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I like to think I became an online essay writer by fate. When I was struggling with life the most, I found this job as a freelancer and have been doing it ever since. When I was in my last year of undergraduate studies in university, I had to drop out because of family issues. I was double majoring in Engineering and Oceanography. When I dropped out of University, I was very lost in life, and so I turned to freelancing. In high school, English was my favorite thing to do. I loved going to school and learning.

Writing became my new hobby; it gave me a new purpose in life. This year is the fifth consecutive year that I’ve been consistently posting in my blog. What kept me in this industry was the love for gaining knowledge and the feeling of completion. I love staying busy, and helping others out gives me the fix.

In the future, I plan on going back to finish my undergraduate degree and do a masters. However, I don’t want to terminate my career as a writer. I love this job, and I enjoy the work so much that I think I will do it for the rest of my days. The subjects that I am most passionate about are marine biology, history, English, engineering, biology, chemistry, business, accounting, politics, and management. Had I not been a professional writer, I would have never got to learn more about these subjects and explore them through careful research. When I reference any research in my work, I make sure to cite it adequately. I can do so in many different formats such as ASA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian, and APA.

When I conduct my studies, I make sure to read widely on the subjects you assign me, includes primary and tertiary texts, all from valid sources. I want to sure that I provide you with the best essays that I possibly can and make sure your requirements are satisfied.

In the chance that my essay does not meet your requirements, I am always online to make any adjustments and revisions to my work. It is up to me to make your order worth your money. Lastly, I want to thank you for using our services. Without this opportunity, I would not be where I am today.

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Essay writer was very quick and easy to talk to. I’m very happy I ordered an essay from him.
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Ordered a lab report and the next day ordered an English essay from the same writer. Both assignments got good grades and were submitted before the deadline. Very happy I bought these services.
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This website is a blessing. Writer was very articulate and adequate. I have a strong feeling that I’ll be coming back for more services.

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