How To Write An Article Review

October 03, 2016 How To Write
How To Write An Article Review

Definition. An article review is both a summary and an evaluation of another writer's article. An article review defines a summary and an appraisal of already published articles or experts’ works within a particular subject area. This involves developing a proper understanding of the key arguments and points presented in the given article, and then accurately summing up such content. Besides, logical evaluation of the primary arguments, themes, and implications of the article on further study is yet another essential element that defines an article review.

Most Common Topics

The topics here can vary significantly from one field to the other; however, most article reviews are based on topics that are recently published in various journal or books. Just to mention a few; the development of discourse among others.

How to Write an Article Review

Writing an article review may differ slightly from one institution to another depending on what the lecture expects the students to cover. However, three steps would often cut across, and these are as follows.

  • (1) One needs to comprehend the article being reviewed by looking at the introduction, abstract, content, and title so as to identify the central theme of the article as well as the author’s key intention for writing. Moreover, at this stage, one may need to skim through the entire article with the key motive of identifying the author’s conceptual or theoretical framework. Furthermore, reading the final sections closely enables the student to identify the summaries of key reasons behind the author’s conclusion.

  • (2) One then needs to select the facets to focus on in detail in the review. Finally, basing on one’s overall familiarity regarding the article as well as his/her take, a draft is the developed with notes of the key points and quotations where appropriate. Note that the draft must entail the following. First, a brief summary of key arguments and content of the article. Secondly, a critical discussion of major issues that the article raises, and finally, a final evaluation of the article’s contribution to an understanding of the topic under study.

Outline, Template and Format

See the screenshots attached herein. They show the different forms that a review article can take. Again, this may differ slightly depending on the teacher’s expectation.


In summary, article review is often presented for an audience who has sufficient knowledge of the subject being addressed and is fascinated not only on the content and coverage of the article being appraised, but likewise on the essayist’s (the person writing the article review) critical assessment of the foremost doctrines and arguments proposed by the writer.

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