Essay Writers FAQ

Hey, there! We are aware that sometimes things do not always go the way you want them to, thus to help save time and effort for all the parties involved below is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions. With the aid of this FAQ selected from our pool of queries, any essay writer will be able to setup an account or improve their ratings in no time.

Who may apply for an essay writers account?

Native Speakers

  • Currently, we are solely looking to hire Native English Speakers.

  • Communicating becomes easier with clients and the company itself as a native speaker since it creates a harmonious working environment for all the parties involved.

  • It also makes it much simpler to mimic the written rhetoric of others regarding style, word choice and expression of ideas.

  • We consider being a native speaker as a sign that you can coherently express your ideas following a logical structure.

  • Nonetheless, if a paper writer has obtained academic accreditations stating that he or she has become a native speaker through their studies and rigorous knowledge of the English language, then there is no issue to be found.

Eloquent Writing Skills

  • We use a variety of testing methods to ensure that each online essay writer produces fully authentic content every time.

  • EssayService enforces a strict quality insurance policy to help keep us one of the top essay writing services.

  • In the off chance of receiving complaints regarding any paper writers written work, we will ask them to retake a number of tests to make sure that the fault does not lie with them, but perhaps in the way, the assignment was described to him or her.

  • All our professional essay writers must keep their work plagiarism free at all times. This is a point that will often be highlighted.

Knowledge of the Subject Matter

  • Bluntly put, one cannot work for our company if they do not possess a solid comprehension of their field or expertise.

  • Any essay writers lacking this mastery cannot create exclusive premium content for our clients.

  • Not knowing your field of expertise inside out will often lead to plagiarism and even misinterpretation of the raw data collected.

  • We will never hire someone that is not a proven credited expert in their fields of choice.

Academic Writing Experience and Proficiency

  • Proficiency and expertise go hand in hand when analyzing any essay writer.

  • All applicants must provide some form of proof or authentication that such a mastery was achieved and put into practice in one form or another.

  • We understand that not all authors have had a chance to put their experience and proficiency into practice.

  • It is best to provide a dissertation example or some form of formal written work that backs up your expertise in specific academic subjects.

  • Despite our strict requirements, if an individual possesses the potential to become a professional essay writer we will do our best to guide them down the right path.

24/7 Availability & Adept Communication Skills

  • Overall, our staff and essay writers have racked up almost a decade of experience in producing premium content for clients of all ages.

  • Communication skills and availability are key cornerstone attributes if they wish to be a part of our custom writing team.

  • This will always affect how one interacts with the customers as well as within the organisation itself, as it will be easier to avoid all sort of small misunderstandings that are bound to occur due to the urgency of particular assignments.

  • When paper writers understand their time constraints and can communicate effectively, it becomes a walk in the park when facing any challenge.

A goal to succeed as an essay writer

  • We strongly advise applicants to question themselves whether they have this as a goal when seeking to join our company.

  • Excellence is not just expected, but it is our standard, thus making it rather difficult to enjoy the work itself without a drive to succeed as a professional essay writer.

  • Each paper writer should desire to achieve while being a part of the harmonious growth of the company, ultimately leading to very satisfied customers.

  • If essay writers are aware and sure that this is what they want, then it becomes a pleasure to work with them and help them grow inside our community.

How Can I Become A Successful Academic Writer ?

Essay Writers must specialise in their selected field of expertise in order to write high quality essays

  • Being a specialist in your chosen field of expertise is the cornerstone of being a successful paper writer as well as building a community of returning customers.

  • Without adequate knowledge, you will not be able to match the quality required by our clients or meet real deadlines.

  • Being a decent essay writer does not automatically qualify one to handle the orders we receive at EssayService as a good majority of them are rather complex.

  • From our research throughout the years, it is best to focus on improving your profile, effectively communicating with customers, submitting early drafts as well as offering attractive prices in today's competitive market.

  • Each of these attributes will be expanded on in the sections to come.

Always be responsive and polite when communicating with each customer

  • Here are some crucial factors in starting to create a returning customer base.

  • Clients use businesses because of the quality of the services but also how they are treated during the purchase and delivery of the respective product or service.

  • When the essay writer is not responsive to the customer's inquiries or rudely delivers the answers, then that particular client is very unlikely ever to try this particular business again.

  • Students, professionals or even academics that request help from us when they are going through a tough time are generally very stressed and do not need any more added on top of that from an ill-mannered essay writing service.

  • With that in mind, EssayService has carefully selected only the most suitable writers regarding attitude and knowledge to be available for you when purchasing our premium services.

Keep upgrading your profile by improving your ratings, rates, customer feedback and overall сompletion rate

  • As the number of essay writing services grow in the market so does the number of paper writers, but how does that impact you exactly?

  • In essence, for an online writer to be competitive and relevant in the market it is important to be one of the best in your chosen area of expertise.

  • Each profile must be honest regarding the paper writer’s achievements and capabilities.

  • EssayService always encourages continuous development, do not stop just because you got your dream job being a professional essay writer.

  • Keep on being the best so that our company can be proud to have you on board.

Professional Essay Writers Consistently Offer Attractive Prices To Loyal Customers

  • When comparing any two essay writing services, the first thing that most people will look at is prices.

  • No customer is willing to pay for something they believe is undervalued or overvalued.

  • How then can an essay writer propose the best possible price to make it attractive to the clientele but without underselling themselves in today’s competitive market?

  • Always look at what other professional essay writers charge for a particular piece of work.

  • Remember that prices can always be negotiated with customers according to the difficulty of the requirements.

  • Finding the delicate balance between these elements is never easy but once established it is easy to maintain.

Submitting early drafts will always lead to delivering papers on time

  • Consistently submitting early drafts to your customers will increase the level of trust between the two parties allowing for a true masterpiece to be created.

  • Staying on top of your game is tough with so much global competition.

  • The number of professional essay writers available for hire on the open market is steadily growing.

  • Review drafts and any changes made with customers allowing one to perfect it to the most minute detail.

  • We can handle any drastic content and structure alterations that might be necessary due to a change in lecturer at your university.

Establish a strong network of returning customers

  • Our professional essay writers have learned how to combine all these elements previously highlighted in such a way as to ultimately secure a strong network of returning customers.

  • We highly encourage all of our paper writers to continuously work on creating a community that is based on trust and appreciation of each other's role in the process.

  • Solely focusing all of your time and energy on a group of customers that will often mean that your community might not grow.

  • Nonetheless, it is imperative not to ignore them if they need your help while trying to expand the community.

  • Thus, one must find the correct balance between accepting new write my essay orders and managing his current contacts requests.

  • Always aim to incorporate all these elements into your paper writer profile and daily activities.

  • Following these tips should help you see a change in your customer base allowing you to create a healthy foundation for it.

How To Become a Writer At EssayService?

Sign Up And Start Your Application

  • Why do people need essay writers? Is it even worth anyone's time to consider such an option as a professional career? The answer is yes and here is why.

  • Essay writing services experienced a boom in growth and development since 2007.

  • This occurred due to the market's need for professional essay writers that could handle all sorts of academic concerns that arose from a flawed educational system.

  • EssayService has almost a decade's experience in hiring and training some of the best online essay writers that will always deliver assignments in a timely and orderly fashion.

  • Each paper writer is searching for a company where his or her ambition can bloom in harmony without too many unwanted distractions.

  • However, the reality of the matter is that online essay writers end up working for a variety of services where they do not necessarily agree with the methods being used to distribute the finalized papers or how this work is being handled.

  • The EssayService allows you to experience the freedom that you feel is needed as long as you can create original assignments to the customer's demands and in the time they need it delivered.

  • Decided to begin your application for our essay writer service? Start by first signing up on our website and filling in all the details of the application.

  • These applications contain nine steps overall and are rather simple to complete.

Complete the 9 steps

  • For any professional essay writer to work with us, they must complete the first nine steps registration process.

  • The steps are as follows: contacts, profile, payment details, education, work experience, ID, interviews, samples and lastly real test assignments.

  • A large number of essay writers wonder why our registration process is so complex and detailed.

  • That is understandable since a lot of talented paper writers just want to get in gear and get working.

  • We stand firmly behind our policies and vision because such rigorous testing methods allow us to hire the best essay writers.

  • Try to think of it as a machine that needs all of its components in perfect shape to function because if one of them is malfunctioning, then the entire machine will break down.

  • The following sections will explore each of the steps in more detail to help clarify any misunderstandings.

Contacts, Profiles and Payment Details

  • It is mandatory that every essay writer working with us establish their own profile to store his or her contacts and receive payments.

  • Creating and editing your profile is the very first step one must take when choosing to become one of the professional essay writers working for EssayService.

  • You are encouraged to add contacts and create an active network of users, whether they be customer contacts or any other work related contacts that you might have from previous jobs if they are still relevant.

  • Make sure you setup your payment details correctly, as without them you will be unable to receive any funds. EssayService has chosen to focus on using PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill or direct bank wire transfers. The reasons why these have been chosen will be expanded on later.

Education, Work Experience and ID

  • Having completed the previous steps, each professional essay writer moves on to provide us with general information regarding their educational background, work experience and ID information.

  • Why we ask for such information is quite simple. As a well-established company, we are only interested in well versed and experienced professional essay writers that can perform when needed.

  • Examining an individual's educational background and work experience makes it easier to find the best essay writers that can handle the vast amount of projects coming in on a daily basis.

  • We recommend that all applicants leave a comprehensive evaluation of your educational background specifying your specialities and a summary of your work experience in these fields.

  • Lastly, for this section, each individual is asked to leave some basic form of identification or ID such containing their first name and last name or a unique username if they do not wish to use their government credentials.

Samples, Interviews and Test Assignments

  • Surprisingly, the best essay writers applying to work with the EssayService enjoy this section.

  • It is dedicated to providing samples, interactive interviews regarding their fields of expertise and last but not least test assignments.

  • Any research paper writer, online essay writer or essay writer service knows that when applying for such a job, samples and test will always be a requirement.

  • Such examinations are designed to give us an indication of the individual's ability to write fluently and legibly, as well as the level that he or she may do it at.

  • In doing so, we can also determine the author’s ability to tailor custom unique content that stimulates the reader.

  • The interviews may happen at any stage of the testing. Thus we urge applicants to keep an eye on their emails.

  • If it is considered that a candidate is well suited for the position, then it is much easier to interview the person to help finalize the procedure directly.

  • This is done to ensure that the content we produce will always be of premium quality and not just a cheap alternative to a problem.

Earn Your Approval and Learn How Everything Works

  • Each essay writer is an invaluable resource to us once they have completed their testing period with flying colours.

  • Once you have been accepted by the company one may begin working within our extensive network. We understand that every individual essay writer has their own period of accommodation; thus we will take that into consideration at the start.

  • In the off chance any issues arise while trying to use the intranet our support staff is always more than willing to help resolve any misunderstandings or errors that may occur within the network.

  • Many have described this segment of the process as the most tedious and stressful, nonetheless successfully undergoing all these stages leads one to become a professional essay writer working at the EssayService.

  • Feel free to contact our support team with any queries or questions you have encountered as it is vital for us to understand the reasons behind why this has happened.

Clients Are Not Responding to My Offers Or Messages, What Should I Do?

  • First off, it is best not to panic when clients do not immediately respond to your offers.

  • Initially, before answering, most customers will go through all the individual offers they have received and responded to those that they believe suit them best.

  • As an upcoming professional essay writer, the best way to present your potential services clients is by offering appealing competitive offers.

  • Bear in mind that it is best to avoid giving out the lowest possible price to your niche, as this will undoubtedly raise concerns regarding the client’s trust in your essay writing capabilities.

  • Consistently work on improving your online essay writer profile, frequent customers will always select authors that have good completion rates accompanied by positive reviews.

  • Do not be shy in presenting your suggestions to the client, however, do not insist on this or that being the right way to do things. Our essay writers forte is crafting papers to the customer's exact specifications.

  • In the off chance of excruciating circumstances and the essay writer must contact his clients, we firmly recommend getting in touch with our online support team, and we will do our best to communicate with the customer or arrange some form of reconciliation.

How To Improve my Profile on EssayService?

Appropriate Nickname, Good Avatar and Description

  • Professional essay writers looking to improve their user profile should first start by having an appropriate nickname, a user-friendly avatar and an honest, realistic description of their skills.

  • These factors together generally establish a client’s depiction of the online essay writer while browsing through the extensive list in our database.

  • It is often underappreciated how much value appropriate nicknames can bring when creating any paper writer profile, as it will impact customers first impression of them.

  • Ask yourself if you would hire someone who has listed themselves as SmoothTalker69 or Professor James.

  • A good avatar picture can always help draw clients to your profile or cause them to continue their search for a different author.

  • Keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to use a picture of yourself if you do not want to.

  • All these things paired up with a great informative description can help further boost customers confidence in your writing abilities.

  • It is highly recommended not to over exaggerate and be honest about your strengths and weaknesses.

Provide fast revisions, submit drafts and improve completion rate

  • In our experience, the major components involved in improving one's paper writer profile are revolved not only on the aspect of your profile and the description of your skills but also heavily centred around the work produced.

  • It is vital to provide fast revisions to our clients in the form of drafts or notes depending on what was asked.

  • The best essay writers keep engaging their customers with premium essay help because it ultimately creates a mutual feeling of trust and respect between the two parties.

  • Statistics show that doing so consistently will cause clients to be much more inclined towards placing more order requests with this particular professional essay writer.

  • Submit drafts on time as well as finalized projects to raise the profiles completion rate and subsequently draw more attention to it from those looking for a paper writer.

Receive better rates and reviews

  • In essence, it is quite logical that when a paper writer receives better reviews from customers, they inherently also gain better rates.

  • One of the key factors that we have underlined for our essay writers when doing so is to focus and establish a healthy relationship with each client.

  • Communicating effectively and respecting deadlines with your customer base always helps deliver premium content.

  • Avoiding plagiarism is a must and will not be looked down upon kindly by our establishment and will often result in severe sanctions due to the nature of such an act. We have devoted our services to staying plagiarism free.

  • Please keep in mind that customers are known and keen on using the same professional essay writer in a field if they have obtained good reviews in the past and continue offering good rates.

Realistically analyse and assess your failures and mistakes

  • Do not be shy of bringing up previous mistakes or failures, we are all human and make mistakes sometimes.

  • One must realistically and holistically analyse their past failures to increase their future performance.

  • As in most professions, an online essay writer can’t get to the next level without a desire for self-improvement that comes from understanding what could you have done better in your previous endeavours.

  • The EssayService believes that not being able to own up to one’s mistakes is what can cause a particularly unfortunate event to repeat itself.

  • The best solution in our experience is just, to be honest, and always learn from mistakes to avoid repeating them.

Focus on building a strong customer base that will provide orders and good rates

  • In establishing such a network for your paper writer profile, you can provide and receive appropriate tariffs for all orders.

  • We urge professional essay writers not to look at it as a matter of just increasing the number of orders you undertake, but more of a matter of increasing your completion rate, so that real rates are always available.

  • Other factors to focus on would be effective communication, reliability and a commitment to excellence.

  • These are driving factors used to create secure networks of returning customers that are able and known to provide good rates with an outstanding order completion rate.

Climb up the writers ratings by improving your customer rates

  • There is also an elegant silver lining between offering cheap rates and adequate ones.

  • Essentially, proper ratios are a smart way to secure progress in most stages of your career as a professional essay writer because most students are on a finite budget.

  • Cheap rates are offered by simplistic services which probably do not even have writers ratings to help them improve.

  • Climbing in our online essay writers ratings does not involve solely improving the rates.

  • It is crucial to improve completion rate, provide fast revisions or drafts to clients, realistically assess your failures, have an appealing profile and effectively communicate all aspects of the job amongst many other things.

  • Even the best essay writers committing themselves to this goal discover that is not always as easy as it sounds but will always be worth the effort.

How Do I Get Paid For The Completed Job?

What payment methods are available?

  • There are various payment methods available for any essay writer service to use in today’s technologically developed society.

  • Our company has selected PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer and direct bank wire transfers as the available methods of payment.

Wire Transfer
Visa and Master Card
  • The reason for having chosen these particular platforms is that they are rather widespread and commonly used.

  • On top of accessibility, all these platforms are rather straightforward payment easy-to-use systems for all parties involved.

  • It is important for all our online essay writers to have working accounts with whichever payment method they prefer.

How long does it take for payment to be deposited in my essay writers account?

  • Every professional essay writer receives his payment after each assignment is completed, no exceptions.

  • The completion stage is considered to take effect when the customer is satisfied with the end product.

  • In most cases payment arrives a few minutes after the client sends it to the essay writer’s account.

  • However, when receiving your very first every payment through PayPal especially, allow it some time to get registered and delivered.

  • The only possible outcome where a writer does not receive their payment is if a customer is not satisfied with the work.

  • For example, if a customer suspects plagiarism or some aspects of the assignment are not done to the specified requirements that would represent a potential issue. Nevertheless, proof of this must be shown and must be substantial, only then does our service refuse to forward the payment to the essay writer with the requirement of either starting this paper from scratch or doing all the necessary edits as the customer wanted them.

Do professional essay writers keep completed papers?

  • No. None of our paper writers is allowed to keep any of the completed documents since they belong to you, the client.

  • Once the final draft has been delivered and approved by the customer, then it is removed from our database as well as the professional essay writers database.

  • This includes all the devices that the paper writer might have used to consolidate the work such as tablets, laptops, PCs, phones, etc. Doing so assures that the essay help provided to you by our term paper writers is always 100% authentic and original.

  • When using our custom paper writing service all parties are always taken care of to make sure all privacy policies are being upheld.

  • Without building stable relationships with one another, we cannot reach our full potential.

What are the best ways to inform clients of their order status?

  • The best way to inform clients of their order status is via the 24/7 live chat feature or preferably through emails.

  • Most professional authors inform customers through the chat about the status of their order and notify them when drafts are ready.

  • This allows both parties to plan out their schedules better since they are cooperating to get the work done as fast as possible.

  • Email notifications are advised but are not obligatory. Nevertheless, emails should be used to deliver drafts and the final version of the assignment to the customer for revision purposes.

How can essay writers check that clients are satisfied with the work?

  • Ideally, all clients should be satisfied with the quality of the work received due to the efforts we have put into making sure that all assignments are unique.

  • However, we understand that there will always be a faulty 1%.

  • To help reduce this number even further, we require each professional essay writer to submit at least one draft to the client, thus ensuring that the given specifications are being followed and the content is up to par.

  • One of the best ways to make sure that customers are satisfied is consistently consolidating the work done with them so that what is being produced is what they need.

  • Avoiding plagiarism is a must and will not be tolerated under any circumstances for any paper writer.

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