How and when can I get my order?

How can I order an essay?

To explain the process of ordering a paper online with the EssayService as simply as possible, we have found that a broken down step by step guide is the best way to go about it. So let's not waste any time and get right to it.

1 Step : The Price Calculator

We encourage and recommend that customers play around with the price calculator on the home page. This will help give them a rough idea of how much the essay will cost according to some of the fundamental requirements. These elements can be broken down into segments such as the service needed (Writing, Proofreading, Editing), the type of paper, deadline of the order (from 6 hours up to 2 months) and lastly the number of pages the assignment must have. However, it is important to keep in mind that the prices given out by the calculator are mere estimates, and the final sum may vary according to how well one negotiates with their chosen essay writer.

Calculate the Price

2 Step: Create an Account

After having played around with the price calculator it is time to sign up on the website to start the actual ordering process. Follow the instructions provided to register your account and move on to the next step. Having a working account will make the process as safe and as secure as possible every time you need reliable essay help.

3 Step: Order Safely Online

Once your account has been successfully activated one may begin to place paper orders. Throughout this section students seeking academic assistance must fill in the details about their assignments as descriptively as possible. In the off chance that extra information has to be sent that cannot fit in the space provided, please make use of the 24/7 live chat or simply email the attachments to the professional essay writer capable of handling the respective task.

4 Step: Find The Perfect Writer

In this section, the customer may choose how to engage potential paper writers for their assignment. The first method involves selecting an essay writer from our available list of experts by making use of previous customer reviews. Alternatively one may choose to put the assignment up for auction and wait to see what bids will be placed on it by our experts.


5 Step: Go Over The Requirements

Having found the ideal essay writer for your project, now is time to set up contact hours, the number of drafts needed as well as any other specific information that is vital to the successful completion of the assignment.

6 Step: Inspect The Final Version

Receive your masterpiece via email in a timely manner before the deadline. We always recommend double-checking the end product to make sure that everything is in order and nothing is left out.

7 Step: Focus On What's Important

After inspecting the work and being satisfied with what you have received, one must release the agreed upon payment to the professional essay writer. We offer such a dedicated service because we understand the damage a poorly written plagiarized paper does to a student's reputation. Thus, all you need to do is order in a timely fashion, sit back and enjoy the good grades.

When can I get my paper?

Such a question is quite difficult to answer exactly due to how general it is in nature. Nonetheless, we have created a list to help our customers understand what the main factors that determine the duration of assignments are.

Firstly it is dependent on what type of paper is needed by the client such as an Admission Essay, Annotated Bibliography, Creative Writing Task, Reflective Essay, etc. The most common types of assignments will be presented to you as a selectable option in the order interface. However, if the type you need is not available there, please make use of the Other function at the end of the list and manually insert the requirements of the task. Our paper writers will review what the essay entails and contact you as quickly as possible with an offer.

The second most important factor would be the combination of the required word count as well as the number of pages. This influences how much research the essay writer has to do on the topic itself since references are required as well as the various levels of depth at which the audience must be engaged.

At third, we have placed structure requirements. As simple as that sounds, each lecturer or even boss in case you need a business report may have a different way of looking at the same information. Thus, with that in mind, it is understandable why changes in structure can be difficult to handle in a short amount of time, and we recommend delegating such trivial tasks to our professional essay writers while you focus on what is truly important.

The fourth most significant factor finds itself as being the number of references, appendices, visual data representation or statistical data analysis that has to be presented throughout the essay. Putting together all this information in all the appropriate places while the display itself remains visually pleasing does take a bit of time, despite the simplicity of the act itself.

Lastly, the final crucial element is the amount of time the essay writer has to create the masterpiece. If the order is placed at the very last minute, then we will do our best to deliver on the deadline. However, keep in mind that the latest an order can be placed is more than 6 hours before it has to be turned in.

What if I need my essay urgently?

Urgent essay help and custom writings are not an uncommon request when working with our professional essay writers. As previously mentioned the very latest that an order can be submitted and completed 6 hours before the deadline. However, despite having the arsenal that our authors offer it is still best to seek proofreading or essay help in a timely manner to secure the best grade possible for yourself. It is not exactly possible to get drafts when needing papers written on such short notice, meaning that it is not easy for a customer to ask the writer to mimic their writing style under such circumstances.

The solution that most of our clients have come up with makes use of their Favourite Writers in such situations. Our returning customers have worked with a number of our staff. Thus they have compiled a list of authors that can mimic their writing style perfectly and without receiving long lists of instructions. This is one of the only feasible ways that one can make an order last minute and have it turn out as they wanted to.

How will I get my paper?

The best way to get your paper once it is completed is via email or through our intranet. These are by far the safest and most commonly used methods to distribute the final versions to our customers. Nonetheless, if it is preferred that a particular platform is used to deliver the final version, it is best to discuss this with the chosen essay writer before considering it a possibility. Overall, most clients want to use our intranet as all the features are already present and do not require extra effort from the individual to be logged in on multiple platforms.

What if I don't like my essay: any proofreading options?

In the off chance that you do not like a particular aspect of the article, our company provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. What that means is that throughout the order one may request as many drafts as needed every time. Other benefits include unlimited proofreadings and edits of the sections that do not match the given specifications. Ultimately it is highly recommended to make use of our company's intranet because you have the option not to release the agreed upon sum for the essay to the paper writer until the assignment looks the way you wanted it to.

What you can do to help improve the experience as well as making the process faster is to send the professional essay writer you have chosen examples of academic work that have been previously written for various classes. This will allow the writer to mimic and reproduce your style throughout the assignment much more quickly as they have a visual representation to study and not just a description of it.

Overall making use of such a system has allowed us to produce premium quality essays that are always plagiarism free consistently. Regardless of whether you are a student or a professional, our expert paper writers are ready to help you get the grades needed or the promotion you deserve.