How to Write a Process Essay

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How to Write a Process Essay

The process essay definition is as simple and straightforward as its nature: it is an essay that describes a process in an attempt to deliver an understandable step-by-step run through for its reader. The narrative should follow a clear and concise outline of the process, all while making sure that the audience understands what is being written about. It is meant to be helpful information that will allow the reader to duplicate the process in their own time. Think of it as a tutorial of sorts.

One example of a directional process essay is a process essay on how to bake a cake. There is a certain sequence that needs to be followed, and it has to be written as such. It is also very specific because the essay needs to include the necessary measurements and ingredients. It is quite easy to think about the steps in your head, but have you considered writing an essay about it? It is quite challenging for the uninitiated!

What is a Process Analysis Essay?

We can describe the process analysis essay as one step deeper that the original version we already discussed in the first part. It is essentially a process essay but is less about the directions and more about the who, what, where, when, and why of the topic. Where a directional process essay may describe specific steps, a process analysis will delve into more intangible matters.

Topics for Process analysis essay may be very academic in their form, due to what this style demands. Process analysis essay examples include How to Become a Good Parent as it not only takes into account specific step-by-step activities, but also go into more details or has deeper analysis on each step, that a single sentence cannot cover.

Process Essay Outline

In every essay, there needs to be an outline – there are no exceptions! Great works always start out from great outlines. Since we have to create some examples in this homework, then the outline is the ultimate guide to write it. It’s not good to get lost in your essay and forget the clear steps of the entire process.


Provide you readers with a run-through or background of the process you are describing. Especially if you are dealing with an exact process, it would be helpful if you give your reader a preview of the time it requires to follow the entire process and other prerequisites. You have to let the reader know what they are getting themselves into or they may not appreciate your essay from the start. This is a good place to put any precautions and warnings, too. Get them hooked and interested, and they would be able to follow along well.

Step-by-Step Process

The entirety of the body of the piece will be in this middle part, as it is usually with other types. Outline your steps with the proper step number, and transition into each step elegantly. To help the reader, it would be good to make each step a separate paragraph as a rule of thumb.


This is the wrap-up of the entire essay and should be focused on the result of the process. Just go through the general process by lumping the steps into parts, which will help jog the memory of the reader after they are done reading the introduction and the body of the essay. Because you were the one who wrote the guide outlined above, you must also be the one to describe what has happened after the fact. Be good at describing the finished product, and you will have properly guided your reader throughout the process.

How to Write a Process Essay

How to write a process analysis essay is in a similar vein to narrative essays, in that they follow a logical flow.

  • 1) Make your Outline. More than ever, this is an important part of writing an essay. Use a brainstorming method to write down all the steps and tips you think are important. This is important because you don’t want to leave any detail behind or unverified. Since a process essay must be very organized, the outline is a very powerful tool that can help you in this task.

  • 2) Draft your Introduction and Conclusion. Since the introduction and conclusion are a bit more detached from the body, in this case, go ahead and write this part if it is nagging you already. Anyway, if you have the process in your brain, it is just a matter of writing it down, and your introduction and conclusion should not matter. It might also help you to write in the perspective of someone who doesn’t know the topic so well, so that you make sure you spell out everything as you need to.

  • 3) Follow Your Outline. When it comes to essays, one shouldn’t have to be so strict on the to-the-T version of their outline. However, since the sequence is being given significant importance in this assignment, it would be very helpful to respect the steps you have outlined beforehand. This is just to make sure that you have covered all the important details for your audience. Remember that the goal is to inform your audience and educate them on a proper process, so your words and word order matters greatly!

  • 4) Continue by Editing the Pieces Together. When you are finished with the separate parts, you will have an easy time stitching the parts of the essay because of your outline. All that is left to do is create helpful transitions that will smoothly guide the reader into the proper direction of the process. Be simple, straightforward, and value brevity. Congratulations, you have just completed a process essay for your dear readers!

Topic Ideas

Thinking about topics can be a tough call. You may search for some example for yourself, but you will find them insufficient because everyone has their way of writing a step-by-step process. You want to create a great process essay that will impress your college professor. But this one type is where the topic you choose can make or break how you are graded. That's why we've prepared some process essay examples for you:

Write about your Major

Example: "How to Go Stargazing and Identify Constellations". The above requires some step-by-step and verified expertise. Since it is very equipment - and description-based, it could make for a very interesting and unique essay.

Write about your Hobby

Example: Process Essay on "How to Bake a Cake". As the aforementioned example, it will need specific ingredients and measurements that you should not forget to mention.

Write a story on Traveling to your Hometown/Country:

Example: How to travel from Vancouver to New York. This process can delve into historical and geographical explanations.


Described examples should be useful for you, as the writer, but you need to go beyond these already-finished essays to effectively write your own. Practice learning how to write step-by-step processes to be able to make full-fledged process essays. It will be an easy task the second time around!

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