How to become an Essay Writer at EssayService?

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As the amount of professionals in the world grows so does the innate need for professional essay writers. Each paper writer is searching for a company where his or her ambition can bloom in harmony without much modern distractions. However, such a task is never easy to accomplish due to the fact that a lot of online essay writers end up working for a variety of services where they do not necessarily agree with the methods being used to distribute their work or how this work is being handled. EssayService allows you to experience the freedom that you feel you need as long as you can create unique papers to the customers demands and in the time they need it delivered. Of course it is not that simple to become one of our writers nonetheless those that have achieved it do not regret it, as it has allowed them to live their dream. In order to begin your application for our essay writer service one must first sign up on our website and fill in all the details of his or her application. These applications contain 9 steps overall and are rather simple to fill in.

Complete the 9 steps

After completing your registration it is now time to take care of the 9 steps. The steps are as follows: contacts, profile, payment details, education, work experience, ID, interviews, samples and finally actual test assignments. A large number of essay writers wonder why our registration process is so complex and detailed. That is understandable since a lot of talented paper writers just want to get in gear and get working, however EssayService has a firm position regarding requirements for authors. This is done in order to ensure top notch quality from every single writer and a mutually beneficial relationship for all parties in this scenario. It is best to think of it as a machine that needs all of its components in perfect shape because if one of them is malfunctioning then the entire machine will break down. Each paper writer in our company had to undergo such trials and tribulations nonetheless completing these presents the opportunity of becoming accomplished and successful professional essay writers. The following sections will break down each of the steps in more detail in order to help clear up any misunderstandings.

Contacts, Profile and Payment Details

It is quite obvious that each essay writer should and will establish their own profile to store his or her contacts and receive payment. Creating and editing your profile is the very first step one must take when choosing to become one of the professional essay writers working for EssayService. Once you have created the profile itself you have the option of adding contacts whether they be customer contacts or any other work related contacts that you might have from previous jobs if they are still relevant. Generally the most important step out of these 3 would be to setup your payment details which in this scenario specifically means setting up your PayPal account.

Education, Work Experience and ID

Following the completion of the previously mentioned steps each essay writer moves on to providing us with general information regarding their educational background, work experience and ID information. The reason why we ask for such information is quite simple. Since we are a well established company we are only interested in well versed professional essay writers. By examining individual educational background and work experience it makes it easier to find experienced paper writers that can handle the vast amount of projects coming in on a daily basis. Hence it is best to leave a comprehensive evaluation of your educational background specifying your specialities and a summary of your work experience in these fields. Lastly the final bit of information required from each individual is to leave some basic form of identification or ID such as their first name and last name or a unique username if they do not wish to use their government credentials.

Samples, Interviews and Test Assignments

A large number of our essay writers enjoy this section as it is dedicated to providing samples, interactive interviews regarding fields of expertise and last but not least test assignments. Any research paper writer, online essay writer or essay writer service knows that when applying for such a job, samples and test assignments are required. The samples and tests are designed to give us an indication of the individual paper writer’s ability to write fluently and legibly as well as the level that he or she may do so at. What is also tested throughout this period is the author's ability to tailor custom unique content that stimulates the reader. This is done to ensure that the content we produce will always be of premium quality and not just a cheap alternative to a problem. The interviews may happen at any stage of the testing as if it is considered a candidate is well suited for the position then it is much easier to simply interview the person in order to help finalize the procedure.

Earn Your Approval and Learn How Everything Works

Having successfully undergone all the steps so far leads all professional essay writers to the grand finale of this tedious testing period. Namely which is earning your approval to work with us and learning how we work as a company. Each essay writer is an invaluable resource to us once they have completed their testing period with flying colours. Meaning they can now actually begin working within our large network. We understand that every individual essay writer has their own period of accommodation and with that in mind we are always more than willing to help clear up any misunderstandings regarding how to interact within the network. Feel free to contact our support team with any queries or questions you may encounter within the system.