How To Get My First Essay Order?

How long does it take to make my first essay order?

When seeking essay help from professional essay writers it is important to understand the variety of factors that impact such a decision. Time is the most valuable asset for all of us. With that in mind we have created an easy to use order system. However it is important to keep in mind that your first order might take longer than the following ones as you have to setup your user profile. After you have finished setting it up it is crucial to take some time to explore the available paper writers that have knowledge in your subject area. Having accommodated to our order system and explored our top notch professional essay writers every client now has the option to also submit previous samples of their work if any is available so that our authors may better mimic their tone and writing style. All orders generally take the same amount of time to set up however it tends to get faster the more experience you have doing it and known paper writers in your database. Each time you order you will have to describe the assignment in detail but do not hesitate to contact customer support if you are having any trouble throughout the process.

How do your essay writers handle a new client?

We treat all our customers, old or new, with respect and consideration. New clients are always welcome at EssayService even if they are not too trusting of an essay writer service. Do not hesitate to use our service due to embarrassment as our essay writers and our company will not disclose your private information to anyone. We are not here to look down upon those asking for help. On the contrary we are here to help those who are genuinely seeking it. Once you have chosen a paper writer for your assignment it is vital to inform them of all the specific requirements surrounding your endeavour. The service comes with a free 24/7 live chat directly to the author allowing you to be in touch at all times if necessary. Our team was brought together by the desire to provide clients with outstanding help and custom writings from each online essay writer so you can trust in our premium business. Due to the nature of the industry we understand and are aware of the prejudice towards such a service. Nonetheless despite that fact we have set ourselves aside from such views by continuously providing premium unique content for all clients. All our authors have handled the work well for over a decade leading to new customers becoming returning customers.

Are there any first time benefits?

No. Currently we do not offer any first time benefits. The reason behind such a decision is that we are looking to grow a solid community that is maintained by having the option to offer returning customers discounts and benefits after multiple orders. It is quite difficult to offer any form or discount or benefits to new clients whose preferences are still unknown in terms of product choice or for example how difficult it would be to reproduce their writing style. Continuously using our essay writer service allows one to build up an expert network of professional essay writers that allowing things to go smoothly. Simply put the more experience you gain using the service and the more orders that are placed it then makes sense to provide benefits as we can see what are the services that come in handy to you the most.

How often can i contact my Essay Writer?

As previously mentioned once you have chosen to use our paper writers you are provided with a direct 24/7 live chat with your respective author. It is best to establish contact hours between the two of you via this chat so that both of you may know when drafts need to be sent or if any changes to the initial requirements have occurred. We always recommend that at first you ask for several drafts of your assignment from the online essay writer. When using our service you do not need to be worried about ghostwriters since all of our writers are thoroughly supervised and monitored. Our premium service ensures that direct contact is available between you and your writer at all times meaning that one should use this opportunity to review their work through several drafts or meetings with their professional essay writer. Do not hesitate to ask for all the support and help you need from your paper writer. This system has allowed for a maximum level of customer satisfaction.

How am i informed that my professional essay writer has finished my task?

There are a variety of ways your professional essay writers can get in touch with you, generally via email and the provided chat. After every assignment that your paper writer completes you will be notified either via email or the 24/7 live chat it is up to each individual user to choose. You will however always receive an email with the finalized assignment leaving the author to wait for a response that he work has been accepted and payment will be forwarded by you to their PayPal account. You may ask for a review of the work by your paper writer as many times as you like however once the assignment has been accepted the purchase is final and no more free reviews may be placed therefore keep that in mind before accepting the final version.

Where do i pay for my first essay order?

All of our essay writers receive their payments through PayPal hence it is best advised to have a functioning PayPal account set up for yourself. Payment for the first assignment is no different than any other paper you will choose to order with EssayService. All payments for your finalized work is sent via PayPal to the respective professional essay writers account, however we always stress to all our clients old or new to always double check the final versions in case any unforeseen alterations need to be done.