How Do I Get Paid For The Completed Essay

What payment methods are available?

There are various payment methods available to paper writers and any essay writer service in today's technologically developed society. Our company has chosen to use PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer and direct bank wire transfers as the available methods of payment. The reason for having selected these particular platforms is that they are rather widespread and commonly used. On top of accessibility all these platforms are rather straightforward payment systems to use for all parties involved. Each professional essay writer at EssayService receives their respective payment exclusively through these options so keep that in mind before accepting clients requests. It is important for all paper writers to have working accounts with whichever payment method they prefer.

How long does it take for payment to be deposited in my essay writers account?

Every professional essay writer receives his payment after each individual assignment is complete, if the customer is satisfied with the end product. Generally payment arrives a few minutes after it is sent by the client into the paper writers account. However as a paper writer when receiving your first every payment through PayPal allow it some time to get registered and delivered. The only possible outcome where a writer does not receive respective payment is if a customer is not satisfied with the work. For example if a customer suspects plagiarism or some aspects of the assignment were not done to the specified requirements. If proof of this can be shown then our service does not forward the payment to the essay writer asking them to start this paper from scratch.

Do professional essay writers keep completed papers?

No. None of our paper writers are allowed to keep any of the completed papers since they belong to you, the client. Once the final draft has been delivered and approved by the customer then it is removed from our database and the professional essay writers database. This includes all the devices that the paper writer might have used to consolidate the work such as tablets, laptops, PCs, phones, etc. This assures that the help provided to you by our term paper writers is always 100% authentic and original. When using our custom paper writing service all parties are always taken care of to make sure all privacy policies are being upheld.

What are the best ways to inform clients of their order status?

The best way to inform clients of their order status are via the 24/7 live chat feature and through emails. Generally most professional authors inform customers through the chat about the status of their order and notify them when drafts are ready. It has been evaluated numerous times and established that this has been the most effective means of communication between the essay writer and the client. Email notifications are advised but are not obligatory, nevertheless emails should be used to deliver drafts and the final version of the assignment to the customer for revision purposes.

How can essay writers check that clients are satisfied with the work?

Ideally all clients should be satisfied with the quality of the work received due to the efforts we have put into making sure that all assignments are unique. However, we understand that there will always be a faulty 1%. Hence in order to help reduce that even further we require each professional essay writer to submit at least one draft to the client to ensure that the given specifications are being followed and the content is up to par. Avoiding plagiarism is a must and will not be tolerated under any circumstances for any paper writer. Therefore the best way to ensure that customers are satisfied is consistently consolidating the work done with them so that what is being produced is what they really need. This factor alone has been key in assembling the best online essay writers team.

How to Withdraw Earnings From My Account?

This is by far the simplest step in the entire process of receiving the earnings due for your work. Withdrawing earnings from your specific paper writer account is done by either wiring the money from the PayPal, Skrill or Payoneer account to your bank account or by simply withdrawing the money directly. Therefore the customer will release the agreed upon sum for the draft or final version that he or she has requested and received. Once the assignment has been approved by the client then the paper writer may withdraw said sum from his or her account via the pre-established payment options. With this in mind it becomes r ather evident why we insist each professional essay writer be equipped with a working accounts on one of these platforms. There are no hidden taxes or costs when payment is due, however we cannot guarantee that there will be no additional costs if one chooses to transfer the money into their bank account since each bank has a different policy regarding transfers.