How to Write a Causal Analysis Essay

October 10, 2016 How To Write
How to Write a Causal Analysis Essay

A causal analysis essay involves the evaluation and writing of a situation where a cause causes an effect. This means that the essay has to show both the causes and effects of the situation to be written about. This essay, therefore, puts into consideration the clear cause of an event or situation and the ultimate effect that takes place.

Commonly Used Topics

There are a number of topics that can be chosen for writing such an essay and some of the most commonly used topics for causal analysis essays include:

  • Why teenagers engage in drugs?
  • What causes war?
  • What makes a marriage fail?
  • How has social media evolved over time?
  • Impact of globalization in the world
  • Causes of global warming

How to Write

Before starting to write a causal analysis essay, one has to first decide on the topic to be discussed in the essay. Choosing the right topic will ensure that the writer is able to find enough ideas and supporting material to complete his/her paper. Secondly, the writer will have to create a thesis for the essay which will explain the causal relationship on which the essay will focus. The thesis should also establish clearly all the concepts that will be included in the paper for easier understanding by any reader.

Apart from that, the essay has to be developed and organized in a proper manner that allows the proper flow of information. By using examples to illustrate any connections being projected and illustrating any chain of events is occurring, readers will be able to point out the causal relationship in the essay. Lastly, coming up with a concluding paragraph that summarizes the whole idea of the essay will emphasize the cause-effect relationship hence creating the perfect conclusion to the essay.

Outline Sample for the Causal Analysis Essay

A proper outline of a causal analysis essay is shown below:

  • Introduction: Introducing the topic in one or two paragraphs making sure to include the thesis statement History to the current situation: Here the writer should discuss the relevance and significance of the topic to its history and how it came to be.

  • Causal argument: This is the main part of the essay and the writer should be able to demonstrate the current situation and the causes for the ultimate condition. Evaluative claim: This includes evaluating the present situation and using relevant research to support the judgment made to ensure that the essay’s arguments are evaluative.

  • Counterarguments: This section puts into consideration the views of people who may not agree with the writer’s point of view hence it acknowledges other people’s views and opinions.

  • Conclusion: This summarizes the entire paper by stating the main points to show emphasis clearly. References: Acknowledging any borrowed information from other sources.


A causal analysis essay, therefore, involves putting together an analysis that evaluates situations based on its causes and final effects. Creating a proper essay entails a number of properties that have to be followed to ensure clarity and preciseness. This paper offers a simple guide that may be used to guide writers to come up with an essay that is up to the standards and enable them to express the ideas in a proper way.

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