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As always, we here at are announcing another essay writing contest! This has become a tradition for us, finding young and talented writers, and giving them chance to become big in the writing world. Many of you who are reading this now already know about us, and our essay writing contests. For those who are new, we would like to say just one thing. Do not be afraid to try yourself, and let someone else read your work. There is nothing to be scared of, let us see how creative you are! Who knows, maybe YOU are the next Shakespeare! Below you will find the conditions and rules of our contest.


  • Must be registered on our site,
  • 600 words minimum.
  • No Plagiarism.
  • Must be submitted by December 31, 2016.
  • If you have already written any copy and sent it to us, do not send the same one!

UPDATE! We are glad to notice that Contest Deadline was extended till the end of December! If you still have not sent your masterpiece, hurry up! You have one more chance to win the main prize!

Mail to: team'at'

Essay must be on the topic given below.

The topic is simple - Is online schooling a good or bad thing? Will it affect the way students see school? Will the cheating level on quizzes and midterms increase if schools start to be fully online? Would it affect the quality of education in your country? Are you against or for online schoolings? All Pros and Cons you can think of, throw them into your paper and let us know what you think! We want to know what you think, be creative, but at the same time, make sure you follow the criteria we have given you! Do not go off topic.

How We Choose The Best One?

After you have submitted your work to us, our judges will carefully read through all the papers, and choose the best one! Our first place winner will receive $200, second place will get $100, and third will get $50 on his wallet that he can use later on placing an order.

We have noticed that after every writing contest we get together, the amount of readers that read the content we provide you, our audience, constantly increases. So without further ado, we are announcing that these writing contests will happen once every three months! The more active writers we will get for these contests, the more often such contests will happen. May the best writer win! :)

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