How to Write a College Admission Essay

December 17, 2016 How To Write
How to Write a College Admission Essay

Writing an admission essay can be compared to an expression of interest. It emanates from the fact that many colleges require an applicant to write it so that there is an assessment of personality and skills. In this case, the select committee analyzes the best student to fill a vacant position using such writing hence the need to write it expertly and express personal ideas in a coherent manner.

Defining a College Admission Essay

A college admission essay, which also serves as a statement of purpose is a paper presentation by an applicant who is interested in joining a particular learning institution as part of the admission process. It typically states the reasons for choosing the facility, and the topics vary significantly. They might be specific or open-ended.

How to Start a College Admission Essay

The best way to start a college admission essay is through the use of an anecdote. In most cases, the college admissions officers/select committees do not have ample time to review all the presentations to the last details. Therefore, it is imperative to grab their attention and engage them in the very beginning. As a case example, an applicant can share a moment before starting the actual writing process as a way to fascinate the reader.

College Admission Essay Format

Often, the Intro-body-format is the most reliable path to a fruitful and competitive essay.

Introduction: The introductory part serves to introduce the reader to the topic and contains the thesis statement.

Body: It is just a development of the writer’s opinions while giving examples to justify the ideas and deductions. Its length varies about what the applicant wants to write about or as advised.

Conclusion: Having a fulfilling paragraph is essential to winding up the content. The entire paper should range between two and three pages for precision purposes and to ensure quality.

College Admission Essay Prompts

The most critical consideration in this part is to understand the question/prompt. There are cases where some colleges give the prospective students a free choice regarding the topic to enhance creativity as long as it is a good story. There are others that tend to be more precise in a way to converge the applicants to talk about a standard issue. Standard prompts include the reason for choosing the institution or writing about the self. However, in cases where the prompts are free, many tend to talk about personal but meaningful experiences, lessons that people take from failure or other issues which are meaningful.

Essay Topic Examples

a) If you could give an example of a significant person in history, who would you choose? Why?

b) If you got the opportunity to travel in the world for a week, which place would you choose and why?

c) What do you consider as the most significant technological achievement of the 20th-century discoveries?

d) You have already finished high school, what advice would you offer to a student just beginning his/her high school career?



It contains one complete paragraph that introduces the essay

  • Gives the applicant’s objective of the essay
  • Includes the thesis statement
  • Shows the writer’s opinion regarding an issue


Contains several paragraphs that connect and develop the main ideas with examples

  • Paragraphs support the thesis
  • May argue for or against a topic
  • Every new idea starts in a new paragraph


  • All but summarizes the main points
  • Restates the thesis
  • The writer gives a final remark/comment about the topic


The most important part in writing an admission essay is showing the selection panel that a student is willing to be part of the existing community. Coherence is as well highly essential. Similarly, it is vital to remain original, organized and very creative to avoid the readers from “passing by” the essay for others that are attractive. Above all, it is important to write by giving examples as opposed to just telling but remain honest. As required in other types of papers as well, proofreading the work is critical to avoid grammatical and spelling errors.

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