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If the question of “where can I buy an essay” pops through your head more than once on a weekly basis, you're on the right website! The pricing on our website is fairly cheap, if compared to all of the other custom essay writing services out there. We charge an average of $9.50 per page. Keep in mind that prices vary depending on the topic of the essay, academic level you need it written, and due date. The harder the topic, the more it costs. The shorter the deadline, the more you pay. We pride ourselves with the fact that we manage to keep the quality of our essays high, and prices average.

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How to avoid unreliable essay writing services

The best way to prevent yourself from ordering from an unreliable custom essay writing service is to do a bit of research before you decide to order! There are a bunch of review websites that have gone through almost every essay writing service out there. If you are to lazy to do that, here are a few things you should look out for when browsing through the pages of such services. Protect yourself from online scammers!

Horrible Design of a website should be a huge warning for you. If a site does not dedicate enough time on its design, that means they do not care about the customer’s overall opinion of their service.

No Live chat is another huge red flag. If the website does not put any effort into letting their users get in contact with them - thats a huge problem. Any respectable custom essay writing service without a doubt will have a fully functional 24/7 live chat. Watch out!

When a site asks you to pay before hand is the biggest heads up you as a buyer could ever ask for. Every respectable online service such as ours only accepts the client's money AFTER the order is complete. Keep your eyes open!

Do you provide samples?

A lot of our new users tend to ask questions about samples of essays that our essay writers produce. Yes, we have that page! Check out our essay samples.

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