How to Write a College Application Essay

December 15, 2016 How To Write
How to Write a College Application Essay

Joining a college is never a uniform process. Apart from filling the typical application forms, some institutions make it an obligation for the applicants to show how they are different from each other. A college application essay offers the student the opportunity to showcase their superior qualities to an admission board as a way to show who stands out from the rest. As a result, it is imperative to write a compelling essay to make the essential difference.


If the college is determined to helping a student to generate a topic, it might present the prospective student with an essay prompt in a way to arouse the thinking and reflection process. In other cases, it may be an initiative of the student to initiate the process, which as well varies depending on the course, time, interests of the board, and the institution. Standard prompts include background and significant identities where the student would like to talk about meaningful experiences, life lessons that are fundamental towards success, reflection scenarios, problem-solving encounters, and accomplishments/events of transition. More so, a student can also be required to write about a problem he/she would like to solve in the future.

How to Start a College Application Essay

Indeed, getting started can be the hardest part of a college application essay. However, it is imperative to brainstorm ideas before starting the actual process, list ideas according to their weight and significance, gather and separate information sets, and make an outline. After that, a student can make his/her first draft and decide on the examples that one would want to appear on the essay. Moreover, it is vital to hooking the reader by introducing the topic clearly and precisely. It is not about filling the white spaces of paper with words, but writing coherently and attractively.

Common Topic Ideas

In some situations, a student may be required to make a personal statement. In other cases, he/she can write on the reasons for having an interest in the college. An activity essay is also common where the students write about an action, service, or an encounter that was significant to them. Also, topics on quick takes can be common especially in instances where they are required to think creatively. However, the students should avoid subjects to do with personal success, issues regarding public consciousness such as natural disasters, and unnecessary attention-grabbers such as writing in different languages or slang.

In a situation where the question shrinks the student to tell more about individual goals, an example would include the requirement to tell how to make the institution a better place beyond academic achievements. Others include knowing the ambition of the student such as how he/she became attracted to the college. Thirdly, there is the creativity question that assesses one’s knowledge such as writing about experiences they found exciting or educational while providing reasons.

Tips for Crafting Your Essay

There are several important inclusions necessary when writing an application essay.

  • Firstly, one must understand the prompt or the question of reference. After writing, it is also crucial to ascertain whether the composition adheres to the question. As such, one must read and re-read them.
  • Secondly, brainstorming, although it is a tedious process, is critical since it helps in listing all the possible ideas to include and addresses the essay question.
  • Thirdly, a student should make an outline to map the essential inclusions, and after that, he/she can begin the writing process.

However, it is important to be focused; remain narrow and personal, be specific, write from a personal perspective and do it concisely. Too many words are unnecessary. Most importantly, proofread the work after writing.

Common College Application Essay Questions

Lessons from life stories and identity: For instance, what do you love and reasons behind it? Or
What are the experiences that in life that transformed you as a person?
Inspirational perspectives: such as, what would you like to change in the world?
Incisive and personal questions: e.g. what is your stance regarding same-sex marriage?


Writing an application essay can be easy or difficult depending on the topic’s choice and student’s approach. Since students are aware that it determines a lot regarding their acceptance in a college, one of the biggest mistakes students make trying too hard to impress. Our custom essay writing service can help you to avoid the stressful time and assist with writing the College Application Essay. Moreover, pretense is unnecessary, which underlines the necessity of honesty as a virtue. Most importantly, they should always follow instructions carefully to avoid being vague or redundant.

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