topic and research question. Ensure it meets the IB's requirements and aligns with your academic goals and interests. If you need a psychology essay writing service, you can easily obtain it on our website.

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The Ultimate List of Extended Essay Ideas

Are you ready for a surge of inspiration that will leave you no choice but to start writing? Then, let’s do this! For your convenience, EssayService distributed the topics among nineteen areas, depending on what subject you’re going to choose. Alternatively, you can order essay online without having to spend hours on research, drafting, and proofreading.

Best Extended Essay Topics

  1. Social media's impact on teen mental health.
  2. Renewable energy policy effectiveness.
  3. Gender roles in contemporary literature.
  4. Ethics of gene editing technology.
  5. Diversity's effect on workplace productivity.
  6. Propaganda's role in wartime opinions.
  7. Music's influence on memory.
  8. Bilingual education's language benefits.
  9. Globalization's impact on indigenous cultures.
  10. Mindfulness for stress reduction.
  11. Socioeconomic status and academic success.
  12. Mental illness portrayal in media.
  13. Religion's role in politics.
  14. Climate change and biodiversity.
  15. Alternative medicine's efficacy in chronic illness.

Visual Arts Extended Essay Topics

  1. The portrayal of light in Impressionist paintings.
  2. Symbolism in Frida Kahlo's self-portraits.
  3. The evolution of cubism in Picasso's works.
  4. Cultural influences on Japanese woodblock prints.
  5. Surrealism's impact on contemporary photography.
  6. The use of color in Matisse's cut-outs.
  7. Female empowerment in contemporary street art.
  8. Environmental themes in Land Art installations.
  9. Religious symbolism in Renaissance masterpieces.
  10. The intersection of technology and art in digital animation.
  11. Abstract expressionism and emotional catharsis.
  12. Political commentary in Banksy's graffiti.
  13. Gender representation in classical sculpture.
  14. Art as a form of protest in the Civil Rights Movement.
  15. Nature as muse in the Hudson River School paintings.

Computer Science Extended Essay Topics

  1. Machine learning applications in predicting stock market trends.
  2. Encryption techniques for securing cloud-based data.
  3. Quantum computing's impact on cryptography.
  4. Cybersecurity measures against ransomware attacks.
  5. Artificial intelligence in personalized healthcare.
  6. Algorithm optimization for autonomous vehicle route planning.
  7. Ethical considerations in facial recognition technology.
  8. Blockchain in supply chain management efficiency.
  9. Natural language processing advancements in virtual assistants.
  10. The role of big data analytics in business intelligence.
  11. Cybersecurity challenges in the Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
  12. Exploring the potential of edge computing in IoT networks.
  13. Data privacy regulations and their impact on technology companies.
  14. The use of virtual reality in immersive learning experiences.
  15. Advancements in computer vision for image recognition tasks.

English Extended Essay Topics

  1. Identity exploration in contemporary literature.
  2. Gender dynamics in Shakespearean tragedies.
  3. Magical realism in Gabriel García Márquez's novels.
  4. Postcolonial themes in Chinua Achebe's "Things Fall Apart."
  5. Symbolism in George Orwell's "1984."
  6. Alienation in J.D. Salinger's "The Catcher in the Rye."
  7. The hero archetype in epic literature.
  8. Eco-criticism in environmental literature.
  9. Satire in Jonathan Swift's "Gulliver's Travels."
  10. Mental illness in Sylvia Plath's poetry.
  11. Comparative dystopian literature analysis.
  12. Mythology's influence on modern fantasy.
  13. Power dynamics in Shakespeare's "Macbeth."
  14. Narrator roles in postmodernist literature.
  15. Social commentary in Octavia Butler's science fiction.

History Extended Essay Topics

  1. The impact of colonialism on indigenous cultures.
  2. Analyzing the causes and consequences of the Great Depression.
  3. Women's suffrage movements around the world.
  4. The role of Propaganda in shaping public opinion during wartime.
  5. Comparing the French and American Revolutions.
  6. The rise and fall of ancient civilizations: A comparative study.
  7. Investigating the origins and consequences of the Cold War.
  8. The effects of globalization on indigenous communities.
  9. The significance of religious reformations in shaping modern societies.
  10. Exploring the legacy of imperialism in Africa.
  11. The role of technology in shaping the course of World War II.
  12. Resistance movements during periods of oppression.
  13. The impact of the Renaissance on European society and culture.
  14. Analyzing the causes and consequences of the Civil Rights Movement.
  15. The role of nationalism in the dissolution of empires.

Extended Essay Topics Human Rights

  1. The impact and challenges of international human rights treaties.
  2. Social media's influence on human rights activism.
  3. Refugee rights: Navigating challenges in host nations.
  4. Transitional justice mechanisms in post-conflict societies.
  5. Environmental rights amidst the climate crisis.
  6. Indigenous land rights: Struggles and victories.
  7. Accountability and justice through international criminal tribunals.
  8. Technology's implications for privacy rights.
  9. Gender-based violence in conflict regions: Addressing root causes.
  10. Economic sanctions: Balancing human rights and political goals.
  11. Corporate responsibility in global supply chains: Progress and setbacks.
  12. Advocating for disability rights in diverse societies.
  13. Examining human rights impacts of mass incarceration.
  14. Protecting migrant workers from exploitation.
  15. Education's role in promoting human rights awareness.

Extended Essay Topics English Literature

  1. Symbolism in "To Kill a Mockingbird."
  2. Character development in "Pride and Prejudice."
  3. Conflict resolution in "Lord of the Flies."
  4. Themes of isolation in Emily Dickinson's poetry.
  5. Literary techniques in Edgar Allan Poe's short stories.
  6. Cultural identity in "The Joy Luck Club."
  7. Gender roles in Shakespearean comedies.
  8. Narrative structure in "The Great Gatsby."
  9. The theme of love in sonnets by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
  10. Imagery in the poetry of Langston Hughes.
  11. Symbolism in "The Catcher in the Rye."
  12. Social commentary in George Orwell's "1984."
  13. Religious motifs in "The Canterbury Tales."
  14. Irony in Mark Twain's "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn."
  15. Allegory in William Golding's "Lord of the Flies."

Math Extended Essay Topics

  1. Fibonacci sequences in nature.
  2. Sorting algorithm efficiency.
  3. Music and mathematics.
  4. Game theory in economics.
  5. Mathematics of cryptography.
  6. Fractal patterns in geometry.
  7. Mathematics in sports analysis.
  8. Chaos theory: A mathematical view.
  9. Quantum computing fundamentals.
  10. Voting systems analysis.
  11. Symmetry: Exploring group theory.
  12. Population growth modeling.
  13. Origami mathematics.
  14. Neural networks: Math in AI.
  15. Network theory in social sciences.

Chemistry Extended Essay Topics

  1. pH's effect on enzyme activity.
  2. Chemical reaction kinetics.
  3. Food preservation chemistry.
  4. Temperature and reaction rate.
  5. Nanomaterials in chemistry.
  6. Catalysts in reactions.
  7. Water treatment chemistry.
  8. Natural vs. synthetic polymers.
  9. Photosynthesis and respiration.
  10. Equilibrium factors in chemistry.
  11. Chemical pollutants and remediation.
  12. Medicinal drugs chemistry.
  13. Green chemistry principles.
  14. Taste and aroma chemistry of foods.
  15. Alternative energy chemistry.

Extended Essay Business and Management Topics

  1. Corporate social responsibility's impact on consumer behavior.
  2. Effective supply chain management in global businesses.
  3. Leadership styles' role in organizational success.
  4. Marketing strategies' effectiveness in building brand loyalty.
  5. Culture's influence on international business negotiations.
  6. Entrepreneurship's challenges and opportunities in emerging markets.
  7. Employee motivation's relationship with performance.
  8. Globalization's effects on small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  9. Digital technologies' role in transforming business operations.
  10. Diversity and inclusion policies' impact on organizational performance.
  11. Change management strategies in organizations.
  12. Factors influencing consumer buying behavior in the digital age.
  13. Ethics' role in business decision-making.
  14. E-commerce's impact on traditional retail businesses.
  15. International expansion's challenges and opportunities for businesses.

Good Extended Essay Topics for Economics

  1. Impact of government policies on income inequality.
  2. Effectiveness of monetary policy in achieving price stability.
  3. Role of human capital in economic development.
  4. Effects of globalization on labor markets.
  5. Relationship between economic growth and environmental sustainability.
  6. Impact of trade liberalization on developing economies.
  7. Causes and consequences of financial crises.
  8. Effects of technological innovation on economic growth.
  9. Role of foreign direct investment in economic development.
  10. Economics of healthcare systems and universal coverage.
  11. Impact of income taxation on economic behavior.
  12. Economics of climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  13. Role of government intervention in market failures.
  14. Economics of poverty alleviation programs.
  15. Impact of economic incentives on consumer behavior.

Physics Extended Essay Topics

  1. How different surfaces affect the bounce of a ball.
  2. Exploring the science behind a slingshot's launch.
  3. The relationship between temperature and the rate of a chemical reaction.
  4. Investigating the factors affecting the stretch of a rubber band.
  5. The physics of a simple electric circuit.
  6. Measuring the speed of sound in different materials.
  7. Analyzing the effect of magnetism on the direction of a compass.
  8. The behavior of light through different colored filters.
  9. How the length of a pendulum affects its swing time.
  10. Investigating the relationship between mass and acceleration.
  11. Exploring the physics of a falling object.
  12. The properties of static electricity: Attraction and repulsion.
  13. The impact of surface area on the rate of heat transfer.
  14. Understanding the basics of friction: Sliding vs. rolling.
  15. Analyzing the effect of temperature on the volume of a gas.

Psychology Extended Essay Topics

  1. How music affects mood.
  2. Social media's impact on self-esteem.
  3. Color and emotion perception.
  4. Family dynamics and adolescent behavior.
  5. Nature vs. nurture in personality.
  6. Decision-making under pressure.
  7. Mindfulness meditation for stress.
  8. Sleep deprivation and cognition.
  9. Exercise and mental health.
  10. Psychology of addiction.
  11. Childhood trauma and adult mental health.
  12. Peer pressure and behavior.
  13. Motivation in academics.
  14. Culture's effect on cognition.
  15. Attachment styles in relationships.

Racism Extended Essay Topics

  1. Effects of racial bias in education.
  2. Media's role in perpetuating racial stereotypes.
  3. Economic disparities due to racial inequality.
  4. Combating racial prejudice strategies.
  5. Implicit bias and decision-making.
  6. Intersectionality of race and gender.
  7. Racial segregation in urban communities.
  8. Privilege and systemic racism.
  9. Racialization of immigration policies.
  10. Colonialism's impact on contemporary racism.
  11. Racial profiling in law enforcement.
  12. Microaggressions and their impact on minorities.
  13. Health disparities among different racial groups.
  14. Historical roots of racial discrimination.
  15. Representation of race in popular culture.

Global Politics Extended Essay Topics

  1. International efforts in addressing climate change.
  2. The impact of social media on political movements.
  3. Nuclear proliferation and global security.
  4. Human rights violations in conflict zones.
  5. Gender equality in international politics.
  6. The role of diplomacy in resolving conflicts.
  7. Economic globalization and income inequality.
  8. Refugee crises and humanitarian responses.
  9. Cybersecurity threats in the digital age.
  10. The rise of populism and its impact on democracy.
  11. Global health governance and pandemic preparedness.
  12. Ethnic conflicts and peacebuilding efforts.
  13. Environmental policies and sustainable development goals.
  14. Arms trade and its impact on global peace.
  15. The role of non-governmental organizations in global governance.

Biology Extended Essay Topics

  1. Effects of temperature on enzyme activity.
  2. Plant growth responses to light intensity.
  3. Genetics of flower color inheritance in plants.
  4. Impacts of pollution on freshwater ecosystems.
  5. Antibiotic resistance in bacteria.
  6. The role of vitamins in human health.
  7. Photosynthesis rates in different light conditions.
  8. Investigating the biodiversity of a local ecosystem.
  9. Cellular respiration and its environmental factors.
  10. Effects of caffeine on heart rate in humans.
  11. Genetics of blood type inheritance.
  12. Investigating the effects of pH on aquatic life.
  13. Comparative study of animal adaptations in different environments.
  14. Impact of pesticides on bee populations.
  15. Investigating the factors influencing seed germination.

Extended Metaphor Essay Topics

  1. Life as a Rollercoaster: The ups and downs of life's journey.
  2. Love as a Battlefield: Navigating the challenges and victories of love.
  3. Education as a Garden: Cultivating knowledge and growth.
  4. Friendship as a Ship: Sailing through the waters of companionship.
  5. Time as a Thief: How time steals moments and memories.
  6. Success as a Puzzle: Fitting together the pieces of achievement.
  7. Dreams as Stars: Reaching for the stars in pursuit of our aspirations.
  8. Courage as a Beacon: Guiding us through dark times with bravery.
  9. Creativity as a River: Flowing with endless ideas and inspiration.
  10. Challenges as Mountains: Conquering obstacles like scaling peaks.
  11. Happiness as Sunshine: Brightening our lives with joy and warmth.
  12. Knowledge as a Key: Unlocking doors to understanding and wisdom.
  13. Emotions as Weather: Ever-changing like the skies above.
  14. Society as a Garden: Cultivating harmony and growth within communities.
  15. Ambition as a Flame: Burning bright with determination and drive.

Law IB Extended Essay Topics

  1. Human rights and national laws.
  2. Digital privacy regulations.
  3. International criminal accountability.
  4. Intellectual property and innovation.
  5. Law, technology, and challenges.
  6. Cultural influences on legal systems.
  7. Environmental laws for sustainability.
  8. Gender equality in legal contexts.
  9. International law effectiveness.
  10. Artificial intelligence and legal implications.
  11. Corporate responsibility in law.
  12. Reforming criminal justice systems.
  13. Family law in modern society.
  14. Legal ethics and dilemmas.
  15. Law's role in global inequality.

Extended Essay Topics Language and Literature

  1. The role of symbolism in a selected novel.
  2. Cultural stereotypes in contemporary literature.
  3. Comparing female characters in classic and modern literature.
  4. Metaphors in poetry: Analysis and interpretation.
  5. Historical context and its influence on literary themes.
  6. Translation's impact on understanding literature.
  7. Depiction of mental health in literary works.
  8. Folklore's influence on modern storytelling.
  9. Evolution of a literary genre.
  10. Narrative perspective and reader interpretation.
  11. Power dynamics in dystopian fiction.
  12. Trauma and resilience in postcolonial literature.
  13. Satire addressing social issues in literature.
  14. Interplay of language and identity in literature.
  15. Character development in a chosen play or novel.
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