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At some point in time, we have all been swamped by deadlines, exams and our friends trying to spend time with us. If you can’t get the academic support needed on campus, the EssayService is ready and willing to help you overcome such challenges with our tutoring services.

What are academic support services?

Before we get too deep into the benefits of using our online academic support, let us explore and define what they represent to the student population. What most of us understand the definition of this term as are various channels that students may use to get the academic assistance they need. Hence, it is not just a way to overcome a difficult time in the learning process but accelerate it with the help of one's peer. In theory, it all makes sense and seems like the right thing to do, nonetheless not all institutions have the human resources to tackle everyone's concerns in a timely fashion.

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Luckily that's where the EssayService can step in to lend a helping hand to the students seeking academic support. Nowadays due to so many technological advancements, we can be an online academic coach to students located anywhere throughout the country. There is no need to let the physical limitation of tutoring services become a hinderance in your progress. Make use of this opportunity and use the knowledge provided by our academic support blog designed specifically for those looking to get good grades.


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So, I was in the middle of exam week with my last papers to hand in when my hard drive just died on me. Luckily one of my friends told me about the EssayService, and I had a look at some of their blog posts on the essays I needed. It all seemed legit, so I was like “Hey, why not right? It's better than having to retake the class, not to mention pay for it again.” Thanks to the academic support from the lads at the EssayService I managed to save my grades while also impressing my teacher.

Meet EssayService, The Reliable Online Academic Coach

With that in mind, the EssayService has developed it's online tutoring services for college students to help those in need. It is understandable that lecturers sometimes do not have enough physical time in a day to handle everyone’s questions as well as grade papers, prepare lesson plans, etc. But that does not mean that all hope is lost. Feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to step up and take care of things. In the next section, one can see the benefits of requesting essay help from us.

As previously mentioned at some point or another we all struggle in academia. It does not matter whether that is caused by an entirely alien course that has nothing to do with one’s major or a teacher that is just too hard to their students. Taking into consideration that the pressure of becoming a young adult is also present it becomes a rather sticky situation to manage all the deadlines in a timely fashion. All in all, if things get too much to handle on your own, the EssayService is ready to be the online academic coach needed in crunch time. Here are just some of the things that we have helped our clients with in the past:

Some schools such as Florida Southern College try to help their students by achieving excellence through self-knowledge and availability of resources. However, not all academic institutions benefit from having such a well-oiled setup for their student body.

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    Proofreading and Editing

    It is quite surprising how much a text can change following a proofread. Most students have to rush through some of their works to have everything done on time. Submit a request today!

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    Assist students achieve academic success

    If you have a lot on your plate, the EssayService can help write your assignment from scratch in no time. The online academic support we provide is always plagiarism free and guaranteed to get you that A+.

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    Easy-To-Use Guides

    As we all know, teachers can sometimes over-complicate things for no reason. Join the EssayService and enjoy the best academic support blog filled with guides tailored to get you going on the right path.

How to properly reference sources

Currently, the most popular styles of referencing are MLA ( Modern Language Association), APA ( American Psychological Association), Chicago/Turabian and Harvard style. The EssayService has composed thorough guides on how to use each of these correctly and efficiently with little to no time wasted. At first, it is quite difficult to get it down right, but practice makes perfect. Therefore, it is important to contact an online academic coach when in doubt and clear up all the misunderstandings to avoid plagiarism.

How to find the right information for the paper

We hope that all these things together will help cater to the development of young scholars on their personal, professional and educational level. What is noticeable for students that seek assistance is that the academic support provided be it online or not can sometimes hamper their learning process and experience due to the way it is delivered. Thus, that is why we have found such a dedicated tutoring service that places the highest emphasis on its client's requirements. Remember that the internet can be a great source of inspiration while getting started, but ultimately books, articles or solid economic reports will be the foundation of a well-structured essay.

EssayService Price List

We like to keep things simple and to the point. Thus, the same can be said about our attractive prices and unique deals. No other online academic support coach provides the same in depth analysis and educational value as the EssayService. Our most sought out after services are listed below and priced as follows:







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It is our pleasure to be able to give back to the student community that has supported our growth and development throughout the years. We cordially welcome visitors and clients alike to explore our blog section for free as our way of saying thank you. In that light, we have worked day in and day out with the writing staff to produce the best possible academic support blogs. One can use this as a source of inspiration, a step by step guide or even as a sample of what the assignment should look like. The primary objectives of having such a well-tailored blog are quite straightforward. Firstly, we wanted it to be free and available to everyone because sometimes in life we all need a helping hand. Furthermore, we wanted the content to be as useful and accurate as possible meaning that we are always up to date with the latest requirements in academia. It was essential to make the guides easy to use for everyone, including non-native English speakers. Overall the idea is to create a self-tutoring service online for students who have tried all other options but have gotten little to no result from it.

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There is no longer a need to retake courses and pay for them all over again. Say goodnight to sleepless nights and have the work handled by professionals while taking care of what’s important. Get in touch with the EssayService, and we will take care of things for you as quickly as possible. Everything that we do is always delivered on time and plagiarism free. For more information on what professional essay writer can help you best explore our review section.